Mathews Inc.

Archery Trade Show (Part II)

New and Innovative Products as seen at the AMO Trade Show, January 26-28th 2001

BuckFinder Hunting Products Inc.

Size: 22" x 26" by 3.5"
Seat Height Adjustment from 22"-26"
13 lbs.

Adjusts to fit crooked trees
260 lb. capacity
Durable Powder Coat paint finish

We had field tested this back in November and fell in love with it (the stand that is). This stand will level up into trees that are as crooked as a Democratic Senator and with a multitude of adjustments it got our choice award for usability in crooked trees.

Contact: 320-264-8121


Bad Lands Packs

This innovative pack is designed to carry a short compound bow. We were a little put off by the price of these packs but the quality was exceptional. This particular pack caught our eye however I am always cautious about strapping a bow on my back - one fall and your hunt could be ruined.

Contact: 800-269-1875

Cover System

3 different Camo Patterns
Mounts for bow,treestand and ground blinds
branches bend to create the perfect shooting hole for your setup

This was a neat product that caught my eye immediately. With a unique mounting bracket the Cover System will adapt to any setup. I especially liked the treestand setup and the ability to bend the branches around to create that perfect shot. With 3 different leaf patterns to match your particular surroundings this product gets our 2nd place for innovation.

Contact: 888-419-6706

Telescoping Climbing Stick

12' stick weighs 6 lbs.
16' stick weighs 8 lbs.
Locks safely into place with spring-loaded, hardened steel buttons
Steps are removable & folding for easy storage

For those climbing stick fans this product has some neat features including an integrated pruning saw, removable steps, and a lightweight, compact design.

Contact: 877-723-7446



Fred Bear Equipment Company
Whitetail Pinnacle

  • 50-60 and 60-70 lbs.
  • 65% letoff
  • Draw Length from 28-31"
  • 298 IBO, 233 AMO
  • 38" axle to axle
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Mass weight 5.4 lbs.

Fred Bear's stunning new Whitetail Pinnacle. Bear's newest bow boasts no excess vibration, no stacking and no limb torque. Designed with the a new balanced ZenCam mounted to the riser below the grip, the Pinnacle delivers many shooting benefits.

With 4" concentric wheels at each limb tip, this bow can't go out of time. A cable guard is unnecessary. Upon release, conventional compounds allow their string and cables to move in all directions - an enormous source of vibration, friction, torque and noise. The ZenCam moves string and cable in the vertical plane only, eliminating these control factors.

  • Sitka Gear