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 Clue 2
An actual, recent, Bloodtrail

This bloodtrail is 100% real. All the pictures and steps are as it happened during Pat Lefemine's deer hunt in Saskatchewan, 2009. Good Luck!

Regardless of all the discussion surrounding which shot (question 1) was best (4 or 3) neither of these choices were hit. The deer moves into a position where your shot is obstructed. You lean back to clear the obstruction and by doing so torque your bow at the moment of release. The shot appears to be low and far back. You turn to your video camera to confirm the shot placement and determine the next course of action.

Situational Facts:

  • Weather is clear with temps in the 20's for tonight and warming up to 50's tomorrow
  • A hard frost is expected for this evening
  • There are lots of coyotes in the area
  • It is starting to get dark, but you have 45 minutes of light before it's completely dark
  • The entire herd of 15 deer left together and were last seen hundreds of yards away
  • Your buddy is picking you up from the same direction your deer escaped to. You can not raise him on the radio
  • You lost sight of your buck within 20 yards of the shot and have no idea what direction he went. You can only assume it left with the herd which was south
  • I am shooting a 70lb Bowtech Admiral with a 580gr arrow tipped with a Muzzy MX Phantom cut-on-contact Broadhead.


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MOAB Edition
- This is the most difficult bloodtrail I have ever filmed and recorded. Hence the term "Mother of All Bloodtrails." This challenge is a mixed bag. A little bit textbook, a couple of tricks and a test of your experience and powers of observation.

Play at your own Risk. Have Fun, and above all NO WHINING!


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