thumbs up From: slickdick

thumbs up From: Beleg

thumbs down From: Cowboy
Don't us bowhunters pride ourselves on woodsmanship? Whats next? Heat seeking arrows. Learn how to bloodtrail.

thumbs up From: ChrisM
Better this than an animal suffering a slow death.

thumbs down From: sheets

thumbs down From: DCW
Keep the electronics out of bowhunting. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

thumbs down From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: JoeBow
You know, when I started hunting, my dad taught me how to do a little thing called TRACKING!!!

thumbs down From: buckfeverben
One of the most important things about bowhunting is learning how to blood trail, people are just getting too darn lazy these days.

thumbs down From: DanSeitz
And once the signal is detected and plotted helicopter gunships already in the air converge on target location.

thumbs down From: mark land
Great for finding lost arrows, but doesn't the arrow normally pass thru, if not something is wrong.

thumbs down From: Bugler
Hey maybe the can come up with a heat seeking arow next!

thumbs up From: Stalker
Has potential but what does it cost. My avalanche transeiver was pretty spendy.

thumbs up From: [email protected]
Great idea.

thumbs down From: Rooster
Does it come with someone to drag the deer as well?

thumbs down From: pav

thumbs down From: Toby

thumbs down From: jeepshapes

thumbs down From: warthog
learn how to track

thumbs up From: hunterx
this could help prevent the loss of some of those deer that go a long way after a bad shot. Most of us have lost a deer before, this may hel reduce that. Still doubt i would buy it though.

thumbs down From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: Brad Millard
no way!

thumbs down From: lowboy

thumbs down From: Rossi

thumbs down From: Scrape

thumbs down From: Olink

thumbs down From: Mark Twain
The only critter I'd even consider shooting with this is Osama.

thumbs down From: FLINGER

thumbs up From: Grounblind
Get Real! Is this the excuse for poor tracking skills or the outright lazy who can afford it?

thumbs down From: NewHunter1
I would rather shoot the deer and have the deer fall within sight. Helps for the blood trailing. Just more junk to take over bowhunting. Paul

thumbs down From: Oakie
Good portion of the thrill of the challenge is in the blood trail. NOWAY!

thumbs down From: Trebarker

thumbs down From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: upstater

thumbs up From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: lambinater
bow hunting used to be simple!

thumbs down From: MobileHuntin'Unit

thumbs down From: Slick Head Hunter
Lets keep Big Brother out of the woods! :)

thumbs down From: carbonarcher
This is nothing short of a lazy mans way of deer tracking.

thumbs up From: doewhacker
Thumbs up for the rookie hunter to cut teeth with. So as not to discurage the beginner with loss of deer. Other than that, We don't need the JAMES BOND of Deer hunting

thumbs down From: bear

thumbs up From: ryanrc
i'm sure it's ungodly expensive, but, if you shoot that king of the woods, then it starts to rain out-of-nowhere, you may think the price is worth it...i know we all love our tracking ability, but i sure could have used it this season!

thumbs down From: Truk

thumbs down From: BDHUNTR
1- keep the electronics out of bowhunting. 2- has anyone thought what this will do to the flight of the arrow? Hard enough to get broadheads to spin true without this crap!

thumbs up From: Dal Lowrey
This thing should be outlawed

thumbs down From: Buckcrazy

thumbs up From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs down From: Geo-M
Tough decision. Keeping electronics out - good. Tracking and woodsmanship - very good. Failing eyesight or colorblind - not so good. String trackers break. Something like this would have prevented an overnight wait and losing my deer to the coyotes.

thumbs up From: threadhead
funny thing my buddy gave me somthing like this and it worked great this might take the place of it.if it helps those who are terrible blood trailers

thumbs up From: Russ Koon
Lost the first one ion many years last year. After 43 years of bowhunting, I think I've learned something about taking good shots and trailing, but once in a while, stuff happens. If I can buy something that will turn the bad experience of losing one into the good experience of finding it, I'll go for it (depending on the price, which seems to be a big secret). I really don't see it as tempting very many guys into taking iffy shots based on the hope that they can recover the game with this device. Should be great for turkeys, too.

thumbs down From: guidermd
i think this should be replaced with attending an ibep bowhunting course.

thumbs down From: Ted Young
More dumbing down of "hunters"

thumbs down From: eagleeyearchery
I designed one of these years ago but it just won't fly, too expensive and another thing that a hunter might use every once in a while. Cost will decide market. It won't be a seller.

thumbs down From: J.E. Travis
Blood on the ground is better than BEEP in the hand.

thumbs down From: JayG
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Just one more excuse to lose another set of outdoor skills.

thumbs down From: Spooked

thumbs down From: MD Joe

thumbs down From: Free Range
Come on, what's next, hire someone to do the hunting for you

thumbs up From: XMan
I think anything that helps us to recover game is a plus

thumbs down From: Muley

thumbs down From: The Buck Stopper
I believe this will promote unethical shots. Does not seem like a good thing to be on the market, but the idea is sound if used only by ethical and practical hunters.

thumbs down From: Mick
I wonder if I could stick a nice buck in the preseason somewhow and then electronically track his butt down when the season opened!? Sort of like tying one to the tree. :-) Kidding of course.

thumbs up From: NatureNut

thumbs down From: Gator

thumbs up From: conquest 3
I guess all the other voters who think there too good of a bow hunter for this product must have never heard of blood clotting. i think it'll really encourage more people to keep following up after the shot instead of feeding more cyotes. but i also would have to try one first

thumbs up From: Daly
if it aids in the recovery of a wounded deer, it can't be bad. Won't see me buying it however

thumbs down From: oldblue

thumbs up From: Corsair
Blood trails aren't always visible. This could save one's entire season. However, I would guess the cost will turn most people off and it will not sell well enough to keep it in production.

thumbs down From: Bubbajum

thumbs up From: LazyJ
Great product if you are hunting Hippos in Africa. Give this one some time. Soon they will be embeded in every broadhead/arrow sold!

thumbs down From: Renegade
It just isn't right

thumbs down From: Troy/OK
I can see legal issues in a lot of states with this. Plus, it just doesn't seem 'right' to use archery gear and then track with a yagi antenna.


thumbs down From: hump
Not legal in Arkansas - "no eletronic telepathy devices" - Might put one on my trail camera to catch a thief though, So 1 thumb partially up for that possibility

thumbs down From: Boydo

thumbs down From: kota-man
Like every other game finding device out there...It'll be gone in a couple of years...

thumbs down From: inclose
Breaker 19!

thumbs down From: Bowyer

thumbs down From: Tim M

thumbs up From: Curtis

thumbs down From: Lucky Dog
Just use one of these puppies and forget shot placement ect... what ever happend to woodsmanship?

thumbs down From: LiteSpeed1

thumbs down From: RickCinMO

thumbs up From: bloodtrails

thumbs down From: dgildy
Mixed feelings. Yes, it would prevent some of the pain of losing an animal. But as others have said, this would give the go ahead for some idiot to take a ham shot if that was all that was exposed. After all, you would just need to make it bleed, and push it / run it until you get another shot or it goes into shock. Ok, the feelings are no longer mixed. This should not be on the market!

thumbs down From: Gonzo

thumbs down From: huntryx
Just throw your GPS at the deer, then quickly pin it with an arrow...that should work.....

thumbs down From: TrailWalker

thumbs down From: Dave-Bent Arrow
Not legal in my state. Not ethecal in my mind. DAVE

thumbs down From: batch

thumbs up From: Gregatwork
make it stay in my arrow, then I could find it when it goes into all the foliage. Electronics on bow hunting equiptment and now in the animal too? I don't like it.

thumbs down From: Errorhead

thumbs down From: Hackbow
Others above said it.....learn to track, learn woodsmanship skills, understand your part in the killing process. Hunting and killing have been made easy enough. Quit taking the investment out of it, it means less and is easier to watch go by the wayside.

thumbs up From: freedomrules3
would be good for a rainy day, i wouldnt buy it but i say to each their own. keep your rightous views real folks everyone dances to a different tune. i suppose all the learn how to track a deer folks have never lost a deer shot.. yea right ..

thumbs down From: 4u2ppin

thumbs up From: BMI
Being a long time bowhunter that is also color blind this seems like it would be great, depending on accuracy issues and price,

thumbs down From: Adios Pantalones
I carry enough stuff into the woods

thumbs down From: bullelkklr
I don't like it, I don't like it one bit.

thumbs down From: heydeerman
Bad idea.

thumbs up From: Odius-561
great if you are locating CWD animals

thumbs up From: Woodsman
Anything that aids in successful retrieval of animals is worth trying.

thumbs down From: Grizzlymike
Learn to blood trail and track. Next year it will be GPS units on an arrow. Keep those broadheads razor sharp.

thumbs down From: Snood Slapper

thumbs down From: graybow

thumbs up From: bOWS2004
would help in game recovery if it works all the time.

thumbs down From: Dave M
always worry about electronics and bowhunting.

thumbs down From: pete w

thumbs down From: johnny k
ugh. learn to blood trail. save this for your kids at the mall.

thumbs up From: yote

thumbs down From: elkhunter-ny
I'm going to my veterinarian and get some of those chips they implant in dogs and I'm going to drug all the male fawns in my area and plant these chips in them. In 2 or 3 years I'll take my electronic detector and go hunting.

thumbs up From: Shuteye
Cost will be a determining factor if this flys or not. I can see where it would be a valuable tool in some situations.

thumbs down From: bofish-IL

thumbs up From: Allegiance Hunter
Could work indeed.

thumbs down From: bfisher
Whatever happened to woodsmanship? How much junk can we pack into the woods befoe we learn be one with nature.

thumbs down From: juspassin
Great asset to people who can't hunt and shouldn't be in the woods anyway.

thumbs down From: Arrowslinger

thumbs down From: NightCrawler

thumbs down From: Venator

thumbs down From: sbjones
interesting, but i don't think i would use it.

thumbs down From: carpy1
now heres something for the lazy bowhunter.

thumbs up From: Griz34

thumbs up From: fosgate
Would be a great last resort tool when you can't find it by traditional method say in darkness or if it snows or rains overnight when you return to track. Woodsmanship you can practice & develop however sportsmanship deems you do not waste if you can prevent it. Someday I'll have one.

thumbs up From: Death from Above
Wouldn't replace bloodtrailing,but sometimes the trail ends-then what? My concern is if the product will actually stay in an animal.

thumbs down From: herrfixit
incredible ideah but the added noise during flight gives the animal too much warning

thumbs up From: passthru
Not a replacement for woodsmanship,but if it helps find a wounded animal due too a bad hit, it certainly is worth it! any bowhunter worth his salt has lost a deer or two! what a terrible feeling!!

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