Deer Aging Contest 2016

Cementum Annuli Results courtesy of

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Only eight people (1%) guessed both Buck1 and Buck2 correctly:


Blane Baker
Justin kamps
Jason A
Bill Jones
John Bray
Rod Stewardson
Tom McCaffery
Kraig Wiser

The three winners chosen by random drawing for a kit are:

Blane Baker
Tom McCaffery
Kraig Wiser

Buck 1 = 5.5 Years Old

Total Number of People Guessing:707

Number of People who guessed him correctly:202

Percentage Exactly Correct:29%

Percentage Correct (+/-) 1 Year:76%

Buck 2 = 7.5 Years Old

Total Number of People Guessing:707

Number of People who guessed him correctly:19

Percentage Exactly Correct:2.7%

Percentage Correct (+/-) 1 Year:14%


Once again this proves that even the most experienced deer hunters have a difficult time aging deer on the hoof. I recognized several seasoned and outstanding deer hunters who stated emphatically (on their comments) that Buck 2 was a young deer. It was the complete opposite.

Buck 1 was 5.5 according the the cementum annuli method of aging deer used by He was in his prime and was simply an outstanding buck in all regards. His rack may have been bigger at age 6.5 but it's hard to imagine that. His body was in top condition and he weighed close to 200lbs.

Buck 2 was 7.5 according to He was an old deer and past his prime. Interestingly my first thought when I saw him was that he was an old deer. He was limping and he had a massive body (200lbs +) with great mass but tine length that seemed to be declining. I was not surprised at all when the results came in. One footnote, the reason Buck 2 was limping is because he was shot 3 years ago by one of the regulars that hunts CRO. We found his broadhead embedded near his back hip and knew immediately who had wounded him. We showed him a pic and the hunter said he had declined a good bit since he wounded him at 4.5 years old.

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