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Hunter: Cary Shoutz
Mike's Outfitting - Alberta
Ratings to date: 53
Average Rating 4.9
Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

Mike’s camp was ok. A little disappointed in the guides knowledge and experience of the hunting area we were assigned. Appeared at least one other guide in camp was much more knowledgeable about the area I was assigned to hunt and a great guy-guide. Would have liked to hunt with him. (Kyle) I did have one opportunity on an Elk that crossed the road in front of the truck and we put a sneak on it and called it in to 50 yds and I didn’t make the shot. This was early in the hunt but the rest of the week no other opportunities. Weather conditions were tough with snow and rain making mud on the I steep slopes a little tougher to navigate. Four guys in camp, one elk taken, although all had at least one opportunity. On the average most long range shooting expected for the most part on Elk. (50-70). Accommodations for sleeping very good, comfortable, food ok, all guides very nice guys including owner Mike. I would go back if invited now knowing more on what it all involves and ask for Kyle as a guide. No kill- but always love the adventure.

Outfitter's Response

I'm sorry to hear that Cary only thought his hunt was ok, we are used to hearing how great our hunts are and how people can't wait to come back! A few facts on the hunt that Cary didn't include is that it wasn't just an elk hunt, it was an elk and moose combo bowhunt where you get both tags and hunt them in the same area at the same time, not sure why the moose part was left out? Also, the cost on the hunt was $6000 paid to me and $1350 paid in taxes and license to the government, not $7500 just to me. I think the hunt was a bargain price and the basic hunt cost is now at $7500 and booked full with repeat hunters for 2019. As for opportunities, Cary didn't just miss a 50 yd shot on an elk, it was actually a range found 40 yds on a broadside elk and two 50 yard shots on moose, on one shot the moose was quartering away and starting moving as he released and on the other one the moose was standing still broadside. As for the other opportunities in camp the 3 other hunters had a total of 10 shots, killing one elk and 2 moose, (I don't like to mention number of wounds), not bad for a 7 day hunt under tough weather conditions? Shot distances were all range found at 15, 25, 35, 43, 45, 50, 52, 60, 60 and 87 yds. Remember these aren't deer sized targets with an 8 inch kill zone. As for Cary's guide, yes Gerard didn't have Kyle's 8 year knowledge of the area but he does have 20-30 days of guiding and scouting the zone over a 3 year span, mainly doing this very hunt. Gerard has guided dozens of hunters for me and this is his first complaint. Cary also left out the fact that he paid for a 2 hunters to 1 guide hunt yet I paid an additional $2000 at no cost to him to give him his own 1 on 1 guide, as I did for every hunter in camp that week, maybe he would have preferred being 2 on 1 guided with Kyle and his 60+ yr old rookie bowhunter? I only mention age because this is a physically demanding hunt and 60+ yr old Cary was not in good enough shape to do the hunt properly, and he had been getting cortisone injections in his back right before the hunt which he admitted limited his abilities. Gerard took him on a test hunt in a medium sized river valley on the first day and Cary really struggled to do the hunt. After that Gerard stuck to the flatter, easier country, still not easy in all the deadfall and thick brush, especially in the constant rain. These places get more resident hunting pressure and have less animals, so not a lot of sign. Gerard was frustrated with this situation and was a bit bossy and irritable towards Cary and anxious to capitalize on any chance they could get. I do need to state more clearly on my website that 60+ yr old hunters need to be in what the average hunter would call excellent physical shape, not overweight, no bad back, no bad knees. As for food, I thought it was good but I did have a new to me but very experienced cook who was working out the meal plans, types of food etc and we could have done better on that. I think we now have it all figured out. Overall it was a great hunt and everyone had the chance to kill both a moose and an elk. I'm sorry somehow Cary didn't see it that way. My business is built on happy hunters and I guess he wasn't one of them. Sorry Cary!

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2018
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Gerard
Number in Camp - 4
Outfitter Cost - $7,500.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Wet Conditions
Weather Comments:
Snow and rain for 80% of the hunt. Muddy and wet, temps good for hunting.
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