thumbs down From: maxracx

thumbs up From: DByrd

thumbs up From: stephenf
all the big buck hunters should pu tthem out so every one can get to your honey hole

thumbs up From: buckthumper
nice to have on those lonely strolls after a hard hunt

thumbs up From: Bowinhand

thumbs down From: J-town Hunter

thumbs up From: murph.

thumbs down From: MobileHuntin'Unit
if on private land, you mean to tell me you can't find your stand location by yourself? if on public land, if you mark your tree with these, someone else will get to that tree first the next day or your a$$.

thumbs up From: wbb
would be ok if you want to mark the trail to stand, might work on blood trailing.

thumbs down From: J. E. Travis
Who wants to pack around a pocket full of these things?

thumbs down From: The Buck Stopper
Couldn't the deer see them too? The point about other hunters is good too. Just learn your way around the woods!

thumbs up From: big bill
They worked great this season for me.

thumbs down From: carbonarcher
Sorry, hunting public land, seems these would be an advertisement for someone to steal your treestand....

thumbs down From: osiris
In my neck of the woods these things are going to end up in someone elses bag...

thumbs down From: BOUNTYHUNTER

thumbs down From: [email protected]
what are these things, hunting cazoos???

thumbs up From: jimbow
Looks like a winner till someone else takes them home.

thumbs down From: Dude
Invitation for a stolen stand on public areas.

thumbs down From: huntermark
Just something else to get stolen.

thumbs up From: Gene Randle
I just love these things! You can glue them to street signs and mailboxes to find your way home from the nudey bar I mean grocery store.

thumbs up From: longdraw

thumbs down From: Mossy Oak
sweet! litter with a price

thumbs up From: elfking
in the right situation they would be really valuable. I have been in those situations :)

thumbs down From: Bullseye
Could be a good idea for some.....but I gave up marking trails a long time ago. It's like a road map for other hunters. Hey guys! I hunt here! This is the best spot! Bring friends!

thumbs up From: Rob B

thumbs up From: (A.W.C.T.)

thumbs up From: hogwild43

thumbs up From: trophyrac

thumbs down From: NewHunter1
you should know how to get to your stand. I can do that in the dark on public land.

thumbs down From: BowAce
I would rather use bread crumbs

thumbs down From: Mountain Cur

thumbs up From: mouse

thumbs down From: Free Range

thumbs up From: Clifford
If you really have to mark your way these will work great!

thumbs down From: MQ32MAN

thumbs down From: graybow
Might be good for some people. Could be a joke in the making. Move them around and lead them somewhere else!

thumbs down From: 4u2ppin

thumbs down From: Tim

thumbs up From: RUPE
Cheaper than a GPS and great for when you have visitors. No need to walk them in to the stand!

thumbs up From: Rustywreck

thumbs down From: solocamslam
Makes good blunt targets.

thumbs up From: [email protected]
DANG IT!!!! That was my ideal....8*)

thumbs down From: Dispatcher

thumbs down From: macbow

thumbs up From: Biggen

thumbs up From: LoweBow
OK...I guess

thumbs up From: Woodsy
Be ok for private or your own property I guess.

thumbs up From: RickCinMO

thumbs up From: DonSchultz
Hunters Specialty makes something like it that works like a twist-tie for a garbage bag. That's what I carry. They are more subtle than these, and a single packet lasts a couple of seasons.

One thing I like about the HS version is they are so small they are going to be missed by most hunters in daylight, but are easily seen w' a flashlight.

These are easily seen all the time. Trade off.

thumbs up From: Jeff in MN
If you need them probably ok.

thumbs down From: Dancesinspeedo

thumbs up From: tompolaris
If you use them you'll pick them up on your way back instead of leaving them tied to the trees

thumbs down From: Yendor
It would be even worse than the 100,000 feet of surveyers tape than is every where in the woods. Nobody ever takes them down. So hunters put the tape every 50 feet on main trails so they don't get lost.

thumbs down From: J. Wesbrock

thumbs down From: Archy
Too expensive. What they need to come up with is a reflective,brown (so others don't see them during the day), and bio-degradable marker.

thumbs down From: Tombow

thumbs down From: shootr
Too big and expensive. I use reflective tacks, you only see them when it's dark and they are a whole lot cheaper. If you use these you might as well put a neon sign on your tree saying hunt here.

thumbs down From: initialwound
good idea but visible during day i dont like

thumbs down From: ScottB

thumbs down From: sagittarius
too visible in daylight

thumbs up From: Ted Young

thumbs up From: pbro21

thumbs down From: TODD
Designed for the people who don't hunt public land, or, probably anywhere else for that matter!

thumbs up From: sdantlers

thumbs down From: Dal Lowrey
Yuppy litter.

thumbs down From: Grounblind
Could use em' for hangin' out the underwear I guess. Takes the eye off the skid marks for sure!

thumbs down From: Elkman52

thumbs down From: Lewis Smith

thumbs down From: Errorhead
I think I will just run me a drop cord and put a big flashing light in my stand so it will get stoled faster.

thumbs down From: Two Feathers

thumbs up From: Razorhead®
sure why not. For six bucks, you're certianly not out much when the crows swipe 'em.

thumbs down From: Fletch

thumbs up From: howler

thumbs down From: mitchmcse

thumbs up From: DCW
Maybe for someone.

thumbs down From: Wary Buck
Too big and obvious. I prefer more subtle approaches to my stand sites.

thumbs up From: steve

thumbs down From: Zack
reflective tacks are cheap,50 to a box for 4 bucks, I see 18 here for 7?

thumbs down From: dustyvarmint

thumbs up From: Walking Crow

thumbs up From: Bowhunt

thumbs up From: snakeeater

thumbs up From: Ones

thumbs up From: BSODS
I like the concept, but it's just another style of trail marker. Being so visible in daytime would be great for my spots when I'm letting a guest use a stand. He could see them, make it to the stand by himself. Pick them up on the way out. BUT, why not a pack of clothes pins from the dollar store, a roll of orange reflective tape, a pair of scissors, and a little Scotch tape or Elmer's glue? A lot cheaper, and more biodegradable if they somehow don't all get picked up. BSODS

thumbs up From: bowhunter
If it beats my tacks . . . great. Finding ones stand in our mountains when well camo'd can be extremely difficult . . . The voice of experience has spoken.

thumbs down From: kopter doktor
i make my own out of wooden cloths pins paint them day-glow orange and wrap with 3m reflective tape.i also attach 35mm film canisters for scent

thumbs down From: Strutter

thumbs down From: wsumner

thumbs up From: FLHogWacker
I like em. Saw em the other day.

thumbs up From: MattE

thumbs down From: Mr. Bowhunter in KY

thumbs up From: Bogensch├╝tze
Who knows, I might even try them some day....

thumbs up From: Medic
Looks good. May be useful.

thumbs up From: Dryfire

thumbs down From: White Ape

thumbs down From: TIMBERWOLF

thumbs down From: Doug Fir
I like the idea, but look a little to big for me to carry around. I keep me thumb tacks in a film container.

thumbs down From: PuffDaddy
Litter,Litter,Litter,Litter, If you cant find your way ,, DONT GO!!

thumbs down From: Rush
Hey I agree with the general consensus. The idea has already been taken. If you can't find your stand during the day then you havn't done your scouting.

thumbs down From: Loggy
The idea is good but the wifes clothes pins are cheaper.

thumbs down From: Richard
I would have to think folks might take a couple before they realized they were trail markers for someone else, plus there are cheaper and just as good ideas, such as the ones already listed here.

thumbs up From: Abbynormal
I use something similar already I would buy this

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