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Hunter: Kurt Jones
buckeye hunter
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Booking Easy booking and pay deposit online. Owner was very responsive when booking (making claims about how much land they lease…“we have 15,00+ acres”) and about the hunt. Reached out with some questions though four days before the hunt and never got a response which was the first bad sign. The address is incorrect and there are no signs (zero) when you arrive even on the outside of the building. Had three hunters ask me if they were in the right spot. Got greeted by Brent, our guide who showed us around and helped us settle in. Seemed to be a mix of those who had been there before but many first time guests.

Hunt Hunted a ~100 acre leased property about 15 min from the airport hangar which we drove ourselves too. They use ONX to show stand or blind locations-this worked well and was easy to use. The blind had been recently placed but was very small for two people and worn out model, tons of holes in roof (thankfully no rain during our hunt). We heard gobbles but all were off the property and had limited action during our hunt. It seemed it had just been setup and they did not have much scouting info other than “there’s lots of birds in that area”. The guide was asking me about a specific gobble location and it seemed like he wanted to put another hunter there and used us for scouting intel. They gave no description of property lines or where we could move to on a bird if needed. We had a side by side and neighbor dogs came by just off the property line during our hunt. They did give the opportunity to move to another slightly smaller property after things were slow at the initial spot. Overall, I was not impressed with the level of scouting or preparation they had done.

Another hunter got to his blind to find someone already there who had permission from the landowner to hunt. His hunt got ruined.

Lodging Is inside a retired JPG airplane hangar which made for an interesting experience. A commercial seed business is run out of the hangar while the attached 3000 sq ft. of “executive office space” as the leasing ad says is the housing and kitchen area. Rodent droppings and dead bugs were all over in the bedrooms and on the beds. Think of a crummy motel room you share with 6 other people. Also the two bedrooms had 7 twin beds each (which were completely full during our hunt) lined up so you could sleep about 12 inches away from a stranger. The twin mattress was hard as a rock and did not make for good night sleep. Several campers and rundown apartment buildings house other hunters nearby also. Two bathrooms for a lodge which sleeps about 30+ or so including those in several campers parked outside. I can't imagine how busy it must be during deer rifle season with 80+ hunters. There was no soap in either bathroom during our three day stay and the place in general needs some work done. The staff were friendly and welcoming for the most part.

Food Food was poor quality, had hotdogs and fries the first night and baked lasagna and salad the next day with desert brownies or cake, no lunch served, only dinner. They had donuts cereal and pop tarts left out for breakfast. They had snacks and drinks available also.

Overall It was clear it was more about the quantity of hunters, than the quality of hunt. The returning hunters or those with close ties to the owners or guides hunted the cherry spots closer to the airport hangar in the old JPG and some had success (~ 20% it seemed). It was an OK experience after all you go for the hunt, not the food and lodging. But I think next time I would opt for a hotel, cabin, or camping and hunt a local lease or public land with more privacy and likely a better overall experience.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - May 2022
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Brent
Number in Camp - 20
Outfitter Cost - $1,200.00
Other Costs - $400.00
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