thumbs down From: Rebel Yell

thumbs up From: r.j.

thumbs up From: slickdick

thumbs up From: Beleg
Might have to try this out.

thumbs up From: Cowboy
Great Idea, especialy if going on a trip. If they have them in helical feathers then they have a new customer.

thumbs up From: ChrisM

thumbs up From: sheets

thumbs up From: knight46

thumbs up From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: JoeBow
I'll give it the benefit of the doubt right now, but I would need to see it in action.

thumbs up From: buckfeverben
I enjoy fletching my own arrows, I'm a bit skeptical about fletching an arrow using shrink wrap.

thumbs up From: MK M GOBL

thumbs up From: nickel

thumbs up From: osiris
I am definately intrigued to see how this fairs in the market. Seems like a great concept to me. Could save a pro shop tons of money on labor.

thumbs up From: Bugler

thumbs up From: Stalker

thumbs down From: Rooster
What if you nick the shrink-wrap, do es it fall off? How much rear weight does it add?

thumbs up From: pav

thumbs down From: Bullnuts
Does it stick? I've seen shrink wrap move around on my rest - Last thing I need is the vanes flying off my arrow shaft at release.

thumbs up From: Toby

thumbs up From: mlind
I think it has the potential to work great but my fear would be the same as some of the other guys. WOuld they STAY on and would they move on the arrow over time (spin or move back?) Would like to try some myself just to see.

thumbs up From: jeepshapes
good potential

thumbs down From: CO_Sponge
Looks like it would add too much weight.

thumbs down From: warthog

thumbs up From: hunterx
if it works this is a seriously cool invention with major potential.

thumbs up From: [email protected]
Great idea, now to see if it works.

thumbs up From: gadan
Great idea but many of above concerns for me as well. Same twist every arrow?

thumbs down From: lowboy

thumbs up From: Rossi

thumbs up From: Scrape

thumbs up From: Mark Twain
Clever. Would like to hear how well they hold up.

thumbs down From: FLINGER

thumbs up From: Grounblind
If that don't beat all! I am also curious as to their durability after a few shots.

thumbs up From: NewHunter1
Good potential, but I'll wait till others spend their money and give the results of their findings.

thumbs up From: Duke
Great idea if it works

thumbs up From: Trebarker

thumbs up From: [email protected]
May come in handy for quick repairs

thumbs up From: upstater
I agree with duke.

thumbs down From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: lambinater

thumbs up From: MobileHuntin'Unit

thumbs up From: Slick Head Hunter
Great if your in a bind ...good idea.

thumbs up From: carbonarcher
If they stay well attached to the arrow and come in helical, could be nice for guys with a little less time and yet like to roll their own.

thumbs up From: doewhacker
Something to take on a big trip for emergency repairs. Excellent idea let's see if it works.

thumbs down From: bear

thumbs up From: Sully
Looks like another Cheap shortcut for people who either don't want to spend the money or time to do it right

thumbs up From: BDHUNTR
I will wait it out, but could be a heck of a product if it works....IF it works!

thumbs down From: Typhoon

thumbs up From: thenuge15
Sounds cool! I would be inerested about the durability, and whether your have to heat each side evenly to make sure the vanes don't spin.

thumbs down From: Ted Young

thumbs up From: Dal Lowrey

thumbs up From: Buckcrazy
not sure will have to see it first before I try it

thumbs up From: Geo-M
Fascinating idea, but can you replace just one damaged vane? Can't remember ever damaging all 3 at once. And don't you have to be careful heating carbon arrows?

thumbs up From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs down From: Jerry/Pa

thumbs up From: threadhead
send me some

thumbs up From: Milhouse

thumbs down From: guidermd
as if an arrow isn't already easy enough to make. if someone has to carry a kit in the field to repair arrows, they should have brought more arrows to start with.

thumbs up From: Trigger33
I'd like to try it out...

thumbs up From: Firstarrow

thumbs up From: eagleeyearchery
sounds like a time saver, will hold out on an opinion until I try them.

thumbs up From: J.E. Travis
I like fletching my own. But in a pinch these could be awesome. Only problem I have is they probably won't offer my color combination. I shoot 3 whites. Why do they always have to throw in that funky off color fletch?

thumbs down From: owl

thumbs up From: JayG

thumbs up From: hump
If they came with feathers and a white colored shrink wrap material - I'd welcome them.

thumbs up From: flapjack

thumbs down From: Spooked

thumbs down From: XMan
it will never hold up

thumbs up From: MD Joe
I'll try them

thumbs up From: okiebowman

thumbs down From: Free Range
Won't work on woodies off the shelf

thumbs up From: Muley

thumbs up From: The Buck Stopper

thumbs up From: regnar

thumbs down From: NatureNut

thumbs up From: RTelkhunter

thumbs up From: Gator

thumbs up From: conquest 3

thumbs up From: Daly
seems like an intiguing idea, especially for a fly in trip emergency repair kit. However I enjoy fletching my own arrows far too much

thumbs up From: [email protected]
Quick fix at it's finest!

thumbs up From: LazyJ
I'd give these a try. Excellent emergency fix!

thumbs down From: Renegade

thumbs up From: Troy/OK
Excellent idea. If they hold up under use, these things will sell. Next product (if it isn't already part of the product line) should be differnt colors of wrap and various cresting designs. Variations are almost endless.


thumbs up From: Boydo
might work, might not can't decide

thumbs up From: kota-man
I am not sold on this one...

thumbs down From: Bowyer
I amagine it would be hard to keep it from rotating till it set up. Maybe when they come out with heat shrink FEATHERS I will try it.

thumbs up From: bowguy

thumbs up From: thumper

thumbs up From: Curtis
I'm thinking I would probably buy one or two to at least try them out. Depending on $$$ that is.

thumbs up From: iowaPete
I'd be willing to give 'em a try. Could this be the end of the fletching jig?

thumbs down From: longdraw
If it works great, will I try it, NO

thumbs up From: LiteSpeed1
I'm with Bowyer. I'm a feather user, but these might be a good idea for emergency repairs. Especially when you're 11,000 feet up a mountain.

thumbs up From: RickCinMO

thumbs up From: Moose
If they will last...

thumbs up From: Ty-Bow

thumbs up From: dgildy
Clever idea. I'll stick with glue for now.

thumbs up From: Gonzo

thumbs down From: simpy58
I'm too picky about my arrows to trust this.

thumbs up From: huntryx
Sounds like a good emergency fix.

thumbs up From: Pat Bischoff

thumbs up From: TrailWalker

thumbs down From: batch

thumbs down From: Gregatwork
What they really need to do is have the heat activate a glue, then you could peel the shrink wrap off and have a quick flecthing job that is glued on.

thumbs up From: Errorhead

thumbs down From: freedomrules3
just plain tacky

thumbs up From: 4u2ppin

thumbs up From: Stealthycat

I tried this about 4 years ago with white heat shrink. I could not bond the feather with anything less than 2 part epoxy - not very convenient. This is a GREAT idea, because I'm sure the vanes are well bonded and how much simpler can it be than slide over and heat ? Make them in white, yellow etc and these things will sell !!

thumbs up From: BMI
For a person fletching his first dozen I think this would be great.

thumbs up From: Adios Pantalones
Cool idea. I hate making arrows.

thumbs up From: bullelkklr
I am interested to see how this product develops in the future.

thumbs up From: Odius-561
Do they come in barred feathers etc.

thumbs up From: Woodsman
Look like a great idea

thumbs down From: Grizzlymike
ROFL Oh Oh it so hard to fletch my arrows !!!

thumbs down From: owlbait
I'll keep my Bitzenburger.

thumbs down From: Snood Slapper

thumbs up From: graybow

thumbs up From: Dave M
sound like something to take along in case of emergency repairs in the field if they work.

thumbs down From: wolfman

thumbs up From: Shuteye
I would try it but I couldn't find any thing about them on the web site? I must be going blind.

thumbs down From: T-Panic
not too impressive.I'm betting its pretty pricey too. I'll stick with fletching my own.

thumbs down From: pete w

thumbs up From: johnny k
feathers next! durability?

thumbs down From: yote

thumbs down From: elkhunter-ny
Just when I thought I couldn't get any lazier. Good bye Bitz. Just kidding!

thumbs up From: tfabarcher35

thumbs up From: mbowerma

thumbs up From: rut-nut
wodering how it will hold up on bitter cold days. sounds great,time will tell

thumbs down From: jdog
its hard enough with glue this looks cheap

thumbs down From: Bighunter

thumbs up From: Deputy Tim
Gonna have to try this out, then I'll see what happened...

thumbs down From: Allegiance Hunter
I dont like green nocks.

thumbs down From: bfisher
I've seen them Really nice idea. Now they gotta figure out the right pricing. I just don't see $2.25 per arrow.

thumbs up From: fran

thumbs down From: Harley Rider
Can never be as perfect as a jig. For lazy people.

thumbs down From: NightCrawler

thumbs up From: Gascan
I have used these ..they work ..but, You learn on the first one or two how much to heat the water and how long to leave them in it..after that no, problems ..they do not fly off and are great to have with you on a hunt. To fix an arrow all you need is hot water and a cup.

thumbs down From: sbjones

thumbs up From: carpy1
sounds like a cool concept. have to see it work to believe it though

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