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Hunter: Brian Watkins
Brian Watkins
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

I’m not one to write a bad review. Hell, most of my reviews are 5/5 on surveys. And if I don’t have anything good to say, I’ll usually just ignore a survey. But, I want to save someone like me the disparity, frustration and waste of time and money with New Mexico hunting adventures. I would hope someone can google “New Mexico hunting adventures review” and find what I have to say. I want to curse, name call, and show every piece of miserable emotion I have, but that will just decredibilize my review. So here are the facts.

My dad met Vince Vigil at the Harrisburg sportsman’s show in PA. He told me this was the guy. He claimed a 75% draw rate and 100% shot chance success. It all sounded fishy to me. Little did I know it was a tub of fish carcasses laying in the sun. Those numbers were contradictory to every other outfitter.

Dad let Vince know that my friend And I were only coming if we drew. And that’s where it went bad. Knowing that, Vince put us in for unit 50. If you can’t find information on bow hunting unit 50 like I couldn’t, there’s a reason. There’s no elk there.

We made the mistake of trusting the ‘professional.’ Anyway, we set our trust in Vince and went with it. He said we were good. I even sent the below email and asked if it was a shit unit he put us in for since I thought I read it was 100% success. His reply was ????? I should’ve read the signs. My bad.

(Sidetrack) I actually type this as we drive open country. Our guide (and no discredit to him. He’s a hell a caller and usually successful. And tried his heart out in this unit 50) is driving me around lost because he’s never hunted this unit in bow season.

So we show up and in the first hour of hunting our guide says if it’s brown it’s down. I don’t know of anyone who would pay $4600 to a guide, $895 on a tag, $800 on airfare, $300 on a rental, $350 on taxes, and 9 days of their time to shoot an any elk.

Every guide in camp laughed and Rolled their eyes when they heard Vince put us in for this unit. The cooks laughed, the restaurants laughed. Patrons at restaurants laughed.

I’m not a man to let things go like this without bringing what this is to face value. So my friend and I took Vince aside in a professional way, as a courtesy to his unprofessional setup. I told him I felt taken advantage of and knew he got us. I told him I was aware that he set us in a no success unit and I thought he was a piece of shit for it. His rebuttal was that they usually have 7 hunters a year hunt this unit and get 3-4 elk. Come to find out they are all rifle and muzzleloader hunters. They have never bow hunted it. stretched truth, better than a lie. I even brought up my email and he said he never saw it. Come on bud. So the conversation ends with me telling him I wanted to let him know he stuck it to us and he asked what He could do. I told him that’s on him to figure out. I told him I know a lot of hunters and am well connected. And his reference from me would be what is truth. That he’s a slimy, greedy, POS. Exact words.

That’s not the end. Short of spending 4 more days not seeing an elk, or fresh tracks for that matter, he actually gave the run down to his guides to talk better about unit 50 and feed us more information of false success. He even went to the cooks and gave them a butt chewing.

So, my goal of this is to advise those of the future against going with NMHA and Vince vigil. I have to credit every one of his guides. They work their tails off and are good people. If you want to drop $ on land owner tags and make a deal with him, have at it. But know what you’re getting into. 100% shot opportunity is a lie, 75% draw success is for unit 50. He’ll have you give$500 deposit to put in for draws. Then it’s always a few thousand more to keep playing until you’re at $10-$11k. FYI you hunt Public land.

One more note to add, the cooks were amazing, however I got food poisoning day 1, day 3 they pulled the food before filled because not enough for hunters coming in late. If you read this and decide to go anyway, let me know how it feels...

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2018
Implement - Crossbow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Dominic
Number in Camp - 8
Outfitter Cost - $4,600.00
Other Costs - $2,000.00
Weather Information
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Good weather.
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