thumbs up From: DByrd

thumbs down From: stephenf
i am to fat to fit.

thumbs up From: buckthumper
looks like a good idea

thumbs up From: Bowinhand
Looks like it would be safer than climbing around the stand.

thumbs up From: J-town Hunter

thumbs up From: murph.

thumbs down From: MobileHuntin'Unit
more moving parts = more parts to make noise.

thumbs down From: wbb
wonder how you would get this up that high in the tree safely.

thumbs up From: sheets

thumbs up From: retnuhwoB
Where do you go while letting the two sides of the platform back down???

thumbs up From: The Buck Stopper
Looks good, especially for the hunter who is not very agile. While I won't personally ever buy one of these, it looks like a good idea.

thumbs down From: big bill
Once you are up then how do you get back down through the hinged opening ? Especially at dark.

thumbs up From: Gator
I've had one for past two years. It is not a stand you want to move often but once up, it is quite and very easy to get in and out of. One of the safest stands out there.

thumbs up From: carbonarcher
Looks like a good idea from a safety standpoint

thumbs down From: osiris

thumbs down From: Dude
With my luck, I would end up with a big bump on my head.

thumbs down From: huntermark
Just something else to rattle.

thumbs down From: longdraw

thumbs down From: elfking
I bet its ok in the showroom; but put on some hunting clothes and try not to get the bottom from closing on you as you leave the hunt....looks really dangerous in that sense

thumbs down From: Bullseye
Creative, but I don't think practical entering your stand at 4am. Might forget to close the gate. It's a hell of a ride as you reach for that coffee!

What about steps coming off the side like a ladder?

thumbs up From: Rob B

thumbs up From: hogwild43

thumbs up From: trophyrac

thumbs up From: BowAce

thumbs up From: Mountain Cur
From a safety standpoint thumbs up, but ain't no way I'm paying 300 bucks for a lock-on.

thumbs up From: Buckcrazy

thumbs up From: mouse

thumbs up From: NvaGvUp

thumbs up From: Clifford
Handy and a lot safer if you use it correctly.

thumbs up From: Free Range

thumbs down From: Milhouse
I could be wrong, but looks like it would be noisy. Also, how much of your crap is going to get hung up on it trying to get through the opening? I have enough trouble trying to be quiet without 2 hinged metal doors to slam shut. If this stuff doesn't happen, I take back all my comments.

thumbs up From: oneida_shooter

thumbs down From: EKrewson,AL
Where I hunt any metalic sound, like gates slamming shut, insures you won't see anything al day long.

thumbs up From: MQ32MAN

thumbs down From: graybow
Climging to the side would be easier than trying to wiggle thru the bottom.IMHO

thumbs down From: Tim

thumbs up From: 4 Runner

thumbs up From: 4u2ppin

thumbs up From: RUPE
I've seen this before. Looks okay!

thumbs up From: Rustywreck

thumbs up From: solocamslam

thumbs down From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: macbow

thumbs up From: Biggen

thumbs down From: LoweBow
Looks like you'd need a crane to set it in a tree. What's it weight?? 50+#??

thumbs down From: Woodsy

thumbs down From: Jeff in MN
Door too small, probably noisey, hard to install it.

thumbs up From: Dancesinspeedo
I'd have to see it, but if it adds safety then it's cool.

thumbs down From: MF

thumbs up From: Bow Doctor

thumbs up From: tompolaris
Good ides lose the weight

thumbs up From: Yendor
Excellent for the not so nimble hunter.

thumbs down From: J. Wesbrock

thumbs down From: Archy
Not so great for fat guys, or when there is snow and freezing rain.

thumbs up From: Tombow

thumbs down From: shootr
I think it's a good idea, but late season with a lot of clothes on it might be difficult to fit through the opening. If something caught while climbig into the stand you might lift the stand and cause it to slip. Plus it must weigh a ton and a half.

thumbs up From: Ted Young

thumbs down From: ScottB

thumbs down From: initialwound
good idea im always getting hung up on the side of my stand, but theres to many ifs with this thing

thumbs down From: Woodsman

thumbs down From: pbro21

thumbs down From: [email protected]
I dont think its any safer, just different

thumbs down From: TODD

thumbs down From: sdantlers

thumbs down From: Joe
very unsafe

thumbs up From: Dal Lowrey
Interesting. I'd have to try it.

thumbs up From: Mohican
A little pricey but interesting.

thumbs down From: Grounblind
You are serious?...I was afraid of that.........

thumbs up From: Elkman52

thumbs down From: Lewis Smith

thumbs down From: Errorhead

thumbs up From: lettman

thumbs down From: Two Feathers
An accident waiting to happen - more hinges, more squeeks, more noise at critical times.

thumbs up From: MT

thumbs down From: Razorhead®
slip off your ladder, get pinned in between the two halfs of the floor? No thanks.

IBEP tells us to climb DOWN INTO your stand. I agree.

thumbs down From: Fletch

thumbs down From: Spike Bull
There's a BIG liability suit waiting for a place to happen!

thumbs down From: mitchmcse

thumbs up From: steve

thumbs down From: tjp

thumbs down From: DCW

thumbs up From: oneshot
i think it would be a lot easier to get in to your treestand. but the price is kind of up there so i'm going to make my own.

thumbs up From: Wary Buck
Climbing up through a hole in an old wooden platform may have been safer, but for that kind of money, there are some very safe and easier to put-up stands available. I too wonder how a hunter with a fanny pack, heavy clothing, day pack, is gonna fit through there. Probably not a bad stand, just think there are many other better ones. Anxious to hear how hard it is to set up.

thumbs up From: Charlie in TX

thumbs down From: jmiller
I think it would be very noisy.

thumbs up From: Mule
wish I had about 5 of them...Safety first. this looked great at the show///////

thumbs down From: dustyvarmint

thumbs down From: Walking Crow

thumbs down From: Bowhunt
looks like you could get stuck in the platform (trap door)

thumbs up From: Big Buck
Looks good but I would hate to pay $300 just to have it stolen on public land.

thumbs down From: Bob from MontCo
Dangerous. You never want a platform to open. Plus it looks like the bombay doors on a B-52.

thumbs down From: snakeeater
Imagine trying to get a 250 pound bowhunter in winter clothing up through that opening. Not to mention you have to then set the platform pieces back down so that you can step on them, and where do you stand while you are doing that. It looks like an idea that someone worked hard to make it work.

thumbs up From: gasuman

thumbs down From: Ron Rockwell

thumbs up From: Iowapete
Actually wondered why it wasn't available before. Seems like a critical time of getting into the stand by swinging out around and onto it would go away. Many mentioned potential noise. If that is a factor, I'll bet the manuf. worked hard to limit or eliminate it. I'd give it a try.

thumbs up From: Ones

thumbs up From: bowhunter

thumbs up From: kopter doktor

thumbs down From: Strutter

thumbs up From: MysticalWhim
Good Idea

thumbs up From: Buckhunter39

thumbs down From: wsumner

thumbs up From: FLHogWacker
I like....But I dont like the price. I'd rather buy a summit bullet.

thumbs up From: Harry T.
I use a bullet but this looks safe to me

thumbs up From: MattE

thumbs up From: Mr. Bowhunter in KY

thumbs down From: ken
looks unsafe what do you stand on before you get the platform down

thumbs up From: DMC
I like it alot.

Noise: What stand isn't noisey when you are climbing in and out of it? Other than that, gravity supplies the noise suppression you need. Add a couple weather strips around the opening of those doors and it's very quiet. Would make raising or lowering gear easier.

thumbs down From: Bogenschütze
Okay, I'll give it a thumbs-up, but only because I'm willing to take a closer look before rejecting it. I sure can't say the same about the previous crapola...

thumbs up From: Medic

thumbs down From: arrowflinger

thumbs down From: Dryfire

thumbs down From: White Ape

thumbs down From: TIMBERWOLF

thumbs up From: Wiggy
Great idea, nobody would ever steel that contraption.

thumbs down From: Doug Fir
I think having the hole there makes this stand to unsafe. even if it is only for a few moments.

thumbs down From: PuffDaddy
My luck ,, I would put it on upsidedown..

thumbs down From: Skyking
How heavy is this thing. It looks like a pain to set up.

thumbs down From: Rush
Well what the inventor is trying to create is a great idea. However, the noise factor is a definate unattractive and unavoidable factor. The other problem is that we all would have to weigh 50lbs to ge to the seat. I am by no means a heavy weight but nearly no clearance in what looks to be a 20 inch wide stand to slide through it.

thumbs down From: Loggy

thumbs up From: Richard
Let’s see, I could see someone finding me hanging by my head… Good idea though I am too fat to use it.

thumbs up From: Junior

thumbs up From: Tree ghost
I like the stand but the price is high for a stand that someone will steal at thier first given chance.

thumbs up From: bowhntr
I like the idea. Would have to try it out first.

thumbs down From: Bullz-i

thumbs up From: wackmasterj

thumbs down From: Abbynormal
no comment

thumbs up From: luv2bowhunt
With my luck when it was time to come down the doors would be stuck and wouldnt open with my climbing stick directly below it and no way of getting out of the stand

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