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Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge

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Hunter: Ken Hansen
Ratings to date: 39
Average Rating 4.7
Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

Excellent outfitter with absolutely outstanding guides. I purchased separate 1:1 guided trips for both my wife and me. Both guides hunted with us aggressively and non-stop from open to close each day (about 13 hours a day). They were extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic and will bust their butts to give you a quality hunt.

We both walked anywhere from 6-12 miles per day, often through a lot of nastiness. (A lot of the clients weren’t in good enough shape to walk extended distances, but still got their animals with rifles). Most of the bulls were not yet rutting and we were having trouble getting them to come to the call. I eventually wussed out after having a roughly 50” Bull broadside (at 200 yards??) with only bow in hand, and borrowed the outfitters rifle the next day. I harvested an average Bull with the rifle at the end of Day 4. (I passed a spike Bull with my bow at 7 yards the first morning).

My wife refused to use anything else but her bow. The hunt was supposed to end for everyone on Saturday at 11am but her guide hunted with her until dark that day to try to get her a Bull. She arrowed one on a stalk the last afternoon, but they have yet to recover it. (Typing this at the airport).

The quality of the hunt was outstanding (it’s about the experience and not necessarily the harvest), and I’d highly recommend this outfitter even if neither of us harvested an animal.

Accommodations were clean and warm. All of the staff was extremely friendly.

Food, in my opinion, was OK. The two ladies that were cooking for us and acting as domestic support are lovely individuals.

Trying my best to get a trip booked next year, but the dates I want are already full. All of the other clients in camp were very satisfied with the experience.

Outfitter's Response

A pleasure to have you both hunt with us. Look forward to your return. Best of luck on all your hunting adventures!

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2018
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - HC
Number in Camp - 6
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Windy Conditions
Weather Comments:
Weather was warmer than normal some days and extremely windy at times. Outfitter explained prior that just about every week there are a few days that may poor hunting due to the weather. This just comes with hunting the island
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