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Hunter: Timothy Trail
Ratings to date: 55
Average Rating 4.8

Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

This was a dream hunt for my Dad and I. After looking through a hundred outfitters, I called Bryan Dawes (BFO) and explained (when I booked the hunt) that my number one goal was to get my Dad the biggest deer of his life. He is getting older and has always taken me hunting and been there for me from the beginning. This was the trip to give back to him. We are from VA and have always dreamed of hunting big mid-west whitetails. Brushy Fork Outfitters had great reviews and were free range. We made the right decision! Bryan and his guides took my request to heart. They all pitched in to make it happen for my Dad and it did happen. He took a 140" management buck, free range by the last evening! Even though this trip was not about the kill, it was an opportunity for my Dad and I to spend quality time together and enjoy hunting bruiser bucks. Free range whitetails are the real deal. I really didn't expect to have success because of that. To take on a 5 day hunt and be successful killing the buck of a lifetime is near impossible. I have been hunting for 28 years and know this very well. It was more about the outfitter experience and the opportunities that you have on a trip like this. I had a very lucky week as well as I shot a 165"+ deer but had a bad luck shot when the buck took a step during arrow flight. We searched for two days and couldn't recover it. In addition to that, I laid eyes on two 170"+ deer and got one on film. Ohio has giant bucks, no doubt about that! Brush Fork is a well run outfitter with a lot of passion for the hunt! I can't say enough about how hard these guys work to put you on big deer. I highly recommend this outfitter to the guys that are about hunting and not killing. If you want 100% success, go to the high fence farms. If you want to hunt true giants in the wild and have a really good chance of killing the buck of a lifetime, go to Brushy Fork Outfitters!! I will be going back and who knows, I may be able to make it happen again!! Check out Brushy Fork on Facebook and look for my Dads video post shot (Dennis Trail)......That is what it is all about!!! Kevin, Pat and Jaxon were the guides that worked as hard as they could with my Dad. Kevin was our main guide and was new to the outfitter. I have to say I was real impressed with his ability to jump right in and make smart decisions that helped my Dad and I. I really appreciate it guys!! Also, maybe next time you will be better at pool playing so I will have a challenge when I come back!

Outfitter's Response

None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2018
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Kevin
Number in Camp - 8
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Cold Conditions
Weather Comments:
The biggest problem we had is that a cold front along with rain came in our first day in stand. The bigger bucks completely changed their pattern and made it very difficult to get on them. It took only a day or two for the guides and Bryan to start making adjustments and get us back in the game. Usually a cold front helps, but in this case it hurt the already patterned hunt strategy.
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