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Hunter: Mike Reilly
Whitetail Heaven Outfitters
Ratings to date: 82
Average Rating 3.8
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Booked our trip nearly a year ago. Very little communication unless a payment was due. Checked in for our 5 day hunt at the North lodge in prime rut time. The lodge overall is nice but lacks upkeep. Sleeping in basically the hallway of the second floor which is open to the living room so have fun trying to sleep at night with people ranting and raving. Must of been 12 people in camp and would add about 2-4 and lose about 2 every day. Supposedly have thousands and thousands of acres to hunt but only heard about 3 farms while we were there. Hunted multiple stands on the farm which our “guide” put us on. Have to drive yourself in and out from your stand everyday. He couldnt tell us anything about deer taken on the property or show us any pictures from the cameras. Deer were extremely pressured. Some wouldnt even get close to the corn and some knew exactly where the stands were at. Sat in a stand one evening and planned on sitting in it the next morning only to be told another guide had bumped me from that stand to put his own client in there. Had to check cameras myself to get any kind of information about deer movements. Stands not taken care of. Even lugged out my own bag of corn one day to a site that was picked clean. Hunted for 4 days with no shooter deer seen. Probably saw about 6 doe and 4 bucks that entire time. Processing of deer taken not included in booking fee. Seen a buck laying on the cooler floor for hours not field dressed and laying in a pool of its own blood soaking the hide just waiting for them to pose it for pictures, the farthest thing from sportsman like and what being an outdoorsman is all about. Sites very over hunted and over booked to say the least. Management was more worried about taking pictures with the one buck taken all week for social media than help track a deer in the field. Had a hunter in camp that had been there for close to 3 weeks and had not seen a shooter deer. Guides fighting and badmouthing eachother. Just overly unprofessional outfitter. Theyre more worried about getting people in the door and checkbooks out than putting them on deer, unless you have an in with the owner which i heard on multiple occasions, in which case youd get a monster. My buddy who i came with shot a deer at 5 pm one evening, backed out, then we went back with guides to track around 10 pm. Decided after about 250 yards to pick it up in the morning due to minimal blood and theyd bring in a dog (for a fee). Close to 24 hours after the shot the dog finally shows up. Wes was the most professional person the whole trip! Silver lining was the incredible food, kitchen staff and housekeeping staff were excellent! Buyer beware booking here. The few people i talked to in camp would never come back. They do an excellent job with advertising and their image but its all smoke and mirrors.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

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None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2020
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Matt
Number in Camp - 2
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