The popularity of these reports have resulted in a very small number of outfitters campaigning their hunters to submit reports. This provides them with free advertising, diminishes the integrity of our reports, and unfairly affects our sponsors who step-up to support This is easily identifiable and will not be tolerated. In order to maintain the integrity of the data making up our reports, protect our paying sponsors, and to ensure that only stand-up outfitters are represented to the public on our system, we have created controls to identify and remove this activity.

When we notice several reports for the same outfitter over a short period of time, we look for the following:

    1. Is there a distribution of reports on this outfitter spread out evenly over time?
    2. Is there a distribution of ratings (rather than all of them rating a '5-excellent' ) ?
    3. Are the registration numbers of the people entering the reports distributed by several months or years?

If the answer to all of these three questions is "No" then we suspend all of the outfitter reports from public view to maintain the integrity of our system. Reports on these outfitters can still be submitted however they will not be viewable until one of the three criteria above are met, or the outfitter becomes a sponsor in good standing. When that happens all reports will become viewable again.


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