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thumbs up From: maxracx

thumbs down From: Bigdan
we don't need a carbon arrow that bends

thumbs up From: Blacktailhunter

thumbs up From: NewHunter1

thumbs up From: Hunt98

thumbs up From: Hanky

thumbs up From: MoBowhunter

thumbs up From: Thunderflight

thumbs up From: longbow64

thumbs down From: jerry

thumbs up From: Larv

thumbs up From: sureshot

thumbs up From: VASCAR

thumbs up From: mikey

thumbs down From: elkhunter-ny

thumbs up From: sharpsur

thumbs down From: jamaltwy

thumbs down From: Yendor
Just another gimick when Easton 2413's work great

thumbs up From: DurangoL2

thumbs up From: hillbilly

thumbs down From: Flatbow
More high tech garbage

thumbs down From: hawg

thumbs up From: BMG2

thumbs up From: Elksong@work

thumbs up From: KansasHeadHunter

thumbs up From: Mr Bowhunter

thumbs up From: JAD

thumbs down From: SRBOWHUNTER
I agree with Bigdan

thumbs down From: Pax River

thumbs up From: TXHOGMAN
Great looking arrow, especially for those of us looking for heavier shaft.

thumbs down From: Alwayslearning
Adding metal will allow more damage and add price.

thumbs down From: Geo-M

thumbs down From: Rock

thumbs down From: Bowyer
I shoot ACCs and the concept of Al over carbon appeals to me.

thumbs up From: bullelkklr
Good idea, sounds like a ACC but perhaps stronger...how much are they a doz?

thumbs up From: MarkM

thumbs up From: oneida_shooter

thumbs down From: Grounblind
$$$$$$$....more cash being sucked from the pocket

thumbs down From: dj

thumbs down From: Wary Buck

thumbs up From: willieboat
Finally a acc with some weight to it

thumbs down From: BDHUNTR
Lessee...first there's aluminum arrows, then carbons. Then ACC with aluminum inside-carbon outside. Now the carbon's inside and the aluminums outside. What's next?

thumbs up From: MissFire

thumbs up From: HA
The extra weight will come in handy and at last a carbon arrow that is straight!!

thumbs down From: mr_magoo

thumbs up From: browndog

thumbs down From: Elkman52

thumbs down From: JTV
I'll stick with my GoldTip Pro's...They will NOT take a bend !! These can and will. Just an inside out ACC !!

thumbs up From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: Dal Lowrey

thumbs up From: inclose

thumbs down From: JayG
Oh Jeez,, more stuff!!

thumbs down From: Snood Slapper

thumbs up From: DonSchultz
Makes sense to me. I've got about 4 dozen of the Beman Fields I shoot now so it will be a while b4 I try these. I appreciate Easton continuing to develope new stuff.

thumbs down From: brt92

thumbs down From: longbow231

thumbs up From: bowz

thumbs down From: noazelk

thumbs up From: Gator

thumbs down From: arlone

thumbs down From: Harry T.
game getter II - best for the money. When I shoot at a critter i dont expect to get my arrow back in shootable shape. If I do,good

thumbs down From: Ted the COB

thumbs up From: Sundancer
Another Arrow that will bend. Too small for Dangerious game.

thumbs up From: TradTech

thumbs up From: iowaPete
With a name like Full Metal Jacket, how could it be bad?


thumbs up From: stjohnh4
Not sure but may try this

thumbs up From: justmist

thumbs up From: NewBe
I need more stats might be a good arrow, just need more inf. Anything too improve an arrow is good in my book, if it works

thumbs up From: bigfoot

thumbs down From: huntindoc@work
Have a feeling it will be way too expensive to be viable for me.

thumbs down From: Dr. Bowhunter
more gimmicks!

thumbs down From: huntdoug
not going to be seeing this to many shops in two years......

thumbs up From: GRBowman

thumbs down From: Free Range

thumbs down From: Woodsman

thumbs down From: Bear P
2413s for me, would never shoot carbon into a animal I wanted to eat.

thumbs up From: Ramhunter
I've looked at the arrow - looks attractive - a little pricey though. I may give them a try.

thumbs up From: wifishkiller

thumbs up From: bow hunter
the best looking shaf ever it has to be stronger than steel i might shoot them if they dont cost to much.

thumbs up From: *PAT*
Would love to try these heavy weights

thumbs down From: Ishootpse

thumbs up From: bigbuck

thumbs up From: Mc-Cracken

thumbs up From: StillHuntin@Work

thumbs up From: Cowboy_rick_2000
Just simply an awsome arrow flies great,spine is consistent and when we flimed it on slow mo this arrow settles in quick, pentatration is outstanding.

thumbs down From: Choclab
The HIT insert sucks

thumbs up From: Noobe

thumbs up From: bgfisher
Nice concept for 3D shooting. When is Easton going to make an arrow straighter than .005"?

thumbs down From: Arrow4Christ
bend easily. pricy.

thumbs up From: peace
It will be a long time before I try these...happy with what I have. More than enough great shafts to choose from already, mind is on archery overload.

thumbs down From: arrowknocker82
Hybrid Arrow...?? Let's make live alittle more difficult....!?

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