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On day 3 of our hunt we woke up to gorgeous sunshine lighting up the valley below us. It was breathtaking. The only downside was there were no goats seen from our high mountain camp.

The valley below our camp was breathtaking this morning but no goats were spotted.

We packed up our gear and headed back down the shale slide. At the bottom, we found a goat in the same basin of our first hike. He was at the top of the mountain to the south. It appeared to be a billy and he was accessible but only after a full days' climb and we would be in view of him the entire time. We all decided it was better to cut our losses and move to a different area. This one was a little too rough for bowhunting.

The hike out was far easier than the climb up. We were looking forward to a hot meal back at the lodge and to regroup for our next big push. Weather was beautiful for the climb down, but it would not stay that way. Forecast was calling for some ugly weather to move in over the next couple of days. We have plenty of time so we're not concerned.

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner back at the lodge while the weather deteriorated rapidly. Tomorrow I may be filming Kent bear hunting.






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