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Submitted By Comment Buck 1 Buck 2
Jerry They're similar to the ones I've taken and aged. 3.5 4.5

reid I think they are both the same age just different parts of the us. 7.5 7.5

Never guessed b 4 2.5 5.5

Never guessed b 4 1.5 2.5

C J Ames Buck #1 still has the muscular frame and short snout. Buck #2 is losing the muscular look but is not fully mature yet. 2.5 3.5

David R Cordner Buck one is a fine buck for Ny, but I do not believe by looking at his chest he is more than 4.5. Buck two I am guessing 6.5 but would be surprised if he is much older because of the body but I am sticking to my first opinion 4.5 6.5

Kyle Brenner Good antler lenth and decent mass for NY. Saggy belly but not a gray face. Buck 2, huge mass and gnarly points indicate an older buck. 5.5 8.5

Bradley Caro Hard to tell if #1 is 3.5 or 4.5. Buck 2 is OLD. I'd say 6.5+. 4.5 6.5

mike anthony #1 in prime #2 in decline 6.5 8.5

stephane roy i live in ny and that deer looks 3.5 based on mass and body size on the kansas deer it is harder to tell 3.5 4.5

Shawn Sarinske Buck 1 looks like he is mature but does not have the mass and sagging belly that an older deer would have. Buck 2 has extreme mass but looks like he is going downhill and is past his prime. 4.5 7.5

Jon Tarsal staining for #1 led me to go with 4.5 rather than 5.5. Being in KS leads me to think #2 is a bit older than 4.5-5.5. Has the blocky body and short neck. Too bad he was shot over a grain pile! 4.5 6.5

connor Buck #1 just doesn't have the antler mass or time length I would expect from a older deer, nor the breadth of the chest and shoulders. Buck #2 mass is amazing, tine length is lacking, and just the overall geometry and build of the antlers makes me think he's an older mature deer perhaps even starting to go down hill, his body also reflects that of a older 6 - 7 1/2 year old deer. 4.5 6.5

Darren Condie Guess determined by face, antler mass, general body structure. 4.5 5.5

Brian Mongeau No idea of age on either. Both mature enough to shoot. Guesses are totally off the top of my head. 8.5 6.5

Travis Sivertsen Buck one could be two. Buck two could be older. It's hard to tell after they get 5.5 plus. 3.5 5.5

Josh mcnutt Nice deer, no dip in backs, full neck and some mass 2.5 3.5

Dusty Schelbitzki Slope in the back, size of deer, 3.5 5.5

Jason Thornton I am guessing here. Buck #2 was a Ks buck and his bases are large. Buck #1 is a tough one. I think it is possible he may be younger. 4.5 5.5

Brian G Taylor Best guess. So hard to tell when they get mature. 3.5 7.5

Gale Just a wild guess, Have never been around whitetails just muledeer 6.5 5.5

Nick Daedlow 1st buck is big and full, no sway in the back. 2nd buck looks to be in his prime and starting to thin out a bit in the body. 4.5 5.5

Norman Parks swag 5.5 4.5

Ray Buck 1 - Might be 3, but his neck makes me believe he could possibly be a year older. His frame indicated that he was not any older than 5. He's got a grey face, but I do not believe that is always an indication of age. Buck 2 - Pot-belly, thick neck... I believe he had to be 5 or older. I think it's nearly impossible to tell the size of a buck after they reach the age of 5. Even differentiating between 4 and 5 is difficult unless you have historical photos of the buck. 4.5 5.5

Lbshooter Total guess 6.5 2.5

Merritt I went on body shape and mass. 3.5 4.5

john The NY bucks body looks a little older 5.5 4.5

donald taft Buck one has a shorter/younger looking face and does not have a heavy sag to its back. Buck two has a longer face, seems to have a heavier sag to the back and is carrying more body mass. It has a wider gate then number one. 4.5 5.5

stephenf the 1st deer doesn't seem to have the barrel chest and his front shoulders are considerably smaller than his rump, not as much belly droop as well while a great deer i am toying on 5.5 but still think he is only 4.5.. deer 2 has the huge mass and the huge front end , his body is very symmetrical in the front and the rear and i think by the lack of tine length and and main beams he is older on his way down. 4.5 9.5

Joshua Elliott good estimates... 7.5 6.5

Bill Just a guess. 4.5 6.5

Justin Coffin Buck one looks young straight back, flat belly probably 175-185lbs. Buck 2 big body lots of mass and just looks older and mature so those are my guesses. 3.5 6.5

kstout I thought the head size was larger on buck one, from the corner of the eye to the tip of the nose. Also the thickness, from the bridge of the nose down to the botom of the jawline. 6.5 5.5

Jason Whittaker Just guessing 5.5 6.5

Corey #1 look younger in the face, #2 has great mass in body and horns 4.5 5.5

Blaine I'd say buck 1 is 5.5 years old. I would think he would have even more mass if he was any older than that. I think buck 2 is 4.5 years old. I was going to say 3.5 but the incredible mass and those 7" bases makes me think he's older. 5.5 4.5

Todd Sasek I believe Kansas bucks reach maturity faster than NY bucks because of genetics, feed, and weather. I kind of feel like the grey muzzle on the 1 buck signifies older than 6 so I went 7.5 and 2 looks like a 5 or 6 yr old to me. 7.5 5.5

Gman Chest swell, proportion of front to rear quarter more uniform suggesting older age. Buck #2 had more Romanesque nose suggesting older age than #1 3.5 4.5

Travis Black Both are mature, I aged buck 2 older because of the extra mass. 5.5 7.5

Tyler Lewis buck 1- start of roman nose, not quite as heavy horned! buck 2- 7 inch bases, big bosy, saggy stomache 4.5 9.5

Duane Keeney Not sure on how to age deer at all. This is an uneducated guess. 5.5 4.5

mike starn #1 looks somewhat on the young side. Stocky healthy and mature. Looks to be in his prime. #2 Looks very mature, possible he has already peeked. Overall look of a mature giant. 4.5 6.5

Mark Schroeder Neck, head and body structure 4.5 5.5

mike guess 3.5 8.5

Ron Lech Buck 2 is old, hard to guess 3.5 8.5

Eugene Perrine BUCK 1 IS IN RUT WITCH MAKES HIM BIGGER BUT HE HAS A FACE AND A BODY OF A YOUNG DEER. Buck 2 big body by weight but has the face of a young deer. 3.5 3.5

Curtis Yoder Buck #1 has a full chest with a neck that extends forward with no noticeable break. The head on buck #2 says fully mature and possibly heading downhill. 5.5 6.5

dale demro body size and characteristics is what i base my guess. both deers antlers shown signs that deer where either below or beyond their prime 4.5 5.5

Bo Slaughter Both choices were based on body size not antler size. 4.5 5.5

Dave and Mike Buck one appears to be pre 4yrs, body shape and antler mass indicate a younger class deer. Buck two in a master survivor larger mass in the shoulder and chest. 3.5 5.5

Dana Rogers Both are fantastic, beautiful mature bucks any hunter would be proud to tag. Just my opinions based on body confirmation and nuances. 5.5 7.5

Trey don't have a lot of older body characteristics 3.5 4.5

Bobby Joyce The second buck looks like he is starting to regress. 5.5 8.5

Ronald Perry Buck #1 due to the look of the face. Buck #2 due to area of the deer. 7.5 5.5

Barry Limer Body characteristics, Discounted rack size 3.5 4.5

dan murphy ny buck has been around a while. Kansas buck is in his prime 9.5 6.5

Vaughn Martin not much mass 2.5 4.5

Dan In my opinion they are both great trophies and both mature animals. 4.5 6.5

Joe #1 - no mass, body looks young. #2 - great mass, body large but still young. 2.5 3.5

Joe ganote Buck 1 doesn't look overly mature, buck two looks fully mature with prime mass. 4.5 6.5

randy rowe the first buck doesn't have the body of a much older deer. I think I gifted him with an extra year of age. The second deer comes from a high standard genetics area, but still has a five year old body from that region. he has somewhat of a pot bellied 5 and a half year old 4.5 5.5

Kenny Myers Buck 1 has a body of either a 3.5 or a 4.5 year old with a very nice new York rack. His neck and shoulders put him at 4.5. Buck 2 has a tremendous body frame and mature look in the head. The massive mass at the bases put him at 6.5 years old, but he could easily be older. 4.5 6.5

craig bucini buck 2 looks like hes been around the block more 5.5 7.5

Dennis Kluthe Buck #1 does not really look that old. Buck #2 has nice mass, but face appears to be fairly young, also. To accumulate that mass the deer should be at least 3.5 years old. Buck #2 also doesn't have an "old" looking face or sagging belly. 2.5 3.5

Brandon I use several characteristics to guess age of a whitetail. Considering all possibilities, I concluded with 3.5 and 6.5 respectively. 3.5 6.5

peter mcpherson the first bucks nose is to short and does not have the features of a older deer. Buck 2 is a older deer with but lacks the roman nose of a true old buck. 3.5 4.5

Brad Buck one appears to be on the downhill slide. Buck two seems to me to be at prime. 7.5 5.5

Harlan Coats Years of hunting whitetails. 4.5 5.5

I have killed a wide age range of deer in Ny state. The oldest of which was 5.5 years old. Comparing that deer and its sheds to Buck 1 made my final decision land on 4.5. Buck 2 was a little more difficult since I have no Kansas experience. In the end I used basic body features (rectangular body, heavy antler mass, short legs, thick neck) to come to the final 6.5 conclusion. 4.5 6.5

vince buck one is not stocky in the front shoulder area, buck two is fully mature animal 2.5 5.5

brock hermens buck #1 doesn't have the huge front shoulders yet. his body type just looks like a young deer to me. Buck #2 looks like he is in his prime. big front shoulders, and the base of the antlers are lge with the ridging on the antlers 2.5 6.5

Steven Adams First deer looked short in front half if body. Second deer had greyed out in the face and deer don't get mass like that unless they are old 4.5 7.5

John Rogers First one has a little more girth from neck and brisket area than the second one and the first appears to bigger in the front shoulders than the rear hind quarters. Where the the second one is a little smaller in the front shoulders than his rear hind quarters 5.5 4.5

Aaron Honeycutt Buck #1 I think is 2 1/2- large body but not old. He's got great genetics and an excellent rack for a young deer- if he lived another 3 years he would have been a beast! Buck #2 is an older buck, I guessed 7 1/2 from his mass and shorter tines. Probably he had a more impressive rack in the past. 2.5 7.5

#1 no deep chest, # 2 short nose 3.5 5.5

joe ron jim tjigdpgvji pfgpjsgpj 4.5 6.5

chuck kelly i think buck 1 is still young judging by his body and is 3.5 and buck 2 shows a mature age of 5.5 this may be underestimating by 1yr on both but that's what I'm going to guess 3.5 5.5

Hunter Ballard Buck #1 front shoulder was still quite a bit smaller than his back hams and his neck did not mold into his brisket like you see in most of the older bucks. Buck #2 from what I could see showed all the signs of an older more mature buck. Front shoulders Machen the size of the back hams, neck molded into the brisket smoothly, his nose and belly both showed the signs of an older buck. 4.5 6.5

Tim Wright Buck #1 appears 6.5 years old to me based on all the years we hunters have been taught and used the method of comparing how much the teeth are wore down. But I started reading up on this new Cementum Annuli technique and I read how this proved that the older bucks we knew to be 5.5 or older are actually years older than the old method had us thinking. THIS IS WHY I GUESSED Buck #1 to be 8.5 years old and Buck #2 looked to be 7.5 maybe 8.5 years old to me, So I entered an official age guess of 10.5 for buck 2. 8.5 10.5

Kevin Meddings The NY buck shows signs of just hitting maturity. straight belly, solid shoulders, & a neck that's just filling out. The KS buck shows all the qualities of a mature buck. big shoulders, low belly, big full neck. This was fun, thanks for the chance to play. 4.5 6.5

Both really nice prime condition bucks. Very difficult to be sure on either buck. The mass and body size of the Kansas buck as well as the antler configuration make it look like it is past his prime. Stomach muscles deteriorating as well as shoulders, but still a tough looking character! The NY buck looks mature and heavy with a thick body but slightly smaller neck which makes it look older as well, but it acts like a younger deer. My initial feeling was 4.5 simply because not many deer get any older than that in NY! I'm guessing at 6.5. 6.5 8.5

scott schutzenhofer Buck 1..head size, rack, and body, and neck, didn't look real mature for a buck upstate. Buck 2..i put at 5, but didn't have that choice, so I move up...thick neck to body line! 3.5 5.5

Jack J Karen read my mind. Both bucks look fully mature with really funky racks which to me is indicative of older than 4.5. Buck number two has giant mass but looks to be on the downhill side. 6.5 9.5

Gary J. Moe Buck 1 appeared to be older based on his body, compared to Buck 2. Both would make nice mounts. 5.5 4.5

Nathan Guy buck #1 just looks old buck #2 great mass at the bases but doesn't carry it all the way out. 6.5 4.5

Nate Matula Gonna be a difficult guess since the deer are from different regions and body size can vary greatly, somewhat familiar with kansas deer size but not up state new york. 4.5 3.5

Tom Johnson Just a guess......like anyone else. 6.5 7.5

michael parks buck 1 is the typical blow up age I call looks like a true 4.5 year old...buck 2 is looking past his prime but still carry's mass a total stud..... 4.5 8.5

Gordon Good as any. 4.5 5.5

Joe Stanger #1 is a younger up n comer. #2 is older maybe on the way down and is starting to get droopy main beams. 4.5 8.5

first one might be 4.5 years old because lacking mass. 5.5 6.5

just a guess, all the bucks in my area are smaller. 3.5 6.5

Kenneth Havel Buck #1 looks to have tight belly so I would him the youngest of the two. Buck #2 looks like an older mature male kind of like us old guys in the shower, big gut and sagging junk. 4.5 7.5

Gary Selldin Buck 1 tubesock body , Long legs No Mature Characteristics Buck 2 1 piece deep v neck and shoulders, elongated eyes, short legs short face Of course these guesses are based on geography of these bucks as the guesses would be different if these bucks were from another region of the usa 3.5 6.5

Eddie Rossow Buck 1 is sleek looking and physically not quite mature. Buck 2 is fully mature physically but doesn't seem to be sagging in the right places to be older than 5.5. He could be 6.5 but I only get one guess but doesn't appear to be older than that. It's hard to be perfectly sure on the hoof. We can only hope to get close enough to harvest a mature buck. 3.5 5.5

Jamie McQuaid Based on body size and structure buck one is big but long legged More like thoroughbred..... Buck 2 is fat old hog 3.5 5.5

Rob Kessen I guessed according to the size of the antler base. 5.5 7.5

BRETT R JOY Extensive experience aging deer from trail camera pictures and on the hoof and then comparing with results from Wildlife Analytic Laboratories. 3.5 7.5

Nick Shelly Hard to age them compared to my little Lee County deer. Both are mature and would get shot on my place. 5.5 7.5

Matthew Cooper Buck 1 is reaching maturity but lacks the deep chest & neck. Buck 2 is mature...deep chest and lots of mass. 4.5 6.5

Maury Buck 1 has a very smooth/straight body line with not noticeable sagging. Antlers could go 3.5 but body leaves me to guess it is 2.5 Buck 2 appears to be an older buck with a pouchy stomach, sagging back, larger neck. 2.5 4.5

geraldcoakley These bucks look in very good shape and show they had plenty to eat. 2.5 3.5

Carl herber Buck one looks 4 in pics but older in video, gonna go w the video. Buck two, super filled out, not past prime but short tines with the great mass, guessing super mature at 7 5.5 7.5

James Everette Jr Buck 1 Big deer compared to texas hill country but he still look slender with some muscle definition to me puts him 3 1/2 to 41/2 not any older Buck 2 has more muscle definition In my opion is 41/2 to 51/2 Doesn't show sign of old just mature 3.5 4.5

Mike Owen Buck #1 Still in rut, Mature body, short tines and beams,Short nose. Buck #2 older deer in good food season 6.5 7.5

Sam Potter Something about the 1st buck makes me think he isn't quite fully mature. The 2nd buck to me looks to be 5+ but once they are in that category the rest is a lucky guess. It wouldn't surprise me if he was 5 or even 8 years old. This contest is a fun idea. 3.5 6.5

Russ Loberg #1 I believe is older with the bigger belly and neck and his neck is bigger father up into his jaw, and being from NY is a big deer. #2 is better genes so he has the mass but is a lot more stream lined in the body. this is my 2 cents 6.5 4.5

Chad Westfall Both are great deer but i think the Kansas genes make #2 look older than what he really is. 4.5 5.5

Body appearances of both 6.5 5.5

Kirk Worthington Slick for buck 1. Mature for buck 2 4.5 6.5

Lin Elliott Tough call on both bucks as deer appear pretty lean from rut. Buck 2 seemed to be fully mature with a front end overpowering back end. 3.5 6.5

JAY PURDOM Both are mature. 7.5 6.5

DAVE PUETZ a guestement 6.5 4.5

Joshua Kirkbride .. 4.5 5.5

Jascha Wood Just guessing 3.5 4.5

Dylan Smith #1 looks like an old mature buck that appears to be a great buck but considering the location, I would guess he is in his prime and top of his potential. #2 appears to be a buck with not so good genetics but coming from the right area I believe he has good mass structure around that age and a little bit of character added from being in his prime. 6.5 6.5

His body size and mass appear small for a mature deer. 2.5 1.5

Brady Cotton although antler mass is prevalent, the over age of both deer to me appear young. 3.5 5.5

tjpaluh My guess. I think #1 is older than #2. 5.5 4.5

PaWapiti Buck one looks 3.5 on the hoof to me and buck two looks a little older 5.5 due to the mass and body size neither are showing the signs of older age to me. Sway back and pot belly. Both are shooters first day of the season. 3.5 5.5

jeff 1 heavy deer and area it came from 2 short nose easy living good food 6.5 2.5

Lenrock Based on the visual evidence on the photo I make my guess. 3.5 5.5

Greg Buchanan Buck #1: Mature deer. Roman Nose, well developed muscle mass and belly Buck #2: Mature deer Grey face older shaped body 5.5 7.5

chad ford Aged by body posture 4.5 5.5

Terry Just a guess! 4.5 5.5

jon strictly an educated?? guess 4.5 7.5

Jeremiah Haws His belly and shoulders lead me to believe he is 3.5 to 4.5. 10.5 1.5

Patrick Cotton Buck #1 - Straight back, lean haunches, tight face.....5 1/2 Buck #2 - Tough one because when they start getting this old its hard to put an "Old Man" age on them. Face is loose, body not so square, loosing muscle mass and tone. I would have to say 7 1/2 on this one. 5.5 7.5

Shane Talley Just a guess. 4.5 6.5

txhunter58 Buck #1 is a good buck but his body just doesn't seem to be really mature. The second buck looks at or just beyond his peak 4.5 6.5

Gene Buck 1 looks older than a 2 1/2 but not much. Buck 2 looks to be an older deer and my guess on his age is strictly a guess! 3.5 6.5

Eldon Broster I've heard deer in MY are smaller and would take longer to get a big rack while deer in Kansas are naturally lager antler wise and would attain trophy size sooner. 5.5 4.5

kwhen This is a total shot in the dark. I think this buck is in decline based on the antler bases, but with that said, his body still looks health and in his prime. Maybe a 4.5 in an area with great genetics in a low water year??? 6.5 1.5

kwhen I think this buck has good genetics and is a still-growing 3.5 year old. His mass is pretty average for a northern buck, and that leads me to believe he is younger. And, his face and body still look like a younger deer. Of course, he may be a 5.5 year old! But I think I would say leave him for one more year before shooting. 1.5 3.5

Karen Just took a guess. 6.5 9.5

Mark Sheppard Buck 1 has a stomach that sags looks older. Buck 2 has a narrow rack and being Kansas he looks younger 4.5 3.5

Tom law Guess this is my guess 4.5 6.5

Tommy Neither of them have swaybacks 3.5 3.5

STEVEN DINKLER I would love to have an opportunity at either of these deer. 4.5 6.5

Chuck M Deer 1 Young looking face, body structure smooth, Deer 2 has a sag to his back and belly, my observations is based on deer I see in Iowa 3.5 5.5

Jye Hartman Buck #1 body build looks like 3.5 yrs Buck #2 body looks like 5.5 yrs. 3.5 5.5


Ryan Pfahl74 The first buck has more of a belly and is filled out like and older buck from a timbered type region. Rougher ground less food than the Midwest. The second buck is a big bodied deer but the area he comes from has this trait. Looks like a well feed herd bull, slick and muscled. Still pretty straight, back and belly. 6.5 4.5

Matt Hammer It is what I think. 2.5 5.5

Randy Neuman Both are nice shooter bucks. Hard to est. age from pics. Based my estimates on body size and shape as much as antlers. 4.5 5.5

Jason Tyer #1 is pretty even though out, shoulders and hinds are close to equal, belly is No hanging yet, back is straight. #2 is a massive bodied deer. Went with 6.5 due cause everyone else guessing 4-5.5. 3.5 6.5

Richard J. Harte Buck 1 is just starting to get belly sag but still retains that solid look of maturity. His hocks are also dark. Buck #2 has all the sag and swayback and has that grizzled look of an older buck. 5.5 7.5

cody Deer 1 looks like he is 5.5 because of the grey in his face, short snout, and deep chest. Most New York deer dont get real wide chested IMO. i went with 5.5 for deer two even though he looks like he may be going downhill, or genetically deficient. The resaon for that choice was how deep his chest was and the mass of his bases. He could very well be a 7.5 year old deer though 5.5 5.5

Steve Capps Buck 1 appears muscular and at his prime. Buck 2 appears to be on his way up. 5.5 3.5

Lance Nogosek Since the two bucks are from completely diff areas of the country I think they are both mature deer because they have pretty good body size and they both have antler mass which doesnt usually come from a young deer in my experience. The new your buck has some kickers and junk which most young deer do not have either and New York is not known for big racked deer that I am aware and that is truly a tank. The kansas buck has a lot of mass and looks mature. My 2 cents. 5.5 5.5

walter Clements Being from New England, I have never seen no matter shot such a quality deer.On my bucket list! 4.5 5.5

scott Buck 1 is obviously a young healthy buck that hasn't quite reached his prime, but has lost the skinny, long legged look. Buck 2 appears to be right in his prime having not yet adopted that droopy back, saggy belly look. 4.5 6.5

John Hunt gray hair development, antler mass, and backs/bellies. 3.5 6.5

Jeff C. Buck #1 sleek looking and muscular, Buck #2 Bulky and much bigger body mass 3.5 5.5

Bob White Buck #1 Lots of gray but the eyes still very round. Does not have a roman nose and the stomach is not sagging too bad. Buck #2 Mass is incredible but it is Kansas. Not alot of gray, legs don't appear long or lengthy but not short because of a gut. Eyes appear nice and round no roman nose. 5.5 4.5

Rich Garini #1 is a good size deer but doesn't have the sway back of an older deer. #2 is more gray and looks to be declining. 3.5 6.5

David Gibson Healthy slick full rack on #1. Sunken hips long nose and a rack of a older deer #2. 4.5 7.5

Clint Delagrange Buck 1 is all muscled up but doesn't look passed his prime . Buck two looks older ton of character and mass heavy body 3.5 5.5

Dave buck one looks like a 3.5 year old while buck two resembles a mature buck maybe 5.5 or 6.5, I am going with 5.5 3.5 5.5

Donald Moss Buck 1 - gut not sagging, but not a full "grey hound" tuck. Buck 2 - gut has a slight sag, loose skin at neck and chest. 4.5 5.5

Mark Wilcox 1st. 3.5 7.5

Terry Dunn Used swag method 3.5 4.5

Brad NY vs. Kansas 4.5 3.5

shaun tevault Buck number one has no slump in his back and looks young in the head and face.buck two has that big nose dark rack and looks as if hes declining. 3.5 5.5

Craig Ettenhofer They both look up there in age in thier own ways. 6.5 6.5

Eric Polzin Both had mass so I raised the age slightly. Neither really had an old body however. 5.5 7.5

Jesse Horton Wish the pics had dates since weight and neck-size varies so much throughout the season. The video of buck 1 was during peak rut, so his neck was really swollen, but other pictures show his youth. Doesn'the quite look like a doe with antlers, but not yet filled out. Buck 2 is a mature buck... His neck and shoulders transition smoothly, and he he has almost no visible waist line...no loose skin or pot-belly, so probably at peak health age-wise. 3.5 5.5

Mike Baumann Both have stout bodies but don't seem to be really developed in the chest. 4.5 4.5

Isaac Edblad Buck 1 is filled out nicely in shoulder chest region but has not gained a pot belly yet. Buck 2 has built chest but also has the start of his potbelly. 4.5 5.5

Robert Beeching Buck 1 has no sag in his belly and buck 2 is just starting to sag . 3.5 4.5

Doug Dygert First buck didn't look thick shoulders enough to be much older although he has a great rack. Second buck is a bruiser, but I'm turn between 4.5 and 5.5 from the camera angles. It's hard to get a good view with the evergreen partially blocking the view. Beautiful buck though. 3.5 5.5

Frank alley No reason 6.5 4.5

jeff #1 has a young face, straight back. #2 old face, muscular but blob like body. 3.5 5.5

jason compton Buck one is a young one no muscle deffnition. Buck 2 long nose and sway back suggests hes older 2.5 7.5

Shane Metcalf The bridge on deer 1 appears to be very short, indicating that it is a very mature whitetail. That, coupled with the body size, tells me that this buck is near it's peak, especially for a NY state buck. Deer 2 appears to be 4.5 because its nose bridge is still elongated, but beginning to angle higher into the forehead. It has no sway in its back. The body size reflects that of a typical sw KS buck. Both of these bucks are magnificent. 6.5 4.5

Brian Hicks Based on where the neck meets the chest, the tarsal glands,appearance of the length of the front legs, the back line, and the stomach. 4.5 4.5

Gump Buck #1 didn't look short legged. Bucks 4.5 or order always appear like they have short legs. I thought deer had room to fill and needs another year. Buck#2 looked stocky, had mass, and appeared mature therfore 5.5. 3.5 5.5

Bernie Weisgerber pure guess-- I live in the west and have never seen a mature whitetail deer. 5.5 6.5

Daniel Crawford Buck one is a stud and has that studly muscles out look. Also, he isn't quite filled out in the belly area. The video shows he's feeling dominant and his prime. Buck 2 is definitely a mature 5+ in my eyes. I work with the University of Georgia deer lab, and I'm never too comfortable aging past 5.5 years unless it's obvious that the deer is on the decline in antler potential. Buck 2 has a nice, wide rack without a ton of the gnarly character that typically comes with deer that are over the hill so to speak, so I put him at 5.5 years. Regardless, they are both beastly and buck 2 should be a shooter on any property. Buck 1 might be a bit young to shoot on well managed property, but anyone could justify taking him. 3.5 5.5

Copperhead Both bucks look to be very healthy and in there prime. The 1st one has an older looking muzzle and seems to be very in tune with his surroundings. #2 buck seems to be very well fed which would definitely help his horn growth but his antlers just aren't spaced out on his head as much as most older bucks. 6.5 4.5

Birdman Buck 1 is a bit younger no sag in the back and no pot belly hanging down. Buck 2 cannot be much more than a year older with a slight sag and definate signs of the a pot belly starting. Both great deer!! 4.5 5.5

lewis snow Buck 1 looked like 3.5 in the pictures but older in the video Buck 2 is large bodied and heavy set. Minimum of 5.5 but he looks older 4.5 6.5

Chris Breitigam Buck#1 looks to be mature.Deep chest sagging belly but not near the age of buck#2 he is really sagging and has a big frame and has great mass measurements. 4.5 7.5

Michael Cox The body on Buck #1 looks like that of a typical 3.5 to 4.5 year old northern whitetail. Buck #2 has a massive body, which makes me believe that his thick neck and torso make him an older deer at 5.5 to 6.5 years of age 3.5 6.5

Adam Pate just my guess based on their looks 5.5 4.5

Ryan Wild Guess 5.5 4.5

Chad Tomlin Buck 1 is the perfect example of good genes, in a 3.5 yr. old buck. Buck 2 has the mass of a 5yr old but the degeneration of his rack for a 6.5 yr. old. 3.5 6.5

Megan Alexander 1. Belly is still tucked, neck ties in lower than a 2 year old. 2. Sagging belly, neck ties in very low. 3.5 5.5

Bill Neck, facial gray, body thickness so far and antler base thickness all point to 3.5 year old. Also basing it against a 4.5 yr old I've gotten. 3.5 5.5

Bill Neck, facial gray, body thickness so far and antler base thickness all point to 3.5 year old. Also basing it against a 4.5 yr old I've gotten. 1.5 3.5

scott anderson buck#1 hes starting to gray with nice rack formation but still has a lot of growing. Buck#2 full gray face and the rack is solid with a solid body build 4.5 6.5

Trae Smith By the thickness of the neck and sway of the back 7.5 6.5

Dan Buck #1 appears to still be very sleek - no belly, no sway. Buck #2 appears to be still pretty sleek, just a little hint of a belly starting. Could be 3.5 also. :-( 3.5 4.5

Joey ramsey By the size of the necks on both deer tells me that deer 1 is 4.5 yrs old and deer number2 is 5.5 yrs old 4.5 5.5

Randy Roark this bucks body has the characteristics of a mature buck.it has a slight sag in the belly and back.the head is deceiving though. 1.5 5.5

Randy Roark the buck had an impressive rack but did not have a sagging back or belly.body wise he looks young. 3.5 1.5

Scott Stenger Heavy in the back brisket doesn't extend 3.5 3.5

Justin Staley That's my best guestamit. 3.5 4.5

Lane Parsons buck ones actions on video buck two, development of the rack 4.5 7.5

Greg Frederick Just guessing based on body structure & genetics 6.5 4.5

Mason Bell Judging by the bodies and face features.Thats why I chose what I chose. 3.5 4.5

Stephen Barrow Buck 2 has some massive bases. 3.5 5.5

Robert Nadler Face, body size, antler mass. Deer 2 has a lot of mass. 5.5 6.5

Aaron Jones The first buck is mature and I know hes in ny, but the short tine length makes me think he's going down hill. The Second buck is mature with his nose and belly resembling an old buck, but looking at his chest and neck I think he's only 4.5 7.5 4.5

Clayton Ebersole 1st buck his body was to little,soft looking not squared.Didn't have a big belly.2nd buck had alittle more mass on his body bigger belly broad shoulders. 2.5 4.5

Mke Ose Both drcisions based on size of bases. 4.5 6.5

Billy Rivere Buck one neck is long and slender!! Buck 2 is shorter and fatter appears to be older than buck 1 3.5 4.5

Billys116 Straight back, no dropping belly 4.5 4.5

matt schuyler Both shooters in my book 4.5 5.5

Boone Hooker Both ol bucks. Different parts of the country. You can tell theyre old by body and face shapes. 5.5 7.5

Ed Hudson experience and aging 4.5 6.5

Lewis Hard to judge just guessing both bucks look mature but not that old.I'm thinking the Ks buck has the better genes.Lewis 5.5 4.5

Lewis Hard to judge just guessing both bucks look mature but not that old.I'm thinking the Ks buck has the better genes.Lewis 5.5 4.5

Joe Edin Deer 1 has a little belly to him. He doesn't have the race horse look that usually indicates a 3.5 year old. Deer 2 has a sway to his back and loose skin around his neck. With the bases being 7" and gnarly I would guess him as an older buck that might have hit his prime a year. 4.5 6.5

Michael Yacopino Buck #1 has good genetics thick young body potential for huge antler growth with stickers etc.Buck #2 looks older big belly,scared up face. has geat mass but looks like tines are on the downward slide.Great buck to kill,excellent trophy, 3.5 8.5

jim buck 2 i believe is slightly older. good ....nice mass at base of mainframe...comes with age... 5.5 8.5

jim looks like a younger deer with decent genetics passed on. 1.5 5.5

Stephen Bird We don't have Whitetail in Australia. Just looking at their antler mass and making I guess, a guess. 3.5 4.5

Joe Tasty no matter how old they are! 3.5 5.5

John Hutchins Buck 1 seems to be a little older because of the gray in his face and the sagging of his belly. Buck two by the looks of his body he looks to be about a 3 1/2 year old 5.5 3.5

mike Deer one has the long, lean body of a 3.5 year old and while 2, you can't really see his body that well, with bases like that, I'd say he is 6.5 at least. 3.5 6.5

terry henry Buck #1 has a narrow face & straight back, looks like he's a year or two from reaching his potential. Buck #2 has a wide face & is built like a bull! I'd say he's in his prime! 3.5 6.5

PJ Campbell Buck1 still has not maxed out yet Buck2 is starting to regress 4.5 7.5

Kevin Both appear to be mature deer which makes it tough to judge their age. 6.5 5.5

Bob Allen buck # 1 didnt have big enough chest to be 5.5 years old 4.5 5.5

Jim Kerschbaum The age characteristics of each buck: neck, belly facial configuration. 3.5 4.5

Tom Martin Buck 1 had characteristics of a 4.5 year old. In movement and appearance. Buck 2 looked older and had considerable mass. The size of the bases, length of legs indicated older than 5.5. 4.5 6.5

Mark Perry Considered the lower back and how they walked 3.5 4.5

John Awesome deer 5.5 6.5

robert boggs seems like its right 3.5 2.5

Lex Pace Body appearance for both. Dominant behavior of 1st buck in video 5.5 4.5

Rob Just went with my gut. Don't get a chance to age too many big bucks around me, never was too good at it anyways. :) 6.5 4.5

Steve Converse Buck #1; rump and chest equal, gut flat, defining line between neck and shoulder. Buck #2; rump fuller, chest and gut equal, no separation between neck and shoulder. 3.5 4.5

Still vibrant. He jumped the string. Mature buck at a Golden Age. 1.5 5.5

Marco Antonio His muzzle look somewhat "balding". Maybe it's my old eye sight. 6.5 1.5

Rick Really think he's 6.5 but am going with 5.5 instead. Chest depth, saggy belly and swayback, combined with way neck blends into the chest. If he's not a six year old he's older. 5.5 6.5

Chris Burnett Figured by the nose of each buck couldn't see teeth unfortunately. 4.5 5.5

Adam Doak I guessed deer two to be older because, even though he had less points, there was far more mass. It also seemed to have a somewhat calmer demeanor, possibly indicating a more mature buck. 3.5 4.5

Andy Cobb I say #1 is 4.5 & #2 is 6.5, but never hunted either of these regions, so I might be off. 4.5 6.5

chad spangberg No belly droop on buck 1. Buck 2 had lots of mass and appears older. 3.5 5.5

Ben Walsvik 7.5 6.5

Matt McMoran Leroy, we're not in Kansas anymore. 3.5 3.5

Jason 1 is starting to mature,2 lots of mass and huge body 4.5 8.5

Millie I chose 6.5 for buck #1 based on the shape of the neck and the way it flowed directly into the chest without a break, the depth of it's chest compared to his rump and triangular shaped head. I almost aged the Kansas buck at the same age, except that it's neck didn't have the definition of Buck #1. 6.5 5.5

Justin First one looks young. Second one is a brute 3.5 6.5

Bubba Gump Seems likely. 5.5 4.5

ict_chef it just feels right 4.5 7.5

Shane Reed Judging by body stature and facial 4.5 6.5

Brian Knapp Looking at general body shape, deepness of chest/paunch, and facial features. 3.5 4.5

Doug I waffled back and forth on these quite abit. I think both bucks are in the mature class (4.5-6.5). I'll freely admit, I'm guessing! 4.5 6.5

Tim Dirks Both bucks look 4.5 to me. Other than mass, buck #2 is average for a younger buck. 4.5 4.5

Bill Gregory Based on geographic locations and mass. 5.5 6.5

Ryan Langerhans Buck 1 looks like he has not reached maturity. However I am not as familiar with deer from NE. Buck 2 looks to have the characteristics of a mature deer. Blocky body, legs appear short in relation to body. "Short" looking face 3.5 5.5

Scot Maybe?? 4.5 7.5

Andrew Epperson Mass and body size- not score 3.5 7.5

justin reed just a wild guess but i think that both buck's are the same age.!!!!! 5.5 5.5


Todd Emeigh Buck #1 has good body mass but antlers and bases are not thick. Buck #2 has good boddy mass and great antler and base mass. It takes age to get the anler bases that massive. 3.5 6.5

Dale Buck number two appears to be in his prime with a nice block body. Buck number one appears young. Number one appears to be an exceptional deer and nice rack for its age. 3.5 6.5

Jason Both appear fairly old to me. Short looking faces compared to the bodies. 5.5 7.5

Mark Body size of deer 3.5 4.5

Hunthard My guess for the area of the country for each deer. 4.5 7.5

Buck 1 looks fairly young with not enough mass to be more than 3.5yrs. Buck 2 looks older and also he has the best place to get more food which makes him 4.5yrs. 3.5 4.5

Scott Holden Guessing. 2.5 3.5

Chad Hauenstein Just guessing really. To me, Buck one has a body type that I would expect in a 3.5 year old buck. He looks like his body is just reaching his physical peak. The body on Buck two looks really thick compared to that of a younger deer. Plus the mass around the base is simply incredible. 3.5 7.5

Nate Brooks Buck number one's face shows the length of a younger buck with not much discoloration of the hair follicles on the face and looks like he has something to prove in the area running and bouncing all over the place. buck number two has that long length of the nose and mass. although not much discoloration of the hair the age is justified by the body movements in the area. 2.5 5.5

Dan Thousand NY bucks don't get the chance to get over 3 years old!! I'd take either one?? 2.5 3.5

Justin Buck 1 - just looks like a well feed young buck. Buck 2 - This buck shows signs of being more mature with large base of antlers pot belly and thick neck. 2.5 7.5

chris carter big body 4.5 1.5

Gil Cohen Buck 2 has jowls on his head, a thicker neck and fuller body that appears appropriate with age. Buck 1 is not quite as slender in the hips as a 1.5 or 2.5 deer, so I graded him as a 3.5 3.5 5.5

David Swatsky Looking at body mass and aging in the face 2nd one is older. 1st still needs a couple years. 3.5 6.5

Denny Nelson Buck 1 looked younger than buck 2 his legs looked long and neck not as full with less wrinkles in skin around that area.Buck 2 also looked more filled out in his rump area,both solid bucks that this hunter would be proud to shoot. 4.5 6.5

Andrew Doyle Buck one appears to be an older deer. His face is starting to turn gray. Buck two doesn't appear to be very old to me. He has great mass but his abnormal points around his bases are just starting to appear leading me to believe he is 3.5 years old. I'm sure I'm completely wrong about both :) 4.5 3.5

Abe Abbott the look of the body and curve and lenght of antlers 3.5 4.5

Billy Joe Huff buck 1 does not have the gut of a 5yr. old yet and buck 2 looks like a very mature deer with his size and the mass he has 4.5 6.5

Gary Czatt IMO, both of these bucks are definitely look mature in which I consider having seen their 4th birthday for neither have the 3-1/2 year old look of a race horse with the big chest, slim waist... This is strictly guesses from the photos provided, although video would help... Video may show their posturing and such, and as how broad their faces/heads are. The older they get seemingly the wider their heads and antler pedicles seem to get. Sorta like old does noses seeming to grow longer... As we know without identifying features, its nearly impossible to accurately age a wild deer without the cementum annuali method... I killed a big mature spike this year I'm dying to have this method used, so want to win this contest...8^) Why I say 5-1/2 for Buck#1 is he just looks older with the greying muzzle, and lowered ears... He's thick throughout, has the swayback and potbelly of a mature animal past the 4 year old stage... He may be older than 5-1/2 but I doubt many live that old in upstate NY...8^) Although the Adirondacks being the exception... Buck#2 thick throughout, but not yet showing the swayback/potbelly and greying of an older animal... 5.5 4.5

Stryker In Wy. it is sometimes very difficult to age deer as antler growth Just a wild guess as to what we would see in Wyoming. You can have very different types of geographic areas in our state that would show antler growth and body size as not all of our whitetails get to spend all of thier time feeding on agriculture. 2.5 4.5

Mick Watson The corn fed Kansas buck is heavy with impressive antler mass, but with the superior food sources available they can grow fast out there. The head shape doesn't look too old, so 5 1/2 is my guess. 7.5 5.5

Mick Watson NY state isn't corn country, but the buck appears quite heavy, 7 1/2 seems like a reasonable guess. 7.5 1.5

Mike Both mature deer. 1 looks older. 6.5 5.5

bruce keck Face and body size were my determining factors 2.5 3.5

Dustin Robertson Buck 1 seems to be mature for what I know of the area. Buck 2 looks older but still great condition. 5.5 7.5

Rick Ive been around a lot of animals and had biologists age their teeth. 4.5 6.5

Todd Pennington Buck 1 old in face, rack likely not at peak. Buck 2 growing into prime, but still younger 7.5 5.5

Seth christianson Buck #2 was blocky and looked shorter in stature. Antler mass of that quality seems to develope after 4 years. 3.5 5.5

The body of one is young. The body of two is much more mature. 3.5 5.5

DARREL HINSHAW based on local, antler size, facial coloration etc, these are my guesses 7.5 6.5

dr. deer Number one has a slender-ish neck and long legs. #2 is stocky, massive in every way but still looks prime. 3.5 6.5

Gregory Goss I based my guess on the broad chest on buck 2 along with the mass of the antler base. Buck 1 is judged by antler size. Neck and body look like an average larger buck on public hunting grounds. 2.5 4.5

Todd Buck one roman nose and grey hair. Buck two big body in its prime 7.5 5.5

Doug harr Older deer with short legs a necks that connect low on the body 4.5 5.5

Steven Mitchell Buck #1 He has doe like legs, a fairly straight belly line, high hind quarters, short tine length. Buck #2 He has good mass at the antler bases.He has a roman nose and a low hind quarters. Good muscle mass on a very mature buck. 3.5 6.5

Robert Shannon Face. Back. Brisket. Guess 5.5 7.5

Scott Murray Buck 1 doesn't have much of a sway in his belly so I don't think he's older than 3.5, as for buck 2, he looks heavier and 7 inch bases only get that big after 4-5 years of feeding at corn piles. 3.5 5.5

Peter Keyes buck 1 isn't quite 5. buck 2 has been around the block a time or 7 4.5 7.5

bob scarfo big body on both deer. first looked older but both deer didn't look that old. 5.5 4.5

mrbill just a guess 4.5 6.5

Tim Dykstra Buck one is mature but isnt that old still very jumpy in video muscle tone is lean not very beat up and worn. Buck two very dark old and grey into the nostrils body looks aged and battle tested. 3.5 6.5

Paul Burrows Not real good at this, it was a WAG! 6.5 9.5

Don Walston Buck #1 doesn't look like a youngster to me, but not an old buck either. Going with the middle age. Buck #2 does look like he has the features of an older buck, neck, belly etc. 4.5 6.5

Gezim I think the first buck is a 4.5 year old because the antlers aren't massive, is the belly wasnt sagging as much as would a 5.5 year old and because it's in upstate New York. The Kansas buck is at least a 6.5 year old, judging by the mass on his rack, his movements and body shape. Those deer usually have massive racks in Kansas and the bodies of 3.5 year olds from that state don't have the body weight of the deer in the video. I'm no expert, but this is what I think. 4.5 6.5

Troy spears By looking at body structure 2.5 4.5

Joe blaylock #1 the shoulders are not taller than the rump. #2 the shoulders are taller than the rump, but no swag belly. 3.5 4.5

mason Buck 1's antlers lean towards 4 1/2 but his body says 3 1/2. Buck 2's mass and trash took some time to grow. 3.5 5.5

NELSON RAPANOT Both look matured by the mass of the antlers & bulk of there body 3.5 5.5

Errorhead Just a guess till I can see the teeth. 4.5 7.5

Michael Lawler Girth or main branch 2.5 8.5

rancher Buck #1 looks younger to me,than #2.That is what I made my choices on. 4.5 6.5

Ron Both bucks 4 1/2 Both bucks look to have reached potential. Getting lots of kickers on first buck which I believe happens in years 4-5. Second buck has heavier beams and body but is also a mid western deer which are typically bigger bodied. Neither buck has the sagging belly of the older 5+ year olds. 4.5 4.5

Charles K just a guess 4.5 5.5

Rob Messner Buck one seems to have all the traits of a three year old deer. The antler size suggests maybe older, but I'll stick with 3.5 Buck two seems 6.5 years old from the neck up, but the body says 5.5 3.5 5.5

Chuck Horton Thought #1 had smaller skull and low mass.#2 had mass and character plus larger skull than #1 2.5 4.5

Chris H. Buck #1 appears young at first but after a closer look has a distinct maturity about him and he certainly displayed a dominant attitude. Still I wouldn't think he was older than 4 1/2. Buck #2 is a heavy set mature animal with a lot of mass, but then they grow that way in Kansas and that doesn't mean he'd be real old. I think he's probably a 5 1/2 yr. old. 4.5 5.5

todd ouellette chest filled out ,starting to get slight paunch 1.5 5.5

todd ouellette not much sag in the stomach,facial feateures,backstill straight full chest 1.5 3.5

Kraig Wiser Just A Wild Articulated Guess on my part 4.5 6.5

Jeff Nibbelink Buck #1 is good however body is not massive. Buck #2 has mass, even for Kansas. 3.5 5.5

vern hagerman The first buck looks to be young and the second is in his prime by the way his body looks. 2.5 6.5

Andrew Manukas Deer need time to grow mass. 3.5 for deer one was to obvious so I went a year older. 7" bases are sick so at least 5.5" but maybe older 4.5 7.5

Martha Holland Just taking some wild guesses going by the 2 I've harvested both of these look older than either one of mine and they are 2.5 and 3 year olds...Fingers crossed...:) Thanks for the chance to win.. 4.5 5.5

Garry Harris nothing just guessing 1.5 2.5

Garry Harris body size and I was the one who killed it! just kidding 3.5 1.5

Scott Silvers Shorter main beams and straight back and belly on buck #1. Buck #2 had thick legs and barrel chest. 2.5 5.5

John Jillson Body size and antler 4.5 6.5

Tom lell Body size 2.5 4.5

Nathan Buck #1 his legs looked long. Buck #2 had all of the characteristics of a 5.5yr old buck. 3.5 5.5

woody Buck 1 seems a little too muscled up to be 2.5. Seeing him chase does in the vid shows some youth, so I went 3.5 Buck 2 has a body that is starting to look like a single solid mass, muscles separations aren't as apparent as on buck 1. Antler bases are huge. Not a huge belly or too great of a back sway. I say 5.5. 3.5 5.5

Chris Etmanczyk Just experiance from being in the field. 4.5 6.5

Tom Felix The face to me almost looks like a 2.5 year old but I went with 3.5 due to the size of his rack. The sagging belly on the second deer suggests some age and the mass puts him above 4.5, so I went with 5.5 years of age. 3.5 5.5

Tim Antoine Geographical location and buck two maybe is on his back end of his life. 4.5 6.5

Jason Dale The first buck is still young he doesnt have that thickness you see in a mature buck with a rack of that size. The second buck is a brute , you dont get 7 inch bases overnight , I maybee guessing to young on him but he doesnt have alot of gray on his face 3.5 6.5

Chris Smith buck one hasn't finished filling outbut to looks more filled out but not real saggy belly 3.5 5.5

itshot same age, different habitat 4.5 4.5

Spike Both bucks are not yet fully mature. They do not have a sway bellies. Their necks still need to get bigger. I believe buck one is 2.5 years old. Again it's neck is not massive and the legs appear to be long because no sway belly. buck 2 seems to be 3.5 years old. Buck 2's neck is bigger then buck 1's, but buck 2 doesn't' have the big mature sway belly. 2.5 2.5

#1 still had a straight back and nose but does have some belly good genetics #2 a little more belly and good mass at the base of horns but also looks like a shorter deer 3.5 4.5

nijimasu By the look on their faces and the way they walk. 4.5 5.5

Jerry Krupp Buck 1 lives in New York state and appears to be very healthy and in the prime of his life. I don't see any signs of old age creeping in so I figured he is either 2.5 or 3.5. His rack is so well formed I assume he is 3.5. Buck 2 is from Kansas so the size of the rack is somewhat normal from what I hear. His eyes look a bit tired to me and his rack looks like it's on the way down so I picked 4.5. 3.5 4.5

tad crawford Body about right for the area vs age, hocks dark but not too dark or sappy. 4.5 4.5

David Goodman #1 Looks kind of like a buck killed this year body wise and he was 3.5. #2 I think is a little older. 3.5 4.5

Jonathan Bennett Really hard to tell with deer being from such different areas I know in Florida they look like fawns when they are full grown compared to the deer up north in places like illinois really wish I could find some that look like that here in wv just taking a wild guess on ages but good luck to all 4.5 5.5

Luke Anderson 1st buck looks young in the face and his body is not that filled out yet. 2nd buck, total guess. 3.5 5.5

Howard May #2 looks older than #1 to me. 2.5 4.5

Matthew I say 4.5 for the first one going off of he dosn't appear to be short in the legs yet but has grey in his face and has a larger body. I say 5.5 for the second one because he appears to be short in the legs and his belly is starting to sag, he also has a large chest on him. 4.5 5.5

Roger Large mass and really no old mans stomach 5.5 5.5

Mark Damico Buck 1 has slender sleek look although the times are not long i believe that is typical of that area. Buck 2 has sagging belly and lots of good mass 4.5 5.5

Eric Nice bucks! 3.5 5.5

Ethan Escue Looked at body and faces. Took my best guess 4.5 7.5

Jim Bailey Just an opinion based on body and antler size. 4.5 7.5

Alan McRae Buck 1 looks to be 3.5 years old from daylight pics but the night video looks to at least 4.5 years old. Night video shows much thicker and older deer. Buck 2 looks to be 5.5 plus. Anything above 5.5 years old in pics is mostly guessing. It's rare to see much older than 5.5 years old in the wild, so I am going with 6.5 years old 4.5 6.5

Jackie Raines Buck #1 boby looks like this is at its prime but not over the hill. Buck # 2 although horns have large bases is body doesn't look like its is in its prime. 5.5 4.5

Z7shooter I would arrow either. 4.5 5.5

Z7shooter I would arrow either. 4.5 5.5

Robert I just guess.. I look at the body and did the best i could... 6.5 5.5

Bernard Alexander buck one is a young buck you can tell by looking at him buck two is a old buck look at his body and his face an anter 4.5 8.5

rbracale deer 1 new York deer not big body deer 2 Kansas deer good mass older deer 4.5 6.5

? 4.5 5.5

Joe Thomas Just Guessing 6.5 4.5

Dave Stone Buck #1, with the sagging belly and it appears the neck / brisket are one characteristic of an older buck. I am going to say 5.5 but could be older. Odds a buck gets much past 6 have to be slim in NYS. Buck #2 I am going to say 4.5 for the same reasons only no sagging belly / back and neck appears to be separate from brisket although swollen. The mass of the antlers, well hey - that is Kansas. 5.5 4.5

Mark Linkous Neck/Chest Ratio,Antler mass, muscle tone 3.5 4.5

Christian Buck 1- svelte antler mass, medium body length and lack of grey/burly fur in face/ears makes this buck a really good 3.5 year old. Buck 2- heavy antler mass, long body, greying circles around eyes make this a deer in its prime; 5.5 years old. 3.5 5.5

zach hewitt facial features and masses lead me to my choices. 4.5 6.5

Ben Richardson Buck # 1 (New York Deer) has a wide snout still consistant with a younger buck but based on antler mass and body mass looks to be 3.5yrs old. Buck # 2 (Kansas Deer) has a narrower snout consistant with a more mature buck (declining mass). Body is still built but seems to be just starting to hit the decline. Then of course the antler mass (size can be decieving w/ Kansas Bucks - They tend to have exceptional antler growth in Kansas). This buck looks to be 5.5 years old. 3.5 5.5

Danny Love trhose bases on buck 2 3.5 5.5

Ryan Buck one seemed younger to me but 3.5 felt too young So I thought 4.5 based on body size and shape Buck two seemed older. .. thicker, heavier n more grown. 4.5 6.5

ron hooper just a guess 3.5 4.5

Brian Cavey Buck 1 body mass looks to be that of a fully matured deer. While Buck 2 has great atler mass, I think another year would have added that last bit of muscle! 5.5 4.5

Mike McCollough Buck 1 - Slender "Look" and neck mass average. Buck 2 - Heavy Antler Mass especially at the bases and skin is rolled on neck and shoulders 3.5 6.5

Robert Drake Both are great bucks and I think they're both over 4.5. From there it's anybody's guess. 5.5 6.5

clay patton 1. Just a nice buck with a little age. 2. Good deer with sagging belly. 3.5 5.5

Justin Both look very young in the face. 3.5 4.5

Woody Both are great looking bucks. I just don't see the characteristics of a buck 5 or 6 years old (sagging belly and more gray in the face) 3.5 4.5

Saxton Buck 1 body and antler mass with mainbeam length makes me believe he is 3.5 yrs old. Buck 2 has a larger body, rack mass and beam length tells me at least 4.5 yrs old but I am going to say 5.5 Yrs old. 3.5 5.5

Jim Southwick Though buck #1 shows great potential, I just don't think he's older than 3.5. And I would age buck #2 at 5.5 due to his antler and body mass. 3.5 5.5

Jack Fields II First buck looks thin in the front, but starting to fill out in the rear. Based guess on the mass, not many four or five year old's have that much mass, and very few live that long. 4.5 6.5

Doug Burkman #1 nice mature buck short tines, short main beam and small circumference bases. #2 Past prime, huge bases, and lack of continued mass on points. 4.5 8.5

Tom McCaffery The NY buck I believe is quite old due to his mass and size for a NY buck. Kansas assuming they have better genetics may produce a buck of that mass in less time fwiw. 7.5 6.5

Jack Harris 3.5 seems like obvious choice for buck #1 so has to be wrong. Does not appear to have any body or facial features of n older buck so I will take the risky choice at 2.5. Buck#2 has al the characteristics of an older buck between 5.5 and up. Hard to say so I will just guess 6.5 2.5 6.5

Jacob Wolffram Buck one has a short face a swayed back and a lot of spunky energy which is why i think hes a youger deer buck 2 has an older face of a buck starting to decline he also has that rounded saggy belly like an older deer 2.5 6.5

JD MARTIN Deer #2 just looks like he is in his prime. No white/grey face but filled out neck into chest. Deer #1 appears more youthful than 2 but still mature. 4.5 5.5

Kyle kares Just guessing 3.5 7.5

David Sheppert Buck #1 still was a little tight in the belly and around the neck. Buck # 2 appeared to be older because of the mass and shorter tines. 3.5 5.5

Cory McAtee Buck 1 I guessed at 4.5 he looks too belied down and blocky headed to be 3.5. I don't have any New York experience though he could be older. Buck 2 was killed only about thirty miles from where I hunt, live and has relatively poor genetics for a Kansas buck. In my experience you don't see bases with that mass, on a buck of weaker genetics, until 6.5 but he could also be older. 4.5 6.5

Craig Giancola NY Buck was tough as he looks like a 4.5 in still photos but his neck/shoulder area in video screamed older buck! Kansas bases puts him in an upper age class. That's my story and I am sticking too it!! 5.5 6.5

Stephane Lamarche #1 looks like he's in his prime and seems very balanced. #2 has very heavy front shoulders 4.5 5.5

Scott Very tough to call on both of these, demographics could vary so much from area to area. Lots of variable at play here. 4.5 5.5

Ed taylor buck #1 smaller chest, straight back straight belly buck #2 more filled out chest, boued down back, some belly drop 3.5 4.5

Pete Graziano First deer body small and second one has larger frame and mass 3.5 6.5

Bob Hammock Strictly a guess. I have only hunted them twice, both times in Kansas. I live in mule deer country. 4.5 6.5

Greg Bowser 1st buck is mature, its gut is visible, its neck is greatly swollen, its rack is mature, but its face doesn't show the signs of age as does an older buck. 2nd buck has all the features of 1st buck but rack is more massive and its face is starting to show a little age. 4.5 5.5

Doug Purintun I'm of the opinion that there just aren't a lot of 6,7,8 yr old deer, so it's just a guess based on big bucks I've taken. 4.5 5.5

David Jones Best guess on #1 #2 The mass and body size 4.5 6.5

mike card no good at this. need way more practice. just guessing here. 4.5 5.5

Troy Najarian first buck is thin thru the neck and rack is of average mass. body size is that of a almost mature buck. Second buck has exceptional mass, and dark antlers, signs of a fully mature body. He could be only 4.5, but the overall maturity reminds me of a 5.5 yr old. 3.5 5.5

Mike Buck#1 good mass not great. shorter tines and not much of a roman nose Buck#2 great mass. Longer tines and larger body 4.5 5.5

terry na 3.5 5.5

Ray Kline #1 buck is straight in his gut and is full in full rut. #2 buck has more gray on his nose and a little more of a belly . 3.5 4.5

Chuck Baughn Buck #1: Doesn't have the sag in the back, is starting a pot belly, and is filled out. Buck #2: Sagging under his chin, saggy back, round full pot belly, mature facial features 4.5 6.5

Anton Pohl Due to the lighter skin, lack of prominent tarsal glands, and relatively small mass, I would not be surprised if the first buck is 3.5yrs. As for the second one, the darker coat, furrowed, short nose, huge mass, and indented back, I would guess the second buck to be 6.5yrs of age. 3.5 6.5

Fabbow buck 1: New York deer, no sway back, chest just starting to fill in, number of points makes me nervous on my guess but small g1's and no junk at bases buck 2: Kansas buck anywhere else I'd add a year, good mass lot a stuff around bases neck fills in to the chest but no sway back or pot bell again would add a least a year if it had those features 4.5 5.5

Brent Ruhlen #1 - Good buck but not enough characteristics to age it older than 3.5 years. #2 - Big neck, big gut, mature rack. 3.5 5.5

Dan Short face on first deer. Leaner mid-section. Second deer slightly thicker and longer snout but no droopy ears..hehe. 2.5 3.5

Bruce Lux I am making a complete guess. 5.5 6.5

Sean Thomas The Kansas buck is certainly big but I think 5.5 is my best bet. 4.5 5.5

wolfman the NY deer looked a little bigger in the body 5.5 4.5

Rick Boykin Buck #1 just doesn't look to have the paunch or the swayed back and roman nose of an older buck. I just don't believe that a free range deer can get that big in 2 years either. Buck #2 seems to have all of the characteristics I look for in an older deer. Really it is kind of guessing after 4, but here in Ks they tend to put the mass on when they reach 5 or older. Hope I guessed right! 3.5 6.5

Deebz I know very little about NY deer, but I'd guess they run a bit smaller in body size than the midwest deer. I look for a sagging backline and saggy belly to age a deer at around 6 yrs old, I didn't see either in the two deer. However, they both showed characteristics of mature deer. I went with both at 4.5, as I would expect the NY deer to have a smaller body mass at an older age and the KS deer to be a bigger bodied animal. I'm hardly ever right though... 4.5 4.5

Just a wild guess on both. Not that familiar with whitetails. 5.5 4.5

Steve Alfano i would say 4.5 is a peak age for NY state...a main frame 12 of this caliber is such a buck. 4.5 5.5

Neil Hambrick . 3.5 5.5

Roy H. Lerch Not easy to judge by pictures alone, but I'll give it a try. 3.5 5.5

Dave just guessing 3.5 4.5

bryan dohn just a guess 4.5 6.5

Bill Wessinger Based on the regions both of these animals were harvested in and the size that the bucks typically grow to in those regions is the main reason(s) for my "guess". I would also base my guess(s) on the hunting pressure in these area(s).I believe Buck #1 is 4.5- 5.5 years old, unless he is is his "decline". He has good mature mass (body & antlers both), his face has filled out and his colors appear to be that of an "aged" buck. Buck #2 appears to be a younger buck (3.5-4.5), especially since he was harvested in a region where larger genetics seem to rein. Although he's a great buck with great mass (both body & antlers), I believe the next season, he would have been larger. His face/jaw line appear to be narrow and not full, although his coloration is that of a mature buck.....I think he still had some "growing" to do. 5.5 3.5

wayne first buck body is kinda small, second buck bigger but still not full maturity 2.5 4.5

Charles Frick 1. Based on his Roman nose and body at least 5 1/2. 2. Same as above except he looks a little older. 5.5 6.5

Tim cardinal The first buck might be 2 1/2 but just to much going on there. Ill say 3 1/2. And the second buck has the belly and body of a mature buck but not sagging yet. At least 5 1/2 3.5 5.5

Matthew Gauthier Just guessing really. #2 looks to be older and #1 is a tough call because I was thinking 3 yrs old. I just overshot to the plus side and hope im right 3.5 4.5

Ed Fassler Buck 1 appears to still have a look leg appearance with the chest still filling out...definitely dominate due to tarsal staining Buck 2 appears to be more filled out but retaining that young deer face 3.5 3.5

biker bob Looks like the average deer I take in to be mounted I live central nc 3.5 1.5

The first deer is a 3.5 year old because it has a fully developed rack, and is still not sagging in the mid section. The second deer is a 4.5 year old with a developed rack and is starting to turn a grayish color. 3.5 4.5

Brian Ward Buck #1 has a body of a horse! Buck #2 has good mass on his antlers and nice blocky body. 5.5 4.5

Jesse Buck 1 neck line doesn't even out at brisket appears youg . Buck 2 is a mature deer well round and doesn't appear to have started in decline hard to judge though. 2.5 4.5

Monty Lutz "Popbow" #1He is a heafty 3.5 yr old with the eagerness but not experience of an older dominate buck. No pot belly atheletic body and no discoloration of a continual pee drip on tarsels and leg. Great neck and overall genetics. #2Very confident and familiar with surrounding. Still very strong and muscular body. pee drip in tarsel but not down leg so he still has control. Head appears triangular as well as neck fades into shoulder. Body and Antlers would have evened up this year. 3.5 4.5

Rich Reinert (AZ~Rich) #1 appears to be in his prime (build and body language)plus has the attributes of a very healthy specimen with no signs of increased age beyond 5 yrs(belly sag, pronounced roman nose, lumbered gait , eyes, etc). #2 appears to be a bit older in both body indicators and his heavier but waning antler configuration. His body language and movements suggest an older deer but not extremely old. I think he is over 5 but not by much. 4.5 5.5

Peter Gregoire First buck has decent mass but lacks tine length and the second buck looks like he is already starting to decline because of age. 4.5 7.5

electrician ha being left handed is awful, my guesses were reversed from wha they needed to be Buck one is way older. 1.5 1.5

Fred Trahan I'm a southern boy with not much experience in aging northern deer, but I'll give it a shot. No swaying of the back in #1 so I'm saying 3 1/2, the second deer may be older than I think, but except for mass he doesn't exhibit the traits of an older buck. I'm saying only 4 1/2. 3.5 4.5

electrician Thick bases indicate maturity the trash says I am declining, I have age affecting symmetry and linearity, but I am not ancient. Buck two is OLD tired legs chunky belly malformed spine. this guy has been around for a very long time. Decent mass but the tine height compared to mass indicates the rack is in declination. Both have mature eyes, decent gray and unkept hair on their heads like folicals that turn on a bad mount. Both are Monarchs and both deserve to have some hen of the woods stirred into the gravy out of respect! 7.5 9.5

erik #1 has the look of a younger mature buck about to hit his prime while #2 may have reached his maximum potential. 3.5 5.5

Matt H the body size on deer north of the mason dixon line make it hard on this southern boy. 4.5 6.5

Julien Ryder I chose both the same age thinking that Kansas deer may grow larger than a deer from NY of a given age. While both deer appear heavy, and densely muscled, neither deer had extremely "saggy" guts and necks. Obviously mature but didn't appear super old to me. 4.5 4.5

Bret Scott lucky guess 7.5 5.5

Larry Long Antlers on both were used to guess. Buck 2 has a heavy frame. 5.5 7.5

Art Duffy Buck #1 Mature, heavy body, not big belly, but definitely mature. Well developed rack, beginning roman nose. Buck #2 Pot belly beginning, heavy gnarling to rack - wide body. 4.5 6.5

The first buck just looks young with a great rack. Buck two has that body mass and horn mass of an almost five year old. 2.5 4.5

Nat LEathers The first appears to still be slim through the hips. The second appears to be fully mature 3.5 6.5

Chuck #1 Size of body and face #2 size of body and pedicle size 4.5 5.5

Alex Krizel Shorter snout on buck 1. Rack is nice, but girth not there. Buck 2 seems mature, but doesn't seem over 6 yo. 4.5 5.5

Chuck Kemmerer Buck 1:Body mass,short legs, stomach hanging low,Roman nose sway back Buck 2:For a Kansas deer,the body could be bigger,legs still a little long,Long face 6.5 4.5

Steve Body mass and second antler mass 3.5 4.5

Ed Buck 1 large neck, sag in the back, decent mass he be 5.5 or 6.5. Buck two you can tell it's a younger deer by it's shoulders and back, decent buck but he's only 3.5 years old. 6.5 3.5

Russell Freeman Neck travels deep into chest, looks younger, could be 4.5 for buck1. Buck 2 looks old, wide head, swayback. 5.5 6.5

Vinny loria Dam. Tough call. NY isn't known for big racked bucks so thinking he may be older than most would think. He's got short legs and that short roman nose. He sure does act like he's 3 on the video tho. Buck 2...another tough one. He looks muscular and lean but not all that old. Thick bases cud b on his way up or down. Both great deer and a tough call. 6.5 4.5

lee price Buck 1 has short nose no saging gut and no gray on face. Therefore id guess him to be wearing his 2nd set of horns makein him 2-3 yrs. Buck 2 has a gut that is starting to drop more musclain and a face thats starting to gray id guess 5yrs. 2.5 5.5

Sean Gellatly The first one although it has a less massive rack looks to be an older buck judging by body. I would guess the more masssive buck #2 although younger is due to nutrition and genetics of Kansas. 5.5 4.5

Justin Porlier Both look old and mature. 6.5 6.5

Colton White Buck 1 still has a bit of a raise in his back. Buck 2 has a noise that has been smelling for several years. 3.5 4.5

Rupe I came up with the ages by looking at the overall look of the deer. We don't have very many Whitetail deer in Oregon. In fact they are protected and we don't have a hunting season for them. So when it comes right down to it, I took a " wild a$$ guess" on their ages. Thanks for the.chance to enter and play the contest! Rupe 8.5 6.5

Joel 3.5 5.5

Sam smith Buck 1 still not looking like he's hit 5 yrs mass of antlers and body not that of a mature buck Buck2 definitely looks mature at least 5 yr and poss older 4.5 5.5

Grizz1219 Buck #1 just hit 4.5, straight back and still young face.. Buck #2, slight sway in his back, older looking face.. 4.5 6.5

Federico He looks like an old thick necked man I once knew as a kid...he was old so I'm thinking this one's old too:-) 9.5 1.5

Jacob Wooten Buck 1 was still very lean appearing and buck number 2s belly was starting to sag a little bit. 2.5 4.5

Michael Ryan Buck #1 Has very little pot belly and short young face. Buck #2 Noticable belly and long old face and starting nice trash stickers at bases 3.5 6.5

Federico 8.5 years old best guess 8.5 8.5

Tim moran Buck #1 Had some growing to do and in another year or two would have been massive!!!! Not that he is not exceptional now, great deer but body indicates he was 4.5 Buck #2 reached full maturity and the sway in his back indicates he has passed 5.5 and I am guessing at 6.5 mostly based on his mass 4.5 6.5

Stephen Eschiti The New York buck doesn't have the typical swayed back of an older big bodied northern deer. He is mature but not old. The Kansas buck has the typical gray muzzle of an older deer. 4.5 7.5


I do not know whitetails, I like guessing. 4.5 3.5

Craig Goodwin By the gray pin his muzzle, by the muscle mass loss that I noticed. 3.5 5.5

Ken Davis Body size/developement tells more than antlers. 3.5 4.5

Ray Prillaman Buck 1 smallish head and not a lot of mass but starting to look good. Buck 2 Big Body and Big head thick mass. Being Kansas I was on the fence with 5.5 and 6.5 3.5 6.5

matt uneducated guess 2.5 4.5

I look at the eyes 3.5 6.5

pat klingensmith #1 - body just has that big but not filled out look and not much mass to the antlers. #2 - big and blocky body, good antler mass. 3.5 5.5

Andrew Clendenin Buck one has a spread beyond the ears and slighly dipped back. Buck two has a spread just inside the ears and the back seems to be upright and level. 5.5 4.5

Jay Loar Just going by body shape 4.5 3.5

Tim going by deer I have seen in the past 3.5 5.5

Thomas A. Polaski Buck 1's characteristics appear younger than buck 2's. Buck 2 looks like he has been around for awhile. 3.5 5.5

Tim Whitney Body on #1 doesn't look fully mature.... Rack doesn't have the mass of an older buck.. Could possibly be 3.5 but I went with 4.5. Buck #2: Mass and shorter points suggests an older buck going downhill. Big body suggests older buck. 4.5 8.5

A.J. Bonazzoli Buck 1 is a mature buck. He looks younger than buck 2 because he is located New York and buck 2 is in Midwest. With the food situation different in these two areas it can be deceiving when aging bucks from two different locations. I think they are both 4.5 year old bucks. 4.5 4.5

Carlos Arruda 1deer didn't have the defined drop on the back and belly 2 deer had a drop on the back and belly and face had a lot grey 3.5 4.5

steve mongeon Nice mature bucks but not old looking. 5.5 4.5

Richard G. Santomauro Size of animal based on my experence 1.5 5.5

Hanson both awesome bucks - both are shooters - buck#2 shows a little more age and mass 4.5 6.5

John Edwards Buck #1 shows a little back sway. Has the look of an old deer. Buck #2 has a straight back and his face looks like a buck just hitting his prime 6.5 4.5

Ed Menegazzzo Guessing. Can't tell you with certinty unless i see them. 5.5 6.5

charlie register #1 just looks older with the roman nose #2 is heavy and looks to be in or entering his prime. 5.5 4.5

Larry #1........... Straight back line, no stomach pouch #2 Roman nose, sway back, stomach drooping 5.5 7.5

Rob Lane Both deer look fully mature judging by their body characteristics. Buck #2 looks older than buck number 1 to me. When comparing buck number 1 to deer in my area of NJ, which are similar to CT deer, my best guess would be 5.5 years old and buck number two I am guessing is a year older than number 1. 5.5 6.5

Rob Lane Both deer look fully mature judging by their body characteristics. Buck #2 looks older than buck number 1 to me. When comparing buck number 1 to deer in my area of NJ, which are similar to CT deer, my best guess would be 5.5 years old and buck number two I am guessing is a year older than number 1. 5.5 6.5

Steven M Marod Buck 1 looks old. Face looks old. Buck 2 looks older. In my experience, older bucks lose mass out at the end of their antlers but have great mass and/or junk at the bases. 6.5 7.5

scott esty Complete guess. 5.5 5.5

Robert Just a guess by looking at body size and antler mass. 3.5 4.5

Jeff Holbert Winner winner 3.5 4.5

Yasla Best guess. I think buck 2 is older than buck 1. know they aren't button bucks! 4.5 5.5

I have never been around whitetail deer so my choices are based on my best guess. It's a bit difficult to tell due to the distance apart of these two deer such as genetics and slight differences in facial shape. 5.5 4.5

Greg Very few bucks make it past 3.5 years old on the properties I hunt, so I'm guessing purely on a gut feeling. 4.5 7.5

kevin m robinson Buck one looks like a mature deer, he might be a 4.5 year old but i'm sticking with 5.5. Deer two is obviously mature and old, possibly older than my guess of 7.5 5.5 7.5

judged by body frame and shape also antler configuration, mass, tine length. Buck number 1 has potential. Buck number 2 is past his prime. 3.5 6.5

BOWJO Although a good rack for the Northeast, buck 1 does not have the mature look of a buck any older than 3.5 Buck 2 has heaviness and maturity that only comes after a mid west buck has reached 4.5, but also does not display the wrinkles or sway back of a buck any older. 3.5 4.5

Bill Jones Buck #1 still looks young in the face & Buck #2 looks like he is @ his peak. 3.5 6.5

Joe Neumeyer Gut 3.5 4.5

Kevin Wilber Its just a guess without knowing food sources and genetics 3.5 5.5

dg72a Young looking deer, great genetics... 2.5 3.5

Doug Adrian Buck1 has big neck, body filled out well but has a slim line in the gut area and doesn't look old in the face. Buck2 is big the body with a hang to his gut and the face looks older with loose skin. 4.5 6.5

Leo NY Buck is a tank with sagging belly KS buck seems a bit smaller still mature 6.5 4.5

Randy Routier Both have big deep bodies and no definition between the shoulder and neck. 5.5 5.5

King_cop Both fellas are the same. I think they did this to show how regional differences really matter. 3.5 1.5

Dana Bishop Buck number one has a straight backline and firm paunch. Buck number two is starting to sag at the back and belly...much like most of us at that stage in life, lol. 3.5 4.5

Jason Doupe Just a plain guess. That's why I need to win....so I can actually know the age of the deer I kill. 6.5 7.5

Ken Skibinski Bucks in Northern NYS age much more slowly than in Midwest states. Thats why I'm going with 4.5 for the NYS buck. Good overall body size indicates he's older then 3.5. Most areas require a buck to have 9 lives to get older than 4.5! The Kansas buck has great mass, but thats genetics; not age. Therefore I'm going with 3.5. 4.5 3.5

Danny Rowan Buck one is lean no belly to speak of, younger deer Buck 2 is heavier in the shoulders and belly, older deer 3.5 4.5

buck one appears to have a more roman looking nose, Where buck two seems to have a longer leaner looking nose, which implies younger buck. The chest depth and antlers growth are not good tells due to rut/ not rut time of the year, and different antler growth for different regions. The deception is the mass on buck two, he appears older due to mass, but I'm going to stick with buck one being older. 5.5 4.5

Helgermite Previously guessed Buck #1 on a separate guess #2 looks like bigger and more muscular in the body. 3.5 6.5

Helgermite Doesn't look to have enough mass to be any older and the body does not have the muscular look of an older deer. 3.5 3.5

Ken buck #1 is stocky with stubby legs and bowed back. Buck number two is not as stocky and back is pretty straight lined. 4.5 3.5

Steve Devlaeminck 1st buck's belly has upward shape, muscle tone does not seem full, still an imature buck. 2nd buck belly is straight across to the rump, antler bases are quite large at about 90% growth. 3.5 4.5

Scott buck one....shot in upstate NY....they dont grow that big...every deer I have aged always tricks you and is 1 or 2 years older.... buck two....kansas buck....mature but not massive 7.5 5.5

Steve #1- not front heavy, no spine sway as of yet. Lacks the shoulders and front heavy of a 4-5 yo. #2- has the shoulders and head of "mature". I guessed 4.5, but could be 6. Teeth can tell for sure, not me. 3.5 5.5

Anthony Wezensky Both bucks have huge body mass that is displayed with incredible shoulders and neck coupled with a low-sagging brisket. I went with the Kansas buck a year younger. The NY buck is a incredible brut and bucks were very similar in size and I would think that if both bucks were the same age, the Kansas buck would be bigger due to location. 5.5 4.5

Duane Zuverink Guesses - I'm not an expert 5.5 4.5

Craig McAlvey First buck does not seem filled out and blocky. Second buck appears to be and I'm thinking it takes years to develop antlers with that much mass. 3.5 5.5

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