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Whitetail Heaven

Hunter: jeff vadasz
Whitetail Heaven Outfitters
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

To my fellow hunters... Whitetail Heaven Outfitters "OHIO" provide my group of 6 the WORST hunting experience of a lifetime. I will be as short as possible but, I also want to be as detailed as possible to save each and everyone of you the time, money and frustration we just experienced.

The reason for this post is to give each and everyone of you first hand insight, needed, to make an informed decision, before choosing "WHO" as you next outfitter. "WHO" IMO, is ONLY concerned about getting you to write the check.

Upon arriving, you are relieved to see what you have envisioned in your mind and or seen on the internet is actually what appears you're getting. Walking into the lodge only confirms / reassures you that you've made the right decision in selecting "WHO". "This feeling is short lived"

We are escorted to our home away from home for the next five nights and we quickly realize we might just have been duped. Our accommodations... a renovated garage, concrete floor and all, will be our "HOME AWAY FROM HOME". OK, it might not be that bad...Yes, it is. We are shown a space which includes 8 Army style cots and a single bathroom/ shower. No place for hunting gear, cloths etc... We're to live out of suitcases or duffel bags for the next 5-6 days..Wait WHAT? Yup, apparently this is what 3-4k gets you here at "WHO". We all talk and we're good as possible because we're going to shoot some MEGA bucks, Ohio is known for:) RIGHT.

The day before the hunt... We NEED to complete the paperwork which ultimately, is nothing more than going over the penalties ($300 per inch under the limit or 1000 to continue hunting if you draw blood and cannot find the animal) You're ask what farm you'd like to hunt based upon the size deer you are after...130,140,150 etc...Funny shit but, this actually make you believe these animals exist!! Oh and "don't forget to get into our BIG BUCK contest...Only $150.00"...Looking back just another $$ making opportunity for "WHO".

The morning of the first days hunt. Up at 3:30 because the we get to hunt the "BEST " farm and its only 50 minutes away. Kind of exciting, we're hunting Franks:) its the best farm they have...Please! Anyway, we finally get to the farm "cow pasture, literally" some woods too. Don't want to sell them short. I get dropped off to my stand and the guide cannot remember the location? Wait, what? "It's somewhere around here he says...5 minutes and some flashlight shinning later we find it. Great! He drives away and I climb up the ladder stand but, the F-ing thing is literally secured with some kind of rope, no ratchet strap and could fall with any move I might make. I forgot to mention it's pouring rain and we need to sit all day on this ladder stand? Upon daylight, I see my bait/corn pile which is only is 12 yards away...WTH, this is a bow blind???? Starting to get PISSED. BTW, Zero deer sightings for day 1. Oh and I forgot to say, no breakfast as the cooks are part time and have full time jobs. We did get lunch ;however, a PBJ sandwich or 2, made the night before to put in our hunting cloths or back packs. Beginning to see the picture?

Day 2 guide is a no show. 4:30 am and no guide...30 min later get a text saying "I cannot make it" but, here are the coordinates and I'll meet you there...After all the BS, trying to find the place with terrible or NO cell service, we get in our stands at a bright and early 7:45am... Day 2 no deer sightings in our group. And 1 deer shot in 2 days between 28-30 hunters.

Day 2 the evening. After arriving back to the camp around 7ish, we remove our gear and lay it anywhere we can find since we haven't anywhere to put it / hang it up to dry etc. We finally get to grab some dinner and BS with a few other hunters. Surprisingly enough, we could tell each-others stories. Everyone is pissed and beginning to see the writing on the wall. What a CROCK of S#$t

Day 3, 3 of us leave as we've just had enough of the BS and feel like we're being made fools of. Day 3 the remaining 3 hunters in my group, 2 doe seen:) Improvement!!

Day 4, the 3 remaining hunters, ZERO deer... all of this fun for 22,000.00

RUN, RUN, RUN!!! Never give this place a single penny and if you do, you've been warned. I'm ONLY trying to help someone see what actual hunters went through here at WHO. Choose wisely my fellow hunters!

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2020
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Drew
Number in Camp - 25
Outfitter Cost - $3,000.00
Other Costs - $600.00
Weather Information
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