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Bowsite.com is the first outdoor site to provide a Mobile Platform for our visitors. Now you can use your IPhone, Droid, Blackberry or any phone equipped with wireless internet and a browser to visit and interact with us. The mobile platform also has features not found on our land based platform such as our new MOBILE LIVE HUNTS to start and we have several other mobile-only applications planned for 2010.


Instructions for using Mobile.Bowsite.com:

  1. Point your mobile device browser to the following address:

  2. http://mobile.bowsite.com

  3. Register here to use interactive features



To get started simply point your cell phone browser to mobile.bowsite.com and the rest is self explanatory. If you don't have a phone equipped with wireless internet you can use this emulator below to check it out!

Start Using it Today at



Why create a mobile platform?

Bowsite.com has lead the hunting industry in just about every web technology including Live Hunts, Streaming Audio and Video, Games, and user-generated content. We watch trends and are the first to offer them to hunters. The mobile device market is growing and that platform is a natural fit for bowhunters who are not only 'on the go' but also may also be looking to interact with bowhunters while in the field. Surfing Bowsite from your stand is a great way to pass the time and we recognized this a while ago as a potential market. Unlike our competitors (who utilize 'canned' bulletin board packages) Bowsite.com is 100% custom written and that provides us not only the ability to design easy-to-use content, but also the flexibility to port popular site sections and features to a variety of platforms such as mobile phones.

Why aren't all Bowsite.com areas displayed?

For the initial rollout of the Bowsite.com Mobile we selected only our most popular sections that would function well on a mobile device. We are in the process of rolling out additional sections soon so keep checking the main menu for new stuff. Some popular features like articles, games, and video clips are not well suited for viewing on a phone at this time. As technology evolves so will our mobile platform.

Why does it look so different?

Mobile standards are highly restrictive in order to meet the limitations inherent with mobile devices - such as the small screen size, page load speeds, and navigation. Every page had to be redesigned to meet those standards and that meant some of the features and options you have on the land based version of Bowsite.com are not supported. As standards change we will introduce more functionality to Bowsite.com Mobile.

How do I enter an address on a mobile phone?

All phones are different but generally look for a place where you would add an address such as http:// (note - check out the Iphone above) then type:


Are there any phones that are not supported?

Older phones are going to be hit or miss. But anything with a browser developed in the last two years should be OK.

Do I need to have a phone with wireless web service?

Yes. This is required. Some plans charge extra for this, check with your provider or stop by a mobile phone store.

Some forum topics take forever to scroll through, is there anything that can be done about this?

We are evaluating different ways to navigate large discussion threads. One of our core principles for both our land-based website and our new Mobile Site is ease of use. We could chunk up the thread into lots of links but we decided to keep things simple for now. Over time we'll review the feedback and consider a potential change if necessary.

Can we upload photos to Bowsite.com Mobile Forums?

Not at this time. There are several security hurdles and each phone varies greatly. This is a high priority for us so please keep a lookout when this becomes available.

Is there a way for me to view the PC version of Bowsite.com on my Phone?

Not at this time. Very few phones are designed to display the non-mobile version of the site so we automatically detect a mobile device and display the Bowsite.com mobile version instead of our standard homepage. You can, however see the mobile version on your PC by going to mobile.bowsite.com directly.

I don't see any Ads, why not?

Until we have a sense for the usability and traffic on Bowsite.com Mobile we have decided to provide this service free from any advertising. Like any free service, advertising will eventually be necessary. When that happens, advertisers will be tastefully integrated only by companies we believe in (read, no tobacco, viagra or online gaming ads). This is consistent with our ad policy on our land-based website.

Why should I register to use Bowsite.com Mobile?

Like our land-based site you can simply enjoy the content without registering. If you wish to contribute to any of our forums or features you must be registered. Registration allows you to interact with all of Bowsite.com anytime, anyplace. All of your mobile submissions will appear in realtime on both our land-based and mobile websites.

How do I register?

First, you must register on the land-based version of Bowsite.com. Once that is complete, you extend that registration to your mobile phone in one of two ways: The first way is to simply enter your Bowsite-supplied PIN code which will then extend your registration to your mobile phone. An easier way is to enter your Cell phone number (it must be linked to your profile ahead of time). On most phones, the registration will "stick" and be remembered by your phone via a cookie.

I am already registered on Bowsite - how do I add my Cell phone number?

Easy. Look for the "Site" tab on any menu (homepage buttons, page buttons on top, etc). Click on the "Edit my Registration link" and then fill in the section for Mobile Phones making sure to enter both your number and your cell carrier correctly. After you save your changes you will be able to reclaim your registration using either your cell phone number or Bowsite-supplied PIN number on your mobile device.

I am concerned about giving out my cell number, what are you going to do with it?

Your trust in us is important and we value that trust. Our policy on your cell number is no different than your email address. We respect your privacy. We will not use your cell phone number in any way that you do not authorize. If we build features, specials, or content using SMS text messaging we will only communicate with your phone if you authorize us to do so. Your cell number will be kept confidential, is not displayed, and is only used to assist with registration and interactive features. We also will never sell your email or cell number.

My cell number changed, how do I reflect that in my profile?

Look for the "Site" tab on any menu (homepage buttons, page buttons on top, etc). Click on "Edit my Registration link" and then fill in the section for Mobile Phones making sure to enter both your new number and your cell carrier correctly.

Bowsite.com Mobile looks terrible on my phone is there anything I can do?

Bowsite.com Mobile should display fine on all new smart phones. For older cell phones that included a browser, this may not always be the case. Unlike a PC where you can upgrade a browser or install new software, most phones have a built-in browser that you are stuck with until you replace the device. We designed Bowsite.com Mobile to display properly on most cell phones and all smart phones. We recommend that you consider testing Bowsite mobile when you are shopping for your next phone.

How come links embedded in forum topics are not showing up?

Links to other websites are always land-based and will likely not display properly on most phones. For now we decided not to include them. As technology evolves on mobile devices we will reevaluate that decision.

Are you considering an I-Phone App for Bowsite?

Not at this time. Bowsite.com mobile displays very well on the I-Phone browser and we didn't wish to divert resources to a proprietary platform like I-Phone.

Will Bowsite.com Mobile have any features that are NOT available on the land-based website?

Yes. We are in the process of building several mobile application where interactivity is exclusive to our mobile visitors - however the land-based visitors can view it too in real-time. They are still under development and will be available very shortly.

Why are you displaying a mobile icon on some features?

This designates if the contribution was sent via a mobile device. We thought it would be fun for people to see which platform a contribution came from. It's especially helpful to identify hunters in the field vs. hunters behind their PC.



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