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Adrenaline Outfitters

Hunter: Justin Byers
Adrenaline Outfitters
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Average Rating 4.9

Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

In three days of hunting I saw dozens of bears, including opportunities at two P&Y bears, one of which I took. Russ’ area is absolutely loaded with bears, and un-pressured baits. He runs 2 dozen baits, and keeps them fresh so you can expect to hunt a good bait, with a solid expectation of seeing bears every sit. (The evening I shot my bear, the bait had not been hunted in two weeks) It is a very remote area with basically little to no pressure from other bear hunters. You can tell that from how comfortable the bears are at the baits. I used to run my own baits in the states and can’t even believe how exceptional the hunting is here.

The lack of pressure was evident, as I saw around 15 different bears, coming in and out of the bait approximately 30 times that night. (I don’t believe I sat more than about 45 minutes from start to finish without seeing a bear) About an hour before dark my bear came in, and I had to give him a good once over, as there were so many bears coming and going, that I had to be sure I wasn’t going to shoot something I would later regret. I was very pleased with the bear I shot, and the amount of bears I saw. Obviously not every sit is going to be like that, but in a five day hunt you should have no problem with getting a shot opportunity at a good bear. I would venture to say shot opportunities at “a” bear are likely 100% .

Russ truly runs an outstanding bear camp, and you will not be disappointed if you hunt with him. His guides are extremely friendly, and knowledgeable. I am usually a DIY hunter, and was impressed at the work his guides put in from baiting, to pulling out my bear, to skinning it, to taking great pictures, to making sure me and my kids had the opportunity to go fishing. Which is another thing worth mentioning, the amazing fishing that’s available on the river two minutes from the lodging. Russ keeps boats handy so that you can go out and fish in the mornings before you go on your hunt in the evening. My kids and I caught Pike, crappie, and walleye, within a very short distance of the docks.

Russ is a very stand up guy and he runs a solid operation. I highly recommend his outfit if you are looking for a good time, with lots of bears, and good fishing. I really cannot say enough positive about Russ and Adrenaline outfitters.

Outfitter's Response

Kind words, thank you very much Justin. Congratulations on a great bear!

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - June 2019
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Pat
Number in Camp - 4
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
A little bit a rain here and there, but mostly bluebird skies.
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