thumbs up From: Canuck

thumbs down From: DByrd

thumbs up From: stephenf
why not

thumbs up From: buckthumper
I'm in love, the bow is GORGEOUS! but wheres the camo?

thumbs down From: Bowinhand

thumbs up From: J-town Hunter

thumbs down From: Jerry
That's not a "bow" either. Looks like it'd take 2 grown men just to pack it into the woods. Probably take a rocket scientist to work on it if it ever broke too.

thumbs up From: murph.

thumbs down From: MobileHuntin'Unit
looks like an old Oneida on steroids.

thumbs down From: J. E. Travis
Just look at all the expensive things that could, and probably would, break on this gem.

thumbs up From: B-TRAN

thumbs down From: The Buck Stopper

thumbs down From: carbonarcher
Appears to have too many moving parts for my taste.

thumbs down From: osiris

thumbs down From: BOUNTYHUNTER

thumbs down From: Dude

thumbs up From: BigJohn
Different Strokes. I'm not replacing my Matthews, but someone may like this.

thumbs down From: Glunt
You can't reinvent the wheel, but I guess you can add a few. The "regular" compounds available today are so accurate, smooth and easy to shoot - how does a new mousetrap add to bowhunting? Take all the wheels off and the fun starts!

thumbs down From: huntermark

thumbs down From: Gene Randle
Got gizmos?

thumbs down From: longdraw
Oneida has some serious competition for the ugliest bows.

thumbs down From: Mossy Oak
that is no mathews

thumbs up From: elfking
the perfect defense when the melgatrons attack!!

thumbs down From: Bullseye
I'm a "more is less" guy. I would like someone to "simplify" the compounds not make them a art sculpture outside a Science Museum

thumbs down From: hyrax
I can see myself getting all tangled up in that thing....who designed it Rube Goldberg???

thumbs down From: Rob B

thumbs down From: hogwild43

thumbs down From: Boomerang

thumbs down From: trophyrac

thumbs down From: NewHunter1
To many parts. Looks to complicated.

thumbs down From: BowAce
this is getting a little our of control

thumbs down From: Mountain Cur

thumbs down From: Buckcrazy

thumbs down From: oldbow

thumbs down From: mouse

thumbs down From: Free Range

thumbs down From: Milhouse
Are those teardrops on the string, below those outrigger things? This thing almost makes that $2600 one with the kung fu grip or whatever it had look practical.

thumbs up From: oneida_shooter
It looks like an oneida, got to love it; wont get tangled up in all those extra strings by the main one. It is great!!

thumbs down From: MQ32MAN

thumbs down From: graybow
Good Grief! Who designed this thing... Eiffel?

thumbs down From: Myth

thumbs down From: 4 Runner

thumbs down From: 4u2ppin

thumbs down From: Tim

thumbs down From: RUPE
Them damn Traditional guys keep pushing the envelope.

thumbs up From: Whiteleather
Terrific! Can I get a rifle stock for it since that metal is bound to get cold. Maybe mount it so that it is parallel to the ground. Also add a string catch so that I can keep it cocked while scratching my ba!!s.

thumbs down From: solocamslam
Tell the Terminator his new dental floss applicator is in.

thumbs up From: [email protected]

thumbs down From: macbow

thumbs up From: Biggen
Hey, new bows are always cool to look at!

thumbs down From: LoweBow
Way too short for a 31" draw length like myself

thumbs down From: Woodsy
Too short, looks like a square instead of a bow.

thumbs down From: Alwayslearning
Me tolerating compounds and having one, thinks the center of gravity should remain over your hand, not back over your forearm. You better have a mighty strong wrist to hold this steady. Probably to much $, and it's ugly, to many things to go wrong on it also.

thumbs down From: F Falvo

thumbs up From: Jeff in MN
depends on the price and if it really works when you shoot it

thumbs down From: Dancesinspeedo
Is that a racing wheelchair?

thumbs down From: purist
Insofar as the world divides into optimists and pessimists, those with the dark view which focuses upon our inadequacies become mechanists. Their suspicions require them to seek out compensations for human shortcomings, inventing contrivances and devices that fill in where Man falls short physically or emotionally. Their solutions to the problems of human experience find technological expressions that smooth us out...The purely mechanistic way must necessarily erode the spirit and the soul. No escaping it, is there? Its fundamental pessimism rests upon an assumption about inadequacy that corrodes the ethic of aspiration. It may place the risks for failure and the responsibilities that attach to them outside ourselves, but at the cost of depriving us of personal successes and the causes for celebrating triumphs, too. The mechanistic world becomes the construct of a resourceful brain that parts us off from our heart and muscle. We become divided and diminished in such a world, unlit puppeteers tugging at grandiose schemes which dance about in an increasingly complicated and rickety universe. -from dean torges-

thumbs up From: mossyback

thumbs down From: J. Wesbrock

thumbs down From: Archy
Ever see the Oneida bow, this bow is the same concept, but looks far more complicated.

thumbs down From: Tombow

thumbs down From: BUCKeye
Looks like I'd need an instruction manual to draw it back.

thumbs up From: shootr
I looked at the web site, it has 28-31 inch draw length adjustment and also adjusts from 40-70lbs. Life time warranty except for the limbs which is five years. That worries me a little. My Parker is life time on everything. If it's not $2000 it might be a good bow for a younger archer with all of the range of adjustment. I would like to shoot it before I really decide.

thumbs up From: initialwound

thumbs down From: sagittarius

thumbs down From: ScottB
Might as well be thumbs down all the way.

thumbs down From: Ted Young
DAMNED! They're beginning to look like a vertical crossbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thumbs down From: [email protected]
looks like an erector set

thumbs up From: TODD
Looks interesting! At least this thing could kill a deer? Got to give these guys props for at least trying I guess!

thumbs down From: sdantlers

thumbs down From: Joe

thumbs down From: Dal Lowrey
Erector set by Matel.

thumbs down From: Grounblind
How do you type TAPS?

thumbs up From: Mohican
I need more info but with only a 227 fps speed it is a slow boat. I looks like it may work for some people. Cost?

thumbs down From: Elkman52

thumbs down From: Lewis Smith

thumbs down From: Errorhead
We should be able to see this thing on Star Trek soon, looks Klingon to me. And "MSRP: Unknown at this time" means the more ya'll like it, the more it's going to cost.

thumbs down From: lettman

thumbs down From: Two Feathers

thumbs down From: hokiebow
Looks like somebody from Oneida is sleeping with someone at Mathews. Cross polination of steel and wheel. Just put a little wood in your hand and go to work. Life was ment to be simple!

thumbs down From: Razorhead®
Bear Polar meets 21st Century CNC machining.

thumbs down From: Fletch

thumbs up From: Pepper
Who knows it might shoot well.

thumbs down From: mitchmcse

thumbs down From: Brad Millard

thumbs down From: huntryx
Lots of nostalgia--reminds me of an erector set.......

thumbs down From: DCW
Another ridiculous design.

thumbs down From: Buckethead
That thing has more wheels and cams than most cars.

thumbs up From: Wary Buck
Ditto on the erector set comments. Best use for this bow is in futuristic movies.

thumbs down From: steve

thumbs down From: redleg
Only thing missing is the turbocharged engine.

thumbs down From: keepemsharp
Too ugly to survive.

thumbs down From: dgibbs1969
looks like an updated Bear Delta V - guess I could kill a deer with it if I through it at the deer

thumbs down From: kjh2004

thumbs down From: jmiller
Not a chance

thumbs down From: Walking Crow

thumbs up From: BigFatGuy
Looks like a cool bow. I'm a gadget freak and I'd love to shoot it. It should be camo, though.

thumbs down From: Bowhunt

thumbs up From: Big Buck
It is an interesting design. Just imagine what people said the first time they saw wheels on a bow. It all depends on how it shoots not how it looks. I like the wide range of adjustability.

thumbs down From: gasuman

thumbs down From: Ron Rockwell

thumbs down From: Ones

thumbs down From: HoLLoW PoiNT
to much gigets gagets

thumbs down From: BSODS
The 'short bow' frenzy was cute, but ain't it getting just a little bit ridiculous? Might be a neat little gadget, maybe would make a nice party favor, kind of fun to play with, but I don't see any practical niche for it. A long time ago, a guy at a gun show told me 'Put a couple of pipes together with a spring and a firing pin, call it a gun, and somebody will buy it. Make it shiny, and they'll pay twice as much.' Looks like the same thing goes for archery. BSODS

thumbs down From: bowhunter

thumbs down From: kopter doktor
is he practicing with his new computer mill had some billet stock left over????

thumbs down From: Strutter

thumbs down From: tradorion
Simply put- I couldn't draw my bow with TWO wheels when the 6x6 walked down the hill this year- I sure as hell ain't going to the mountain with SIX wheels...

thumbs down From: wsumner

thumbs down From: bowhuntinmaniac
Try to build bows that are simpler in design, not something that will be hard to fix in the field.......6 wheels??? C,mon, the engineers need to look at the old designs and try to improve.

thumbs down From: FLHogWacker
Who ever backs up stuff like this is a moron!

thumbs down From: MikeD
Just what the world needs--another monkey motion machine!

thumbs down From: Harry T.
back in the mid 70s (i think) Bear made one about like that,couldt give one away

thumbs down From: Dave Lay
can ya shoot it with fingers LOL.. again..WHY??? this has got to END!!!!!

thumbs down From: MattE
Ugly,nasty,filfy little bowses!

thumbs down From: Mr. Bowhunter in KY

thumbs down From: ken
what ever happened to good old stick and string? ugly

thumbs down From: bfisher
Looks like my old Jennings model I with new parts. Excpet this one is about 2 feet shorter--and about a foot too short for my tastes.

thumbs down From: Iron/Mtn
great another string gun

thumbs up From: BFB
Looks like a mechanical nightmare!!

thumbs up From: Bogensch├╝tze
I might not like it, but someone will. It does look interesting.

thumbs up From: Medic
Lots of moving parts, looks wierd, mom would think you'll hurt yourself.....but I like the idea.

thumbs up From: Goldmaker
I'd really like to shoot it.If the wheels perform, at 70# it could pull like a 30# bow. Ugly, but so's my 3 Oneida's.

thumbs down From: Bama Slama
Ill stick with my MATHEWS!!!!!!!!

thumbs down From: donheater

thumbs down From: Dryfire
Looks like a tuning nightmare. Probably cost the same to tune as the other bow costs.

thumbs down From: White Ape

thumbs down From: Broncoj

thumbs down From: SilverQuill

thumbs down From: meateater
Breaks the KISS rule of archery.."Keep It Simple Stupid".

thumbs down From: TIMBERWOLF

thumbs down From: Doug Fir

thumbs down From: buckmann

thumbs down From: PuffDaddy
Send it back through the Stargate..

thumbs down From: stalker
agree with meateater

thumbs up From: Greg in Augusta
I think I'd get decent reception if I could figure where to mount it on the roof.

thumbs up From: Rush
It has a decent look, but is that what all the wheels are for? I would have to say that I see error in anything trying to look pretty rather than serveing a purpose. Fairly slow... no camo... (well that can be fixed)I am really split since it is versatile. Give me a fair price and a quiet smooth shootin bow and it may sell.

thumbs down From: Tracks
Does it come with a tripod?

thumbs down From: Loggy
Looks like something my six year old built with her mechano set.

thumbs down From: sharpstick

thumbs up From: Richard
One of the neatest electric basses I have seen in a long time. The single string might limit the 'playability' though... Hey, what the heck, try it first. I would not buy one though, even if it was $50. No, make that any price.

thumbs down From: ducksss
i dont think anyone in my neck of the woods is machanicly inclined enough to fix it WHEN it does break!

thumbs down From: Tree ghost
It looks like someone has been playing with an erector set.

thumbs up From: ArcheryNow
Way to busy for my taste, to many things to go wrong on this bow and how many local hunting stores will be able to work on it effectively.

thumbs down From: go-in-huntin

thumbs down From: Bullz-i

thumbs up From: Abbynormal
Looks more like power lines than a bow no thanks

thumbs down From: DoubleLung

thumbs up From: Bunnyblaster
looks like a bear to tune. too much stuff to rely on. maybe ok for indoor, 3D, etc. but, I wouldn't take it hunting.

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