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Interactive Blood Trail Competition 19 - You Track the deer




 Clue 3
An actual, recent, Bloodtrail

This bloodtrail is 100% real. All the pictures and steps are as it happened during a Kansas Deer hunt in December, 2005. Good Luck!

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You waited 25 minutes and all was quiet again. During your wait, you saw the does that had been with your buck group up and run West out of the area. There was no buck with them. You decide to climb down from the treestand and inspect the shot scene. There is a considerable amount of blood on the arrow and sprayed blood on the ground. The arrow smells fine, however you do find what looks like stomach matter on the arrow - but you can not be sure. Some additional information is necessary:

  • The deer ran at least 100 yards before running out of sight.
  • The does ran with him, but later were seen leaving alone without him.
  • There are a lot of coyotes in this area
  • It is just getting dusk now
  • It is cool, in the 30's
  • There is no chance of rain, snow, mist in the forecast.

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Bloodtrailing Competition - Clue 3

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