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Interactive Blood Trail Competition 22 - You Track the deer




 Clue 8
An actual, recent, Bloodtrail

This bloodtrail is 100% real. All the pictures and steps are as it happened during a CT Deer hunt in November, 2006. Good Luck!

You are trailing a buck shot on an urban deer cull hunt in Southwest Ct.


I must apologize. We made this bloodtrail challenge extremely difficult for a reason. It was just like the real bloodtrail. The clues were fuzzy and finding the next clue was more a matter of luck than skill or knowledge. We warned you ahead of time and you accepted the challenge anyway. If you were like us, you are probably glad this trail was over. Luckily, we found our buck - but this could have easily gone the other way had we not got 'lucky' on several occassions.

Nothing made sense on this trail. We had a low exit hole, we were using a brand new razor sharp broadhead, the weather conditions were perfect, and still we almost lost this deer. Not only did we dead-center the liver, but we also clipped the back of one lung. This deer traveled about 400 yards through some very thick terrain before going down.

Look at these clues above and answer this last question. We made it pretty easy (no tricks), now that you've found your buck!


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Bloodtrailing Competition - Clue 8

Please vote on the most likely choice after you are given each clue. Correct answers are awarded the maximum points. Note: there are many correct answers, but some are better than others. You need to be a registered visitor to play and have your cookies enabled to play. Your score will be held in the database until the 8th clue at which time we will post the final scores including the top 50 highest scorers for the competition. New clues will be presented daily.
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What explains the lack of blood and the long trail??
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