thumbs down From: r.j.
something for martin to model

thumbs down From: slickdick
this is just wrong.

thumbs up From: Beleg
Gives hunting a whole new meaning.

thumbs down From: Cowboy
Why would you want to camouflage the best parts?

thumbs up From: Troy/OK
Gives you that added edge when dear hunting.... :)

thumbs up From: ChrisM
Cowboy - makes the hunt for it more FUN.

thumbs up From: 3Fingers
Nothing worse than a thong riding up your behind when you go to draw.

thumbs up From: sheets

thumbs up From: Fred
Camo is my favorite color

thumbs up From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: JoeBow

thumbs up From: MK M GOBL
no live models?

thumbs down From: sman
I want to be able to find her out in the woods

thumbs down From: DanSeitz
You got a bra in XXL? No preference in camo pattern.

thumbs down From: Bugler
It has it's place just not in the hunting industry.

thumbs down From: Rooster

thumbs up From: Bob@work
Gets a thumbs up, just because I got a good laugh.

thumbs up From: Bullnuts
Definite thumbs up! No better way for the female hunter to show her colors...

thumbs up From: Toby

thumbs up From: GilaMonster

thumbs up From: hunterj

thumbs down From: zbow18@work

thumbs up From: hunterx

thumbs up From: gadan
It's awful hot when archery season opens here in Sept.

thumbs up From: lowboy

thumbs up From: Scrape

thumbs down From: Olink
Thumbs down for using a lousy camo pattern.

thumbs up From: Mark Twain
Does it come in a thong?

thumbs up From: FLINGER

thumbs up From: Grounblind
Thumbs down on the arrow tracker above Whatever? on the underwear!

thumbs up From: Duke
I think it depends on who is wearing it before I can vote, well I vote yes until some spoils it for me.

thumbs down From: Trebarker

thumbs down From: Lew@Work

thumbs up From: bowkid
the only thing that matters is that i can take it off!!!!!haha

thumbs up From: upstater
oops! gotta go.I think I hear my wife calling me!!

thumbs down From: bman
NO WAY! Beavers are all ready too difficult to locate!

thumbs up From: Thunderflight@work
I think Pat should get the Martin girl to model it for us.

thumbs down From: lambinater

thumbs down From: MobileHuntin'Unit
Waste of money. They'd just wind up on the floor too quickly!

thumbs down From: Slick Head Hunter
Come on,you have to be kidding.

thumbs down From: carbonarcher

thumbs down From: bear

thumbs up From: doewhacker
My cousin wears his girlfriends on his head as a face mask. Gets some big bucks too.. Maybe there is something to his method..

thumbs up From: Woody Sanford
Well there's a better chance I would be sportin a Mossy Oak banana hammock before I would be sportin a cup of Nuge brew.

thumbs down From: Truk

thumbs up From: Big Bowman
Oh, yeah Baby!

thumbs up From: BDHUNTR
I think it's funny! But don't shuck down and throw them out in the woods. You may not find them again! Having said that, if I bought my wife a pair she'd be looking for the receipt within 10 seconds.

thumbs up From: leftybearfan@work
Anything that combines hunting and half nekked women can't be a bad idea :-)

thumbs down From: Ted Young

thumbs down From: Dal Lowrey
Oh my!

thumbs down From: Buckcrazy

thumbs up From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs down From: Geo-M
Only as a gag. And what's that curved piece supposed to fit? An elk bugle???

thumbs up From: Jerry/Pa

thumbs up From: threadhead

thumbs down From: Milhouse
Great idea, too much fabric :)

thumbs up From: guidermd
does it come in a scent control series??

thumbs up From: J.E. Travis
Considering I'm single again as of yesterday, 1-12-05, I KNOW I wouldn't mind finding some of these on the ladies I'll be interviewing for the Mrs. Travis job.

thumbs up From: Spooked

thumbs down From: Free Range
Not from this ad, now if that girl from the Martin ads was to put this on?

thumbs down From: XMan
sorry I like my red lace on my lady :)

thumbs up From: uncletick

thumbs up From: Muley

thumbs down From: GregE
who stuck the money in the band?

thumbs up From: NatureNut

thumbs up From: Gator

thumbs up From: conquest 3
LOVE EM!!! Got mine on right now ha ha Git-R-Done!!!!

thumbs up From: Daly
how can any lingerie be bad?

thumbs down From: Coop
Just a ploy to keep us out of the woods. Must. Avoid. Bush. Joke.

thumbs up From: Jerry ©
I need more pics of a hot babe in one to really make up my mind....hehe

thumbs up From: CPeg

thumbs up From: gil_wy@home

thumbs up From: BentStick
Nothing like camo when your sneaking through the "bush"!!!

thumbs up From: LazyJ
Come to Papa!!!!!! Where do I get a set of these for the Ole' Lady!!!! Finally, undies for the real man!!!

thumbs up From: kota-man
Why not

thumbs down From: Bowyer

thumbs up From: bowguy

thumbs up From: thumper
For tent use only, after hunting hours.

thumbs up From: Curtis

thumbs up From: iowaPete

thumbs up From: Sidewinder
THUMBS DOWN if they come in anything bigger then mediums. L/XL/XXL/XXXL, JUST WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!

thumbs up From: RickCinMO

thumbs up From: Moose
Best way to hide a beaver...

thumbs up From: dg72A
I hope they come in a g-string .....................

thumbs down From: Ty-Bow

thumbs up From: Gonzo

thumbs up From: Lefty

thumbs down From: dirtdart
some have trouble tracking deer. now what will they do!

thumbs down From: Lone Bugle

thumbs down From: huntryx
The Nuge is wearing these already, I just know it.

thumbs down From: TrailWalker

thumbs down From: batch

thumbs up From: Errorhead
It will probably cut into my hunting time.

thumbs up From: Wary Buck
I don't understand how the second rater here (named SlickDick) says something like this is wrong? Wonder if they need any field testers for their pro staff?

thumbs up From: freedomrules3
i would like to see the wife in em. but could i find the spot then lol

thumbs up From: 4u2ppin
Anything that helps you find your way through bush can't be all bad!

thumbs up From: BMI

thumbs up From: Adios Pantalones
This will be perfect warm weather wear for stalking. I'll be so sexy.

thumbs up From: bullelkklr
Another vote for hot/smokin models marketing this product.

thumbs down From: Odius-561
Makes true hunters look like scum bags

thumbs up From: Droptine10
Nothing like a little mossy in the Morning!!!

thumbs up From: Woodsman
I bet it would look nice in a blind waiting for your quarry to come in.

thumbs up From: Stealthycat
I can see Britney Spears in that.......... great gag gifts if not the most romantic thing to give on Valentines Days :o

thumbs up From: Grizzlymike
I really do not care one way or another but would rather remain positive than negative.

thumbs up From: Snood Slapper

thumbs up From: graybow

thumbs up From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs up From: buckskin

thumbs down From: Dave M
would not help much in woods.

thumbs up From: longbowfanatic02

thumbs up From: T-Panic
If you love camo,then heck ya it sure beats just the plan old stuff. I all ready wear camo under wear and camo outer wear its always a camo day.

thumbs up From: Ryan Miller

thumbs down From: pete w

thumbs down From: rbcss

thumbs up From: yote

thumbs up From: JoeH

thumbs down From: mbowerma
Whar BS

thumbs up From: Shuteye
These pictures don't do it justice. My band played a gig where the girls modeled it. We all missed a few notes that night.

thumbs up From: bfisher
Now I need to find someone small enough to wear them. My wife sure can't.

thumbs up From: Harley Rider
MODELS??? Where are the MODELS?????

thumbs up From: NightCrawler
god bless mossyoak

thumbs up From: sbjones

thumbs up From: carpy1
hah, more comical than anything

thumbs up From: bcbowhunter
Is it edible?

Maybe biscuits and gravy flavored??

thumbs up From: fosgate
Sweeeet! Does that come in S&M styles?

thumbs up From: bow hunter
i would do the girl wearing them if shes hot

thumbs down From: Flatbow
If the website was a little spicier I might have given it the thumbs up

thumbs up From: sharpstick

thumbs down From: Greenhunter
dont' need it, when I go hunting I go Commando!

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