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thumbs up From: hunterj1
would fun for kids and adults

thumbs up From: WI_Bowhunter

thumbs up From: JTV

thumbs up From: Catskiller

thumbs up From: ohiodrhntr

thumbs up From: Gurtie

thumbs up From: Slick Head Hunter

thumbs down From: Slider,

thumbs up From: 3whitevanes

thumbs up From: PSMITTY

thumbs down From: Northwoods

thumbs up From: initialwound

thumbs up From: 2X Lung

thumbs up From: NockTaker

thumbs up From: elkhunter-ny

thumbs down From: hobbes
Looks like fun, but i do not think it is practical for shooting in the yard.

thumbs up From: GEO3

thumbs down From: GANDEE

thumbs up From: RBN
clever, but a little expensive

thumbs down From: NIGHTTROUT

thumbs down From: JERSEY BOB
Thanks for the idea..I can see someone making one from flea market seconds for under $100.

thumbs down From: Bernie1

thumbs up From: robertb
I like everything except the price. Way too expensive!

thumbs down From: sambow

thumbs up From: Whahoo
Great idea

thumbs down From: spider1

thumbs down From: Scrape@work
Maybe, if you already have everything else.

thumbs down From: LV2HUNT
Interesting but as said above, only if you own everything else.

thumbs down From: pappy

thumbs up From: DonSchultz
Hmmmmmm, I like it as a novelty shot at my club's 3Ds. Should be fun.

thumbs down From: skinny indian
if you grunt at it will it stop?

thumbs up From: XMan
this looks like great to have and practice with. A little pricey for me but the kids and I would have a ball shooting.

thumbs down From: Wary Buck
Cool idea, but too expensive.

thumbs down From: opencountry
love the idea and again want one. but how well could it work in a homeowners yard? that would be the test. kinda spendy also

thumbs up From: Penguins06

thumbs down From: carbonarcher

thumbs down From: jamaltwy

thumbs down From: Buffalo

thumbs down From: Skeeter

thumbs up From: smokey

thumbs down From: Arjuna
too pricey for what it does...good idea though

thumbs up From: Kodi
They stole my idea. Seriously!! I think it is a great concept. I will have to improve.

thumbs up From: Rising Sun Outdoors
"Hmmmmmm, I like it as a novelty shot at my club's 3Ds. Should be fun. "

That is my feelings too!

thumbs down From: Dirty Bill
a cheap radiocontrolled car with balloons on different length strings would be more fun,and affordable

thumbs up From: Horn Donkey
Fun for a club.

thumbs down From: Grounblind

thumbs down From: LABowhunter22
Too expensive, for 400$ coulda at least had a decent rack.

thumbs down From: Ted A. Young

thumbs up From: J's Archery

thumbs up From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: jrpez

thumbs down From: Olink

thumbs up From: Big Nine

thumbs up From: Mike Ganoe

thumbs down From: trkytrack
We don't shoot spikes.

thumbs up From: Wackmaster
Robo Decoy!!

thumbs down From: Arwhead

thumbs up From: lonewolf1985
Would teach bad habits, should never shoot a moving deer anyway. Would be good for trick shots at archery 3D shoots I guess.

thumbs down From: Kajun

thumbs up From: trapper
Too much $$ for the backyard but good for inddor 3-D courses, variety of angles keeps it real

thumbs up From: eberje01

thumbs up From: goose

thumbs down From: Longbowman
Too much money!

thumbs up From: P&Y Hunter
Looks like fun.

thumbs up From: Georgia Boy

thumbs down From: Man of Stihl
It doesn't look like it would be able to run across uneven groud

thumbs up From: 2dog

thumbs up From: fullrut

thumbs down From: Scotch

thumbs up From: Hitch

thumbs up From: 137buck

thumbs down From: njwildlife
I don't shoot spikes. ????????

thumbs up From: Butternut40

thumbs down From: Shooter
great Idea, could make back yard practice more realistic. Little expensive though, and need a bigger buck.

thumbs up From: Scooter Trash

thumbs up From: Larv

thumbs down From: Over Draw
more crap

thumbs down From: Stealth1
teaches poor ethics shooting at moving animals!!!!!

thumbs up From: PYhunter

thumbs down From: Scoreguy
too pricey, i could make something much cheaper

thumbs down From: DC

thumbs up From: CurveBow

thumbs down From: coueschaser3
clever, fun sounding, but wont take moving shots anyway with the arrow.

thumbs down From: FlatbowMB

thumbs up From: nomad
Looks fun, but too much $$$$$$$$

thumbs up From: Grizzlymike

thumbs up From: Beleg

thumbs up From: BoneHunter

thumbs up From: DMurphy
alot cheaper than pop ups

thumbs down From: Tree Hugger

thumbs up From:
Not practical but it sure would be fun!

thumbs down From: OSAGE

thumbs down From: Paul @ the Fort
promotes shooting at moving animals. bad deal.

thumbs down From: Shedrock

thumbs up From: Rkratzer
This would be fun as the last target at a 3d shoot! other then that not practical for joe schmoe

thumbs up From: larryski3
Tooo pricey for too little.

thumbs down From: nesportsmen

thumbs down From: bowhunterjoeb1

thumbs down From: huntermark

thumbs up From: LeTuB

thumbs down From: wimpy
my $500 Revo could pull it around instead....

thumbs up From: arrowsenfoam

thumbs up From: JaySee

thumbs down From: Gimpy

thumbs down From: Monty

thumbs down From: big ter
Just shoot it out of your car window you lazy Ba$$ard!!

thumbs down From: Papa John

thumbs up From: blacktail

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