Sitka Gear

Summit Headhunter X4

Weight 10 pounds
Tree Size 8 to 20 inches
Seat Height 22 inches
Platform Size 20 x 24 3/4
Limit 300 pounds
The first thing I noticed about the Headhunter X4 was how easy it was to attach it to the tree. Using the innovative hanging bracket, you simply wrap the strap around the tree then click in the bracket. The stand levels to the tree and the heavily padded seat makes long sits very comfortable.
  • A larger seat of '04 means more comfort.

  • The seat will pivot silently and completely out of your way.

  • Works on leaning trees.

  • Strap system is quiet and stronger than most chains.

  • Free Full-Body Harness, Carrying straps, and 5 Year Limited Warranty.

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