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New Mexico
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New Mexico Hunting Adventures exceeded my expectations. Vince Vigil is truly a professional elk hunting guide with decades of experience that he draws on to put hunters in opportunities to fill their tags. This was by far the best guided hunt I had ever been on and it far-exceeded my expectations. Vince’s professionalism as a hunting guide was evident in the 8 months leading up to the hunt. He and his staff communicated effectively with me each step of the way, including during the New Mexico state draw permit phase, explaining how the system worked. Vince and staff also made themselves available to explain to me how the hunt would work, what I needed to do to prepare myself for the hunt and ensured that I knew the route to travel to the hunt area for my hunt. His professional communication skills were a huge part of the hunt’s success leading up to the hunt and helped me prepare. During the hunt, Vince put on display his decades-worth of elk hunting experience. Four minutes into the hunt on day one, Vince warned me that we would see elk around a corner, and we did. Less than five minutes into the hunt on day one, we saw two bull elk within rifle shooting range. Less than 10 minutes later, we saw approximately 20-30 more elk. Thanks to Vince’s elk hunting experience, my five day hunt was filled with elk sightings, to include multiple 6x6 bulls that I could have shot at any range of distances from 20 to 600 yards. But most importantly, it was through Vince’s elk experience that I learned more than I ever thought I’d learn about elk hunting. I really appreciated how Vince went out of his way to take me under his wing as a hunter and teach me how to elk hunt and why we were doing things the way we were doing them. The lessons I learned could only come from someone who has decades worth of time spent in the field with elk. Vince’s exceptional physical conditioning helped push me on the hunt and put me into positions off the beaten path where I had multiple chances to shoot a GIANT bull. We spent the first two days down in a valley looking up to find a giant bull. When we found one, Vince hiked me up into the ridgelines and put me within shooting distance of the bull of my dreams. Although I could have filled my tag on smaller 6x6 elk, I chose to pass and hold out for the giant bull. Day after day, Vince’s physical conditioning was on display as we hiked back up to the ridgelines in hopes of putting me in a position to shoot that monster 6x6. I think the most special part of the hunt was something that wasn’t found out in the field while we were hunting. Each night, Vince and his other guides worked together as a team to strategize over a delicious hot meal on how to put each of us hunters on elk the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed the authentic local food prepared by Vince’s cook and how each member of the New Mexico Hunting Adventure team worked together to help each hunter fill their tag. After day one, we all worked together – hunters and guides – to put another hunter on a great 6x4 bull that he ended up getting. On day five, myself and one other hunter worked with Vince to get one of the female hunters her first bull. Being a part of those experiences with Vince and his team showed me that the New Mexico Hunting Adventures team had every hunter and guide’s best interest in mind and made me want to hunt harder not only for me, but for the other hunters. Although I never ended up getting a shot off at that giant bull of my dreams, I knew he was there, Vince put me on him and that’s why we call it hunting. Vince exceeded my expectations on this hunt and put me in a position to harvest a bull every day of the hunt. I have recommended Vince to other hunters and I will go back to hunt with him again someday. I’m proud to know him and call him a friend.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - December 2021
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Vince Vigil
Number in Camp - 3
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