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Jim River Guide Service

South Dakota
Hunter: mark arnold
Jim River Guide Service
Ratings to date: 8
Average Rating 4.8
Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

I booked a bow hunt with Willie to hunt the northern part of South Dakota. The weather could not have been any worse. There was no give up with Willie I consider myself a novice hunter. Willie did a fantastic job of putting me in areas where I saw lots of deer and had several great opportunities but I missed. The first morning of the hunt, Willie put me right in front of a very nice mule deer, but I shot over him. The next few days the weather got stupid cold and Willie knew where to set me up. A couple of mornings and nights we used a ground blind, again, i had some great looks but learned that a deer can see you move in a ground blind. Willie also put me in a snow drift and i layed in it while several "does" walked within 10 feet of me, stopping to eat grass, i could here them chew, pretty exciting. Willie sat me in the bottom of a draw that ran off the river and put me right on a deer path, i had a trophy white tail walk with in 5 feet of me looking at me eye to eye, pretty exciting , i didn't shoot as I wanted a mule deer. Willie also put me in several other spots, I saw lots of deer. I learned a lot, when I relayed to Willie what happened that night, he was very helpful and the last day, buck fever cost me a trophy mule deer. But, i will go back. Willie is a really good guide, he wants you to kill something, I don't know who is more heart broke when I missed, me or Willie. I recommend Willie for just an overall great hunt!

Outfitter's Response

Mark has a passion for adventure. (He’s not as novice as he claims but IS humble and coachable, two great characteristics of a great hunter.) I’ve guided him on a buffalo hunt. I’ve guided him to shoot TWO Alaska brown bears. And I’ve guided him for coyote hunting with a rifle and mule deer with a rifle in addition to his archer mule deer hunting. He’s a great sport to have in my camp and a FUN companion in the field. He could hunt anywhere in the world and he keeps coming back to hunt with me. I’m proud of that. It says a lot about my outfit and about Mark. He’s currently booked to hunt archery mule deer this year, brown bear with me next year and a moose/brown bear hunt the following year. I’m proud he chooses to do business with me.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2019
Implement - Crossbow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Willie
Number in Camp - 1
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
Weather got stupid cold, but I till saw lots of deer, thanks to my guide knowing what he was doing
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