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Each year at the ATA trade show, archery vendors display new, never-before seen (or thought of) products for bowhunters. Some of these products may be considered truly innovative, practical, controversial, outrageous, or just plain ridiculous. For the Third year in a row we are spotlighting unique products that were introduced to the market in 2006 and let you, the consumer decide "first impressions".

Mini-Phantom Digital Call - G&R Products

Around the same size as a small flashlight, the mini-phantom utilizes sound sticks which makes this digital call versatile depending on the species you are hunting. The speaker is located on the top so you can point and shoot the sound in a specific direction - up to 110db. Includes a mute button, auto shut off, external speaker jack, and more. Runs on 3 AAA Batteries. Play two sounds simultaneously or in sequence. Sounds sticks available for elk, deer, bear, turkey, moose, predators, and geese.
$27.99 for the unit, $15.99 for additional sticks
Phone: 1-866-862-2825

PRO Site - by LP Archery Products

Shown with optional Pro-Light DX, Over 3" of scope adjustment range and 1.5" of travel. Combines a competition, fixed pin and hunting site into one unit, 14 mounting positions with longest sight bar in its class, Micro adjustable windage, Yardage drum design with removable yardage tape.
$219.95 black, 229.95 camo
Phone: 616.249.8685

ScentTote ST-780- By ScentTote

Features a patented, removable, activated Carbon-Web absorber which is a scent elimination storage system. The carbon-web absorber can be removed and placed in the dryer for reactivation, it can also be replaced with a new one. Air tight environment with activated carbon released particles to store and transfer all carbon and non-carbon hunting clothes and gear.
No Website
$59.99 for complete unit, $19.99 for replaceable absorber.
Phone: 1-616-437-7013

Windicator - by Hunting Science

Clip this device to a twig and you have wind detection for the length of your hunt. Uses one down feather.
MSRP: $4.99

Phone: 715-539-9721

Fast-Draw Bow Holder - by Cherry Hill Outdoors

Adjustable pocket size is designed for use with large and small cam compound bows, recurves, and long bows. Relieves fatigue and reduces movement prior to the shot. Use sitting or standing. Right or Left hand use. Color: Mossy Oak New Break-Up .

MSRP: $24.95
Phone: 724-588-0113

Rackulator - by Rackulator Inc.

Electronic Calculating Big Game Scoring Tool steps you through the scoring process and automatically calculates both gross and net scores for PY, BC, Buckmasters, SCI. Includes a rolling wheel for scoring point measurements, main beam, etc. And a tape measure for inside spread, circumferences, etc. Hooks up to your PC so you can print out a custom score sheet complete with a photo.
MSRP: $119.95
Phone: 888-791-4213

Vanish Arid - by CAMOWEST

A new pattern by CamoWest which is versatile lower country camouflage that has pinion mixed with some sagebrush, grass and deadfall. Designed for open country "mixed" terrain.
Phone: 970-240-2736

Full Metal Jacket Shaft - by Easton Archery

A small diameter and thick-wall carbon core armed in a 7075 alloy metal jacket. The new Axis FMJ easily pulls from high-density 3D targets and weighs between 8.9 and 11.6 gpi depending on the shaft. Sizes 500, 400, 340, 300. Internal-fit “X” Nock—Installed HIT Insert (note: one size HIT Insert fits all Axis FMJ shaft sizes).
Phone: 801.539.1400

TrophyCam - by North American Surveillance Technologies

TrophyCam is a fully automatic video surveillance system designed for scouting, monitoring and observing wildlife. Provides up to 10 hours of full motion video that captures the entire scene. Triggered by a multi-level signal processing motion sensor, the system automatically begins recording to a standard VHS tape upon detection of movement. 30 seconds after the last movement is detected the system shuts itself off and waits for the next detection. It is powered by a 12V deep cycle battery which can last up to 3 mos. when used with the optional solar panel (shown left).
MSRP: $889.95 ($134.95 for solar panel)
Phone: 877-237-2200

The 'Wild Thing' Backpack - by Double-Bull Archery

New for 2006 this backpack has been custom designed to comfortably haul your DB Blind and includes lots of easily accessible pockets for all of your gear. It includes two chair pockets, and two removable, and hangable wing-style flaps which can be hung inside the blind to hold calls and other accessories. The internal frame pack is heavily padded and adjustable for that long trek.
MSRP: 229.95
Phone: 888.464.0409

LimbSaver Silent Fletch - by Simms Vibration Laboratory

Utilizing Navcom™ II material these quiet fletching materials come in a variety of different colors and quantities.
12pk- msrp: $6.00, 36pk msrp: $16.20, 100pk msrp: $40.00
Phone: 1-877.257.2761

TrailStarz - by Trailhead Outfitters

Trail Starz are electronic devices that mark your trail in the dark. They are small, but powerful battery powered units with a bright orange LED. Battery life 60+ hours of use and uses three AG3 button cells. Twist the top screw cap clockwise to activate. A package consists of five (5) TrailStarz flashing trail markers with a carrying case.
MSRP: $21.95
Phone: 866-99-TRAIL

Treestand Covers - by Cottonwood Enterprises LLP

Protects, hides and keeps your stand free of debris and moisture. Weighs approximately 1.5 lbs. from a special silent and waterproof fabric. Includes a small pouch made from the same materials as the cover. Available in Realtree Hardwood Green and Break-up Mossy Oak Green. .
MSRP: $39.95
Phone: 770-367-4027

Scent Stick - by Trophy Blend

Trophy Blend has a patented Scent Stick design which is a compact all-in-one lure that doesn't spill, shatter, or transmit disease. It comes in a a wide variety of scents including buck, doe estrus, mule deer, moose, etc. as well as a variety of cover scent applications. Not to be ingested or applied directly to the skin, you dial up the scent stick and place it near your stand, or rub it on brush, in scrapes, etc. When you are finished, simply dial it back in and snap on the cover.
MSRP: $9.99
Phone: 208-623-2080

Trailblazer Scent Dispensing System- by Trophy Trails Products

The Trailblazer is an electronic scent dispensing unit that gives you control over dispersement or lures and urines. The Trailblazer can lay a scent trail with attractant as you walk, use a cover scent to cover your trail, or provide timed release at your hunting site. Runs on batteries and can be used in either an automatic or manual mode. 2 ounces lasts 63 hours in stand (automatic) mode. In standard mode, 2 ounces can be applied over 1.12 miles.
MSRP: 49.99
Phone: 618-244-6929

TRIAD Double Adjustable Pin Sight - by Kingsway Archery

The Triad has a 3 dot alignment system (which eliminates the need for a peep) and allows you to make yardage adjustments while at full draw with no tools. Available with auto-dimming fibers and an optional illumination system.
MSRP: varies
Phone: 616-796-0063

Camo Slow Cooker - by Eastman Outdoors

This 3.5 quart slow cooker features Realtree Camouflage and an adjustable temperature settings.
MSRP: 39.99
Phone: (810) 733-6360

T-Hanger - by T-Hangers Inc.

Designed to be a self-adjusting gambrel that made the job of dressing animals easy. The T-Hanger uses the weight of the game animal to automatically spread the hind quarters fully and allow room for dressing. The T-Hanger can support Deer, hogs, and other large animals up to 550 pounds. Made out of welded steel with a zinc coating.
MSRP: 34.95
Phone: (830) 741-8383

Illumanight - by T&P Game Recovery LLC

The Illumanight system includes a dispenser, which installs on the arrow, along with a special flashlight. Upon shooting an animal, the dispenser is engaged (on contact with the skin) and a chemical is dispensed until the arrow stops. Provides a fluorescent trail, which when used with an Illumanight flashlight or high power black light - provides visible direction detection after an animal is shot.
MSRP: 39.95 (combo package, includes flashlight and 3 carbon insert dispensers)
Phone: NA

MX4 Broadhead - by Muzzy Products

The MX4 is a short profile, fixed 4-blade screw in 100 grain broadhead. It has a cutting diameter of 1.125" (1/8" wider than their standard 4-blade head) and the thickest blade diameter of any Muzzy head at .025.
MSRP: 22.95 (3-pack)
Phone: 770-387-9300





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