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Hunter: Tom Veschi
New York
Ratings to date: 55
Average Rating 4.8

Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

This place sucks!!! Ok, now that I got your attention, if you are looking for a top notch trophy whitetail camp look no further the only decision you need to make is what week to go. If you are a bowhunter in particular you have found your outfitter! I've bow hunted whitetail all over the country as well as the providence's of Canada and this is hands down the place to be. Although I have an awesome outfitter in Canada ,Air travel, customs and lost/delayed bags has gotten old so I've been on a mission to find something here in the states and more importantly something I could hunt every year and not have to wait to draw a tag. Most of you know the deal , overhunted camps, noisy stands, shooting lanes that haven't been re-trimmed since the stand was originally hung a few years earlier or just a lack of quality animals. Well, from the first morning here I knew I was coming back, their "knockdown app" ( which I was very apprehensive about but Mike assured me I would grow to love and he was right) took me right to my stand in the first mornings pre dawn darkness. The stand was set perfectly, quiet and comfortable for an all day sit. After a few hours the wind switched, I texted Mike and he told me to go into the app and go to this other stand up on a ridge once again the app took me right there and within a few minutes I was back in stand and downwind of a well used trail, I seen deer but no shooters. The second morning Mike sent me to another area where he said a good solid 140" buck was making daylight appearances. I slipped into stand 30 mins before first light and as I was pulling up my bow I heard a grunt and thought I was imagining it since I had just walked in. As I turned around standing 20 yards away was a buck with a tremendous rack, since it was still dark I could not count points or see exactly what he had but with the light background of the freshly fallen snow I knew he was a monster. He fed for a bit and left there was nothing I could do as it was still to dark to shoot.. I was crushed. A little after first light I spotted a doe making her way towards me and 40 yards behind her a complete TOAD OF A BUCK!! The doe turned and cut to my left and started feeding the buck turned and faced away from her which I thought was weird but soon learned why, another buck was dogging her too,well over the next 5 mins I watched this monster lay his ears back and snort wheeze not once but twice at this other buck which was awesome in itself I have never heard a buck do that in the wild in 35 yrs of hunting ...Finally he decided he had enough and turned,dropped his head and ran to start pushing her, I was already drawn and when he passed thru an opening I was holding on I touched the release's trigger and heard that wonderful sound that told me my whitetail bow hunting career had most likely reached its pinnacle,for I had shot a buck that most men will never even see in the wild, a 174" stud!!! As a side note a couple weeks later I returned with my son on a youth hunt and he took his first buck as did a few of the other kids with all having action I believe and one giving a haircut to a 160 ish brute!! Sorry for the long winded review but these guys deserve it.. 1st Class operation here .. I got side tracked giving more of a hunting story than a review but felt it necessary to paint the picture of how it is there but I also wanted to say a few things about the lodge theres a clean room to keep your gear scent free with individual compartments for each guy and 3 bathrooms with showers so if you wanna get a shower in before the hunt you can with no waiting and getting to stand late..

Outfitter's Response

Was a pleasure to have you brother!! Can’t wait time have you back!! Let’s kill another booner!!

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2019
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Mike Cantiello
Number in Camp - 9
Outfitter Cost - $3,500.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
35 degrees first day snowed that night and in the 20's
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