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Hunter: Greg Farmanian
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After 25 years in business, we have some hunters from time to time, for some reason or another, that have legitimate issues with the way the hunts were conducted. Wither it be the weather, caribou not cooperating or different situations between individuals sometimes, things happen. This, however, is not the case! In this case, this gentleman was the architect of his own demise! It started when demanded a specific camp upon arrival in Kuujjuaq. Stating he was an outdoor writer, he demanded , once at camp, to be moved even though we warned him that the Caribou were coming. After a few hours of his arrival at the first camp, the camp manager called us in Kuujjuaq and stated that the climate in camp was unbearable (this gentleman was causing havoc in camp). Due to this unique situation, and after receiving a call from his rep in Wyoming, (which he called from camp on his satellite phone) , and even though we knew better, we proceeded in organizing the relocation on the morning after. When the plane flew him from that camp to the next one, he flew over thousands of animals heading exactly to where he had just we had told him. The next afternoon, instead of being out hunting in the field, he stayed in camp and called us again in Kuujjuaq demanding to go back to where he had come from. You can understand that he was told to stay put. .. He did harvest both his animals however; maybe they did not look as good as he would have liked, but isn't that hunting? Animals were not as plentiful! Again, Having identified himself as a sports writer, (which he is not), and threatening us with reprisals if… he was given the same attention we give to all our guests. We know that there is no way, in any shape or form, we will ever satisfy him. I represent a whole team of individuals that work very hard to satisfy our hunters; we are humans and sometimes we do make mistakes. This season saw 10 days of tough hunting and there are some hunters out there that wished that had had a better hunt; but the vast majority of our hunters did have a great hunt. This year we are bringing 30 hunters back on guarantee, our success rate was 1.7 Bulls per hunter; 1 out of every 5 hunters had be moved this year and we went way over budget on bush flights to try meet up with every hunters expectations. I salute every individual that works in the service industry; they know what it is to deal with some individuals that no matter what you do, will not be happy with the service. I think everybody knows what I'm talking about. The truth of the matter is that If Mr. Farmanian would have just relaxed and took it easy, he and his buddies would have had a lot better experience than he did; if you are not to trust anyone, why book with an outfitter or anybody else for that matter. When in Kuujjuaq, on his way back from the hunt, Mr. Farmanian was pleasant; we discussed the last day’s events, he stated that his trip was OK no more, and the only thing he insisted about was for one of his hunting buddies that he felt should get to return on guarantee; (which we didn’t have to do since we had move them on his request against our better wishes. Mr. Farmanian is a police officer, and he collects police badges. I took him personally to see the local police station and of that, he seemed appreciative. It is therefore with some deception that I read not only this report, but the large amount of disgruntled exaggerated and incomplete assessments of his hunt being spread over the internet. We usually do not interfere with hunt reports since it is the privilege of the hunter and have beneficiated from far more good reports than bad ones. Normally, we do not reply to hunt reports and let our other customers address those reports that are sent to different websites. But this time, I felt I had to jump in because he is getting on the case of Michael Cantrell, our North West Associate. Mike is straight and honest and will always go the extra mile for his hunter. Attacking his integrity on the net is definitely something I could not let go, especially after seeing everything Michael does for his customers and especially what he did for him. In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my version of this report. I hope all of you will have great hunting seasons and I look forward in seeing you at the shows! Martin Levac General Manger Safari Nordik Inc.

PS… Mr. Farmanian, I’m glad we were able to talk this weekend; as you were telling me, it is more a miscommunication between the Camp Manager (Rick) at May Lake (original Camp) then anything else. I am very happy that you were able to take 2 nice bulls and I hope that the person from your group that is coming back will follow Martin’s advice and experience what Safari Nordik is all about. Nicolas Laurin, CEO.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2007
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Booking Agent - Cantrell
Number in Camp - 1
Outfitter Cost - $6,000.00
Other Costs - $1,000.00
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