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Hunter: Ryan Allen
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Was a graciously donated auction hunt. But was felt to be discouraged and almost forced into not taking hunt from what was assumed the low price paid for the "donated" hunt. But was shunned, ignored, and lied to while on this trip. Was a high fence hunt on a small property. Was told only three days before departure that a local domestic flight was needed to get to camp. Was left to sleep away one morning while on this trip, which was nice to catch up on my sleep from home, but with the few hours spent on the field everyday day, could've made it a successful high fence hunt. Even though it says free range on the website. Guess electrified did foot tall fence with one opening at the end of the field we qualifies though. But still shouldn't there have been scat and spore. But it's hard to look for sign when you're speed walking, aimlessly through a breeding pasture. Isn't spot and stalk about quiet and stealth? Guess the guides must have been just starting out, ok. But why make more noise than a literal herd of water buffalo. They were just don't their job. I understand binos are spendy but it gets old when your guides keep asking to use your pair. You'd think for what's charged at this place the outfitter could even have binos that work properly for the guides. That's why I tipped my brand be new Zeiss to the one guide I felt was honest. I even offered to send each guide there, 5 more pairs of the same kind. The outfitter told me not too. Oh, and the main quarry saw was a black Brahma cow in with the water buffalo. Wonder what their horns would like if interbred, peculiar but I did see some funny looking "water buffalo" skulls in the salt.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

We have just found this report and although late we believe it’s worth clarifying. This person bought a hunt we donated to the Houston Safari Club. All information regarding the hunt was duly sent to him prior to the hunt in copy to the Houston Safari Club. All information regarding the hunt is also posted in our web site, including the arrival and departure point which in this case for buffalo (as also stated in the donation form) was Santa Rosa La Pampa Airport. We assume clients are adults that read the information at the auction catalogue and the one that is sent after the purchase. Our La Pampa property has both free range and estate areas. We have water buffalo only in both areas. This person was hunting the free range area. Property he was hunting is 7,500 Hectares (19,050 Acres). We did not leave Mr. Allen to sleep on the first morning. We picked him up the night before at the Santa Rosa airport and he was completely drunk from the flight with an almost finished bottle of whiskey in his hands. Upon arrival he then continued to drink vodka and tequila, while not letting the other guests sleep. The next morning he was passed out in his bed fully dressed and despite multiple attempts to wake him up it was impossible. He woke up around noon, obviously had no idea we had tried to wake him up multiple times, and got back to drinking right away as it was already lunch time. According to one of our other guests from the US he would do a bottoms up of a full bottle of white wine every morning before heading out saying that it felt great because it would not get him drunk but would give him a great morning buzz. This type of conduct and drinking continued for the next two days, generating extreme discomfort amongst our other four clients from the US in camp, our guides and the rest of our staff. We had to take extra precautions and had our guide carry the gun for Mr Allen. All his other comments about abundance of game, fencing, guide experience, tipping with binoculars, etc. are to say the least inaccurate, his drinking problem might have had something to do with his perception of reality. It is interesting that Mr Allen believes that cows can be bred with water buffalos. We don’t even think it is necessary to get into the level of ignorance his comment has. His reckless drinking and behavior was not tolerable under any standards. On the third day we kicked him out of camp, took him to a hotel in Santa Rosa and notified the Houston Safari Club that apologized for this situation and told us they would never let Mr Allen bid again at their auctions. We are more than willing to give the contact information of our other US guests, who were in camp at the same time Mr Allen was, to any person that wants to confirm what we are saying. We can also provide the name and contact info of the person at the Houston Safari Club.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - April 2017
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Alejandro Trigo
Number in Camp - 7
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
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