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Graham Brigden Outfitting

Hunter: john kleinsmith
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Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

Graham brigden outfitting is a great place for archers who want to deal with honest,trustworthy,hard working people.I was on a 6 day huntin september 2005 and shot a 170 mule deer at 25 yards on day 2.The quality of the mule deer,whitetails and antelope are all excellent.My second hunt with graham was in september 2006.On sunday the day before my hunt started we spotted an 8x10 30"+ mule deer with two other deer that would score over 185.I only hunted the 8x10 and was inside 80 yards several times but just could not get it done.It was my choice to pass on several stalking oppertunities on other deer that were 170+.In september 2007 I had a Arizona elk tag and could not hunt mule deer with graham, so I decided to rifle hunt for the first time in 10 years. I shot a 150 9 pnt. whitetail on day 3 after missing the chance at a 170 10 pnt.I only included the scores and pnt totals to give an idea of the size animals in the area.Speaking of the area,I don't have enough space here to describe how much area there is to hunt.I also don't have space to tell you about the great food,the praire,elkwater lake,cypress hills provincial park,the hutterites and so much more.In closing,do yourself a favor and check this place out.If you want more info send me a PM with your phone number and I will answer any questions you have.I hope to see your picture in graham's photo album someday. John Kleinsmith.

Outfitter's Response

I'd like to thank John for the kind report . Our #1 goal is to provide a professionally guided hunting oppertunity in Alberta where the hunter is completely satisfied with the total package we had to offer . We work hard on every one of our hunts but it just doesn't seem like work when you have real genuine people like John in camp . Spending time with friends like this in the field is what makes me love my job . The archery mule deer hunt John was talking about was a real challenge . The first day that we spotted the 8x10 buck that would score well into the 190's maybe 200, he was travelling with 2 other monsters . John and I imediately fell in love with the 8x10 buck of a lifetime .Well when the hunt began , the buck was no longer travelling with the other 2 but instead joined a large group of does . This is unusual for bucks to behave like this in the early season but this left us with lots of eyes and ears in his favour . John decided that he would like to stick with the 8x10 and not waste time looking for other bucks . This was the buck he wanted . I respected his decision so this is what we did . We knew that decision would really limit our oppertunities that week but it is not every year a person has a chance to hunt a buck of that caliber . My hats off to John who is an excellent archery hunter and first class guy and congratulations once again on your beautiful 2007 whitetail buck.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2006
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Neil Campbell
Number in Camp - 2
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