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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

I had hunted twice with 3 rivers, first in 2016 and last 2017. In 2016 hunting over bait, there were around 13 hunters in camp. One shower and one toilet to be used which cause a lot of problems. We talked with outfitter about installing additional port-o-johns or add on additional facilities. This he did for the 2017 hunts which was a great addition to camp. During the 2016 hunt, we stayed in the 4 man cabin, which really is best suited for just 2, was not enough room for 3 hunters and gear. The food during the 2016 hunt was great, even with having breakfast at 0900, never cause any problems. The hunt over bait during 2016, start out good, with one sighting by one in our group, but was unable to get a shot. The remainder of the week had nothing to do with the outfitter, the weather turn warm and the bears just did not come in during the day. After leaving we decided to return for the following year, but was met with complaints, by the owner, indicating that the following year we complain about not having enough room in the cabin, etc. With that resolved we were looking for a great hunt again, which started out by being place in a trailer a few miles from camp, which had better arrangement than at camp. Our group appreciated this very much. The 2017 hunt again was over bait, and placed in the Cow Team road area again. I hunted the same blind I ended up in 2016. Again the first day started out great with me having a bear come in at 1530, but did not present a shot, I believe due to not enough being cleared around the bait can. Around 45 minutes later another hunter in our group had a bear come in as well, we were just a short distance apart. My blind that I was in was torn with big hole on top, back and side which I believe should have been replace. I don't mind getting wet if it rained, but its a poor sight that expected better. Second day again, started out good again, with another sighting, but again never provided a open shot, however the same member of our group had a chance but blew it. I ask my guide to trim back some brush for a better view, which was done, but for the remainder of the hunt no other sighting. I stayed in this blind the entire week. Another member of our group complained about the bait cans not being baited. One thing we started doing last year was taking pictures of the bait cans on each day and comparing them. We were told that cans were baited each day, but they were not, the only thing the baiter did was it the logs were not removed, he would only spread sent on the logs. This again caused arguments from the owner. I understand that this is hunting, and sometimes you get what you came after and some times you don't. Seeing is better than not seeing, getting is even better. I enjoyed Gordan and his crew, however it would be great to understand a little correct criticism to make hunts better. Our guide Bob was great, did everything he could do to help us. but finding out that Gordan got mad for him doing more for us was not right. One thing that could make it better for hunters is to have more visibility at blinds or stands, to give the hunter more time to judge, or present a better shot, our blinds were 13-17 yards from the bait can. You only had a few feet to see a bear come in and no visibility beyond that. This was the same for stands. I was taken to a stand fist, but was then changed to the blind. If going with this outfitter, I would recommend hunt bear with dogs, and not bait. Lastly it seems to me and our group, was not getting alone with Gordan this year. We had mention last year about putting shrouds around stands to better help hunters using them. We brought four shrouds with us ready to install on single stands. But never had to chance to install them. I was willing to install all of them, but that was as far as it went. Sorry Gordan, I appreciate it, but will not recommend. It would be best to take corrective criticism to better your services and not get angry with the customer, which would make returning customer better and bring in new hunters as well.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - August 2017
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - BOB
Number in Camp - 9
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
2016 was mainly the weather, 2017 was a lot better and cooler
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