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Each year at the ATA trade show, archery vendors display new, never-before seen (or thought of) products for bowhunters. Some of these products may be considered truly innovative, practical, controversial, outrageous, or just plain ridiculous. For the second year in a row we are spotlighting unique products that were introduced to the market in 2005.

Deer Aging Tool - G&R Products

Designed to assist you in aging harvested white-tailed deer in 8 age classes. Match tooth wear pattern to the Dear Aging Tool.
Phone: 1-866-OLD-DEER

The Atom - by Arrowdynamic Solutions

Razor sharp flexible wire. Solid Titanium Body. Designed for improved penetration and field point accuracy.
Phone: 800-499-0447

Children's Activity Kit - By Renzo's Decoys

Pro-hunting, Pro-Conservation activity kit for kids includes coloring pictures, games and puzzles designed to foster conservation and education in youngsters.
Phone: 1-800-583-5416

Game Spy Digital Camera - by Moultrie Feeders

1.3 Megapixel Camera with 16mb of memory. Operates on a 6-volt battery, infrared game sensor, color pictures, day or night. Memory can be expanded by replacing with a larger capacity memory card.
MSRP: $189.00

Phone: 800-653-3334

Nuge Java - Ted Nugent

Specially formulated in 3 flavors: The Fred Bear Blend, Ted’s Hunt Blend and The Misty Dusk.

MSRP: 9.95/lb.
Phone: 800-343-HUNT

Gum-O-Flage - by Hunting Science LLC

Includes Natural Pine, Chlorophyll & other natural ingredients to mask breath and kill mouth germs.
MSRP: $4.99/pack
Phone: 715-539-9721

Razor X5 - by Summit

Summit's newest stand provides for sit-down, stand-up, climbing. The front bar can be used for safety, or can be folded back and out of the way for those that prefer an open front.
Phone: 256.353.0634

Hypershock Broadhead - by Aftershock Archery

The HyperShock™ has three methods of blade deployment that work independently and in concert with each other to ensure the blades open in the game and not before. The center of gravity of the curved blades was designed to keep them shut when launched from a bow and aid in deployment after penetration. Comes in 80, 100, and 125 gr. weights.
Phone: 248-363-MOAB

Shrink-wrap fletching - by Extreme Archery Products

Fletching slides over arrow shaft as a complete 3-fletch unit and then is heated to conform to the shaft.
Phone: (606) 928-9447

Matrix Blind - by Double-Bull Archery

The new MATRIX gives you 360 degree viewing and shooting with a 360 degrees of shoot-thru window netting. Adjustable to prevent backlighting in the blind.

MSRP: 399.00
Phone: 888.464.0409

Bow Bug - by North American Surveillance Technologies

Small transmitter that attaches to the arrow behind the broadhead and detaches upon impact whether arrow passed thru or stays inside animal. The signal is then detected with the directional hand-held yagi antenna/receiver.
Phone: 1-877-237-2200

Wilderness Dreams Lingerie - by Webers Camo Leathergoods

This camouflage lingerie is made using the Mossy Oak® Break-Up™ pattern. Choose from items for him or her.
MSRP: varies
Phone: 320-762-2816





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