In memory of Fred Chappell (Fearless in CO)

UPDATE - 3/30/2000 thanks for making this a huge Success!!

We Raised Nearly $13,000!!

The Media coverage we got was tremendous. We were on Channel 3 WFSB TV on Wednesday morning and then on WWYZ Country 92.5 at 9:30AM for nearly 10 minutes. The Bowhunters were the top contributer for the entire event.

Our goal WAS to raise $10,000 for the St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Hospital by holding an auction of new and used archery items, hunts and other goods.

100% of the money raised will go to St. Jude's, presented by bowhunters.

We would sincerely wish to thank all those whom have donated an item to the St. Jude Benefit in honor of Fred Chappell. Here are the items for bid and the details:

Our thanks to these individuals who simply sent us a donation:

Barry & Shirley Comer - $25
Paul Sweeney - $100
George Tague - $100


Items closed on Wednesday March 15

Lot Description Donated By Value Winner  Winning Bid Payment Received Item Shipped
327 1998 Bear Kodiak Magnum, 52", 50#@28" George Stout $300  Ed Redecker  $204  yes  
308 Osage selfbow by Bill McNeal, horn nocks, beautiful bow, approx 50-55#. Bob Fleming $200  Phil Gilman  $150  yes  
282  Nitro Arrows, Broadheads, XX75, fletcher  Dal Lowrey $250 WILLIAN VANANDER $214   yes  
307 1 dozen P.O.C. arrows, 60-65# capped and crested, with accenting spliced
feathers, with a hand made leather side quiver (Raptor style).
Daryl Harding $150   Paul Sweeney  $103  yes  
302 1 dozen Kelly Kustom POC arrows (special set) Arrows By Kelly $300  Ron Herman  $123  yes  
306 4 day guided MI whitetail hunt Brian Cole $500  Tom Parnell  $640  yes  
289 1 Month Banner Ad on Stickbow Homepage $350  Marc Barger  $174  yes  
330 Bear Little Bear, Grayling, 20#@24" Kevin Lawler $50  John Mathews  $38  yes  
357 Custom ScreenSaver Program Shantell Burns $19.95  Tony Garner  $10  yes  
359 Book - Trophy Whitetails of Il Tony Garner $35  Christine Appleberg  $19  yes  
364 2- Youth longbow's 25# to 30# Gary Schuler  $80  Craig Hansen  $75  yes  
364 2- Youth longbow's 25# to 30# Gary Schuler  $80  Johh Matthews  $75  yes  
368 25 Natural Barred Turkey Feathers Christine Appleberg  $20 Steve Abood  $35  yes  

Balance Raised this session 


Items closed on Wednesday March 22

Lot Description Donated By Value Winner  Winning Bid Payment Received Item Shipped
311 Hidden Wolf Traditional Spirit Gray Woods Plaid Deluxe
Comformax lined Jackets
Hidden Wolf Woolens $240  Richard Wilson  233.00  yes  
314 8 day - Guided WY Mule Deer & Antelope Hunt Spearhead Ranch $3500  Dale Thurman  $3020  yes  
290 1 Month Banner Ad on Bowsite Homepage $580  George Nagel  $204  yes  
295 Custom Marriah Thermal Take-down Recurve Marriah Bows $750  Randall Barr  $612 yes  
294 Joe Mattingly selfbow Ron Herman $275  Rick Evans  $170  yes  
304 Inscribed Book and Selfbow Tool Dean Torges $75  Scot Trask  $105  yes  
310 Leather Quiver and Knife Combination Steve Whittington $150  Dean Payne  $150  yes  
301 New Browning Afterburner Compound Bow w/accessories Benefit 4 Kids $600 Greg Kush  $305  yes  
291 Rouge River Finished Shafts Dal Lowrey $90  Jason Booth  $200  yes  
331 Indian lemonwood longbow. About as nice as you'll find. 66" long Kevin Lawler $50 Leonard Phillips  $140  yes  
352 1 Doz. Custom Legacy arrows Lost Nation Archery $85  Dan Strickland  $100.00  yes  
353 1 Doz. Custom Arrows By Rogue River Rogue River Archery $65  Ray Hammond  $80  yes  
355 New Seneca youth compound bow Set Wolf Hollow Archery $119  Dustin White  $100  yes  
369 Shakespeare Tioga recurve w/Ramin Shafts Michael P. Luse $150  John Sturtevant  $56  yes  
 335 Traditional Archer Back Quiver  Gary Schuler  $100 Ralph Thompson  $65  yes  
 335 Black Widow SAIII  Dal Lowrey  $500 Carl Daniel  $564  yes  

 Balance Raised this session


Items closed on Wednesday March 29

Lot Description Donated By Value  Winner Winning Bid Payment Received Item Shipped
303 1 dozen Kelly Kustom Legacy arrows (special set) Arrows By Kelly $300  Bill Jaidinger  $238  yes  
287 1 Month Banner Ad on Leatherwall (Stickbow Conference) $1000 3 Rivers Archery  $300  yes  
288 1 Month Banner Ad on Bowsite Conference $800 3 Rivers Archery  $300  yes  
298 Custom Cedar Shafts W/ 1 doz MINT bear razorheads Ralph Long $100  Bill Jaidinger  $106  yes  
 309 Drop point Knife by Charlton Damascus Ross Scamperino $300  Daryl Harding  $199  yes  
305 New Custom Youth R/D Longbow Carl Miller $150  Jack Benson  $140  yes  
297 One Dozen Acme Cedar Finished Arrows Phil Magistro $85  Bill Jaidinger  $81  yes  
312 5 day guided trophy whitetail hunt in WV Gene Thorn $1500  Ron Newman  $1400  yes  
329 New Custom Renegade Longbow. A Spirit I
or Spirit II
Renegade Archery $300  Al Wigley  $304  yes  
354 1 Doz. Custom Arrows By Rogue River Rogue River Archery $65  Daryl Harding  $103  yes  
356 Handcrafted Archers Tackle Box Jim Wellever $250  Mark Whittenberg  $125  yes  
358 New Custom Sovereign Ballistik TD Recurve Sovereign Archery $650  Thomas Lutke  $548  yes  
389 New Victorinox Swisstool with Cordovan sheath Bob Wynkoop  $50  Bob Bartkowiak  $49  yes  
 389 Guided Whitetail/Sika hunt in MD for 2 hunters Shore-Bet Outfitters  $1500  Dan Strickland  $1000  yes  

 Balance Raised this session


 Non-Auction Contributions


Grand Total for Benefit 


Please Note - we have also received a few direct donations to St. Judes and will update this total with those figures
later this week.

Note to Bidders and Donators -

Shipping Charges for items - On the first wave, we collected shipping charges for some items. On the 2nd and 3rd wave we did not collect any shipping charges. Shipping of the items should be coordinated between the buyer and donator directly.

Donators - Please review the above list for your item and ship when the column titled "Payment Received" says "yes"

Bidders - Please visit our secure payment page to gather your necessary information at

We will keep this page up and available until all items have been shipped to their respective bidders please notify us when you have received or shipped your item

Next Steps - We will collect all the money into our own account and will make a check payable to the UBC/St. Judes when all fees are collected
that money will then be presented to St. Judes as one check in May of this year.