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Archery Trade Show (Part I)

New and Innovative Products as seen at the AMO Trade Show, January 26-28th 2001

Tuff24 Relief Target

Size: 22" x 24" by 3.5"

This neat target actually has a "relief" of a adult whitetail, just like the regular 3D models however in a more compact package, flip it over and there is a 4-dot target face. We thought this target was a nice addition to their line of quality products.

Contact: 888-279-7985


Treestand Lock

Size: 6.5' long, 5/8" straight cable, soft vinyl coated, two keys, weatherproof, quick connect push-lock

I challenged the inventor of this product to see if I could cut it with bolt cutters and he handed me the cutters without hesitation. This is one tough treestand lock. Just don't ever lose your keys.

Contact: 517-288-5894


Size: 2.5" wide by 10.5" long, 6 ounces, power - (1) 9v battery

OK. Every year I find a product that just blows me away because of its simplicity, practicality and usefulness. This product gets our "Show Stopper" this year. We were given a unit to try at home and it works - GREAT! You simply thread an arrow into an embedded threaded insert and you can find those lost arrows in seconds. I tried it in my backyard and found 7 arrows, 1 aluminum, 5 wood and 2 carbon. Note that the carbon and wood arrows were found by the tip however this product will detect aluminum shafts as well as all point and head metals. Small enough to fit in your quiver this product will pay for itself with less than 5 carbon arrows - perfect for 3d shooters.

Contact: 800-366-3657

Tech 29

Short 29.5" axle to axle
314-320 fps (IBO@ 70# 29")
Brace Height - 6.5"
Draw Lengths - 24"- 29"
Mass Weight 3.6 lb..
Draw Weights 50-60-70#

This was a hot bow at the show. Packs a lot of speed and with Bowtech's patented SandTrap technology, it's extremely smooth shooting too! Great for ground blinds, tree stands, and those cramped shooting positions.

Contact: 888-689-1289

BuckShot Treestands

  • Comes in both Aluminum and Steel Models
  • Seat and Platform installs, detaches in seconds
  • Platform comes in two sizes
  • Extra Receptacles allow you to expand your stand locations

This hang-on is a welcome addition to the high-quality climbing stands that Buckshot is famous for. Features a unique and very sturdy seat and platform hinge for quick release. An extremely large base on the large model and a very compact, portable design for the smaller model.

Contact: 910-341-7900

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