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Each year at the ATA trade show, archery vendors display new, never-before seen (or thought of) products for bowhunters. Some of these products may be considered truly innovative, practical, controversial, outrageous, or just plain ridiculous. You are the consumer, so you decide your "first impressions."

MOXY Scent Elimination System by Moxy Technology

The MOXY Scent Elimination System™ utilizes a patented, “ionized super-oxidant” (the MOXY™ Molecule) which eliminate existing odors PLUS eradicates odor-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus in hunting apparel. utilizes a Garment Bag (along with other MOXY™ Accessories) and the portable MOXY™ Generation Unit (DC-Powered with AC Adapter) to treat Hunting Apparel for total Scent Elimination. 
$499 MSRP
Phone: (352) 304-6403

Fatal Attraction 360° Deer Decoy by Catskill Mt. Sporting Supplies

Lightweight and easy to setup deer decoy good for 360 degrees. Tail moves with slight wind movement to catch the attention of deer passing by.
Phone: 1-877-DER-BUTT

X-Treme FC (fall away) by Trophy Taker Inc.

Shown here is the Top Slot model. This All-Metal dropaway rest features the quality and accuracy of Trophy Taker's popular drop away rest with full containment security. The rest is then coated with a rubberized polymer to dampen any potential noise.
Phone: 406-826-0600

Caribou Decoy - by Montana Decoy Inc

This 2-dimensional caribou decoy can be set up in less than a minute and weighs 41 ounces. It measures 48" x 34" when unfolded and 17" x 15" x 2" when folded for transport.

Phone: (888) 332-6998

EZ Scentstrip - by Madky Enterprises

Available in a variety of scents such as dominant buck, acorn, sweet corn, hot doe, and fresh earth. These pre-moistened strips provide enough to last a full day of hunting. No more messing with lures, just rip open the package and your scent strip is ready to use.

MSRP: $.99 each
Phone: 920-843-1191

FULL-DRAW Digital Grunt Call - by Munson Mfg.

Plays a digital recording of an actual live buck. Mounts on most bows and rifles with a wired remote switch. Uses one 9v battery.
MSRP: $39.99
Phone: 866-9GO-HUNT

Muff-Pak - by Hunter Safety System

Combines a large, roomy curved hand warmer muffs lined with fleece and is large enough with plenty of storage for your release, cell phone, calls, etc.
Phone: 256-773-7732

LOC-A-PEEP - by Bach Enterprises

This Lockable peep requires no serving and can be installed quickly at home with no special tools or bow presses. Eliminates peep movement and provides quicker acquisition of pin thru peep.
Phone: 609-773-0099

Yellow Jacket Supreme Target - by Morrell Mfg

This new design is 100% waterproof and contains 4 sides for extended shooting with both fieldpoints and broadheads.
Phone: 800-582-7438

The Bow Stabilizer Cam Mount - by Rifle Electronics

Now you can film your shot without having special brackets or a dedicated camera man. Today's smaller, lighter video cams have allowed hunters to mount their cameras directly to their bow which is always facing your target. Quick detach, mounts in seconds and fits most small video cameras.
MSRP: 69.95
Phone: 800.416.5285

Scout PMD 1000 - Perimeter Monitoring Device - by Recon Outdoors

The PMD 1000 can be mounted to your tree to see animals moving behind you, outside your tent for security or anywhere you need video monitoring. Available in Mossy Oak Breakup. Contains the camera and a stand-alone or wrist-mounted monitor.
Phone: 1-866.647.3266

EZ-Doe Deer Decoy

The EZ-Doe is carried into the field deflated and sets up in about the same time a hard-decoy can be set up. The pack contains the decoy, stand and pump and once set up, a remote tail flicker assures that passing deer see the decoy.
MSRP: $189.95
Phone: 314-650-5446

HR100 Scent Control Device - by Ozonics

Utilizing a revolutionary ozone curtain technology, the HR-100 is an electronic device that converts air passing over a sportsman into a natural deodorizer. This mixture can alter or eliminate the human scent profile in the atmosphere between a hunter and an animal, ultimately camouflaging a hunter’s odor from animal detection. Since ozone is a gas, wind direction is not a factor when using the HR-100, allowing for a full 360° hunt.

MSRP: $599.95

OPTIX XR - by G5 Outdoors

Available in both right and left hand in Realtree AP. Three fixed pins and one hybrid floating pin that can be dialed down to one yard in seconds. Choose from .019 and .029 smart pins.
MSRP: $199.95
Phone: 866-456- 8836

Smootchie - by Kirschner Safety Products

Disposable Active Carbon Face-mask are individually wrapped and sealed from the factory to prevent carbon saturation and ensure complete odor adsorption. Masks breath odor but can also be used to mask external odors such as when field dressing. Comes in camo and flo. orange.
Phone: (877) 652-2180


The Rock - by Diamond Archery

The Rock exhibits shorter draw lengths starting at 25" as well as a short and snappy axle-to axle length, making it extremely mobile and perfect for any occasion, whether in open spaces or a small blind. This bow is also set with a newly engineered single-cam system made for dazzling speeds. The Rock's forgiving brace height and adjustable draw-stop and let-off ranges ensure it will always be the perfect fit.

Phone: 877.269.2776 

Edge Series Switchblade Backpacker - by Summit Treestands

Summit's new closed-front treestand features their "Flatform" technology where the braces are underneath the platform rather than above for better stability and silence. The complete climber weighs 23lbs and can support up to 300lbs. Platform measures 20" wide by 33" long (usable). Newly designed climbing stirrups and a thick, comfortable seat with full padded backrest support which is fully adjustable.
MSRP: $319.00
Phone: 256-353-0634


This unique, patented system allows you to take your 3D shoots and practice sessions to a whole new level. The target cart is powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery which rotates while connected to the deer target cart via a power/tether line. The battery and line power the all-wheel-drive gear motors which turn the wheels independently. Special covers can be placed over the wheels for indoor use, or you can use the treaded wheels alone for outdoor use. The cord extends from a 10' to 50' diameter circle and can be controlled with a remote control unit as an option.
MSRP: $399
Phone: 715-247-3094

Funnel Juice - by BioDefend

Unlike lures which attract deer, or scent elimination liquids which try to make your scent invisible, Funnel Juice is used to create a strong, invisible odor "barrier" which can be used to repel deer and force them in the direction of your treestand. Lasts for seven days and comes in a 32oz spray bottle.
Phone: NA

Bullhead - by Magnus Broadheads

Designed for the turkey bowhunter these ultra-wide cutting diameter broadheads can turn your bird topless in seconds. No cut-impeding straws on these blades. Great flight characteristics and strong .048 stainless steel means accuracy and durability. Resharpen or replace them when you're ready. One set of free replacement blades in every pack. 100 grain model (2.75" cut diameter) can be used for both body and head shots, and 125 grain (4" cut diameter) are head-shot only.
Phone: 620.793.9222





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