thumbs up From: slickdick
But is it actually large enough to draw your bow inside.

thumbs up From: Beleg
Looks like a real improvement and will give the bowhunter more flexibility.

thumbs up From: Cowboy
There nice. But $400?

thumbs up From: goose

thumbs up From: 3Fingers
Nice idea, but $400?? and how does the outside covering get raised when you need to make a shot in an area you don't have it open??

thumbs up From: sheets

thumbs up From: Stekewood

thumbs up From: JoeBow

thumbs up From: buckfeverben
Great looking blind, I have no doubt these folks make the best in the business.

thumbs up From: MK M GOBL

thumbs up From: mark land
Made for bowhunters by bowhunters, what else can I say, they have the best blind in the industry.

thumbs up From: osiris
I wish there was a way to vote "two thumbs up"

thumbs up From: X-Master

thumbs up From: Bugler

thumbs down From: Rooster
Do not like pop-up-ground blinds and neither do deer.

thumbs up From: pav

thumbs up From: Toby

thumbs up From: CO_Sponge

thumbs up From: GilaMonster

thumbs up From: hunterj

thumbs up From: zbow18@work
Nice, but pricey!

thumbs down From: gadan
Could buy a few shrubs for that kind of scratch

thumbs up From: lowboy

thumbs up From: Scrape

thumbs up From: Olink

thumbs up From: Mark Twain
You can't go wrong with Double Bull blinds. Looks like they have another winner.

thumbs up From: FLINGER

thumbs down From: Grounblind
Nope, always have been way too expensive! Where is there 400 bucks in that thing?

thumbs up From: NewHunter1
Expensive, but I'll buy one eventually. Maybe another excuse to buy one as my son is now 6 weeks old. Got to have one to take him in the woods when he's 3 years old. :-)


thumbs up From: Derrik
Best out there

thumbs up From: Trebarker

thumbs up From: Lew@Work

thumbs down From: upstater
way too much money!

thumbs down From: bowkid
399!!!!!!!!!!!!! now way. for that price you can make far better camo than that.

thumbs up From: Thunderflight@work

thumbs up From: Dave32
double bull makes a great product they are just out of price range for to many people.

thumbs up From: MobileHuntin'Unit

thumbs up From: Slick Head Hunter
Great blind but a little pricey for what it is.

thumbs up From: carbonarcher
I'm sure it is very effective, but very pricey. Just could not justify buying one.

thumbs up From: doewhacker
Nice blind. To Much MOOLA..

thumbs up From: BDHUNTR
I think you can buy other blinds almost as good for WAY less $$$$.

thumbs up From: Typhoon

thumbs up From: thenuge15
I would get one in a heartbeat if I made a lot of money.

thumbs up From: Dal Lowrey

thumbs up From: Buckcrazy
Nice but way to much money.

thumbs down From: Geo-M
Our Dbl Bull ProStaff works great for us - don't need another, but if I did, I'd probably buy the green BS-5 before this one.

thumbs up From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs up From: Milhouse

thumbs up From: Ted Young
To much money but a good idea

thumbs up From: Firstarrow
Price would be justified if I hunted for a living.... waiting to buy one 2nd hand.

thumbs up From: J.E. Travis
Be glad when they finally sell enough to bring prices down though.

thumbs up From: JayG
Count me in!!

thumbs up From: Spooked

thumbs up From: Shaftcaster

thumbs up From: XMan

thumbs down From: Free Range
wow 400$ I could buy a new bow for that much

thumbs up From: Muley

thumbs up From: The Buck Stopper

thumbs up From: NatureNut
looks good and the price too haha

thumbs up From: Gator

thumbs down From: gambit
the price turned me away

thumbs up From: oldblue

thumbs up From: Jerry ©
The Matrix is awesome ! Love mine!

thumbs up From: LazyJ

thumbs down From: Renegade

thumbs up From: Boydo
looks great and db always makes quality stuff

thumbs up From: kota-man
I may have to have one.

thumbs down From: inclose
String to tie branches back out of the way-89 cents. Feet to clear a flat quiet spot-God given. Nothing more to tote in and out of the woods. Priceless!

thumbs down From: bowguy

thumbs up From: Tim M

thumbs up From: Curtis
You can buy almost as good, but that's just not good enough. Double Bull has stood behind their products 110% on two different occasions for me in the past 4 years that I have had one of their blinds. They work great and I wouldn't waste another hard earned doller on a differnt product when theirs hold up so well for so long.

thumbs up From: iowaPete
Is that "The Hairless One" posing in with the blind?? I just wish I could convince myself that it's worth the money....

thumbs up From: Sidewinder
I have a T-2 and would purchase another Double Bull if mine should ever fail. Best blinds on the market in my humble opinion. When my blind had a problem they fixed it without any questions of blame and they paid for shiping as well.

thumbs up From: RickCinMO

thumbs up From: Moose

thumbs down From: Ty-Bow
Ameristep is half that price

thumbs up From: dgildy
Expensive, but it offers flexibility.

thumbs down From: Gonzo
Too expensive

thumbs up From: simpy58
I'd buy 3 if they were cheaper.....instead I'll just get one.

thumbs up From: huntryx

thumbs down From: TrailWalker
No need for it.I havent forgot how to conceal myself yet.

thumbs down From: batch

thumbs up From: Errorhead

thumbs up From: Wary Buck
Have no doubt it works based on their other products. Pricey? Yes. But I'm guessing many of the folks making that 'whine' above are shooting bows that cost double that and then trading them in every other year for the latest model. If you are still hunting turkeys w/o a blind of some type, you're either a masochistic fool or you are so good that it's unfathomable.

thumbs down From: freedomrules3
way too much money

thumbs down From: 4u2ppin
Great product but way too pricey.

thumbs down From: BMI
The price is pretty steep compared to others on the market that work just as well.

thumbs up From: Traveler
Not sure I like these windows for Archery. Would like to see on with screens installed. Tried others but Double bull is the best!

thumbs up From: Woodsman
Good product

thumbs up From: PABowman
Too much $

thumbs up From: Grizzlymike
DB makes great blinds I like this design. Wish it cost a little less money

thumbs down From: owlbait
Too expensive, too short for my longbow.

thumbs up From: Snood Slapper

thumbs up From: graybow

thumbs down From: Africanbowhunter

thumbs up From: venatic
I have one of every model including the Matrix ,they are all good but I have to say the Matrix has some nice features that no other company has even thought about.

thumbs down From: Per48R
Awful expensive. Since top and bottom are separate, might flex too much in the wind. If you open all 360 degrees you will be siloutted.

thumbs up From: Dave M
would definately give it a try. have one of their blinds now and have take multible deer and turkeys from it. best thing ever made for bowhunting turkeys.

thumbs down From: T-Panic
These people are real proud of they're product but sorry its just too much money. there are other blinds that will work just as well for less..

thumbs up From: pete w

thumbs up From: yote

thumbs down From: elkhunter-ny
When it comes to my hunting equipment I don't go on the cheap, (ask my wife) but $400 is nuts!

thumbs up From: jdog
expensive but worth it

thumbs up From: Slay
I own one now. I like it, room for 3 people in it. The BS5 would probably be a better buy at the price right now. Great company!

thumbs down From: Deputy Tim
Nice product I agree with those about the quality. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

thumbs down From: Allegiance Hunter
Hard to fit between trees when carrying it in the woods.

thumbs down From: Harley Rider
I can buy a 12 man tent for less.

thumbs up From: KO

thumbs up From: TOP

thumbs up From: NightCrawler
i like em but cant affore em!

thumbs down From: Venator
For 400$ I can bay a house in serbia!

thumbs down From: sbjones
toooooooooooo much money

thumbs down From: Bozz
Waaaaaay over priced !!! I might give ya $ 200 for it.....too many other nice blinds out there for 1/3 that price with much nicer features !!!

thumbs up From: carpy1

thumbs up From: fosgate
Awesome setup, price seems to be a concern for most. But seeing as scent free camo & gear isn't cheap either. I can justify not buying more camo and just wear black clothes and rely on the blind to contain my stench for about the same $$$. By the way you pay $400 for one of the best dvd video's and the blind comes free.

thumbs down From: Greenhunter
too expensive

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