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Interactive Blood Trail Competition 24 - You Track the deer




 Clue 3
An actual, recent, Bloodtrail

This bloodtrail is 100% real. All the pictures and steps are as it happened during a CT Deer hunt in January, 2008. Good Luck!

You are trailing a 2nd deer shot during the same urban deer cull hunt in Southwest Ct. as the one in Interactive 23


You waited 30 minutes and got down from the tree. Your buddy shows up and joins you on the search .

As he inspects the arrow, there are a number of clues.

  • The arrow has a hint of odor to it.
  • There is no noticeable digestive matter
  • Dark Gray hairs are stuck on the vanes
  • There is no blood immediately around the shot scene
  • You think you heard a crash a few seconds after the shot but you could not see the animal due to the thick Mt laurels. Distance was less than 100 yards. And no further sounds were heard during the 30 minute wait.
  • Coyotes were howling in the swamp below (approximately 500 yards away from your stand)
  • You can see the area clearly from the stand but nothing ever came out of the laurels

Answer question 3 below


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Bloodtrailing Competition - Clue 3

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Based on the clues, should you start trailing now or wait??
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