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Hunter: Chad Ford
Quinn @work
Ratings to date: 3
Average Rating 2.3
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

A buddy and I bought a discounted hunt and believe that this may of been a weighted factor in our moose hunt? The zone that we were assigned to appeared to us after 6 days of hunting as having a very, very small moose population. This may of been the reason for our discounted hunt but don't know for sure? We had perfect, unseasonable colder weather with snow in early October. Temps were from 20-40 degrees during the day with 2 fresh snows on the ground. Evidence of animals should of been easy to find but non-existent during our hunt. We had plenty of area to hunt and was great moose habitat. After blind calling was not productive after 3 days we tried covering ground to at least cut a live moose track. After 1,200 miles in a pick-up we crossed one cow track. I never saw a bull moose in 6 days and only saw 1 cow moose at dusk 330 yards way that spooked at the first cow call from our guide.

Our guide Scott was great and he did everything he could given the circumstances. We had a great time with him even though the hunting was terrible. I would hunt with Scott again anytime.

Now for the reason for the poor review.....The owner was in camp all week with us and maybe spoke to us twice? On the last night he actually spoke to us because he needed to arrange for us to drive his successful client's moose back to the states. We were glad to do this for the 2 hunters as they were great guys and we were prepared to bring 2 moose back to the states anyway.

The owner never once asked how our hunt was going or appeared once to care let alone even speak to us all week. Our guide was told what unit he was hunting 20 minutes before we left the lodge the first morning. There was no scouting done at all. On the last evening when we were all in camp after arranging for his clients moose to be loaded into my truck and the owner couldn't even say thank you for coming, good bye, or even a "sorry things didn't work out"? Zero care and zero customer appreciation. I couldn't imagine not thanking one of my client's for their business upon departure.

There were 9 moose hunters in camp and 4 of them were discount hunters through BSC. We were the only unsuccessful clients and the only one's that didn't even have an opportunity. 1 of the 4 discount hunters shot a 1.5 year old bull in the ditch of the road. We were all happy he at least got one but still not a hunt. The 5 full price hunters got their moose. Hunting's hunting and we were not looking for a guarantee or basing a successful trip on killing a moose. It would of been nice to see a moose though? The final stats were hard to swallow and I believe told a story.

Savage Encounters did provide everything contracted and I truly believe Savage Encounters can and does provide some good hunts but ours was terrible and the owner couldn't of cared less.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - NO

Outfitter's Response

The hunter bought a discounted hunt, Sold as a "Post Rut Hunt" These hunts are past the rut and on a bow hunt sometimes difficult. As a matter of fact we had a tough season as did many moose outfitters in the 2016 season even during the rut with minimal responses during peak rut so this made the post rut really tough. As for scouting we have hunted this unit for many years with good success, resident pressure is minimal and we hunted it the week prior, so it was scouted. I decided the units the day before because I only had 2 units left to hunt and picked the guides that know the units best, I do it on all hunts matching personalities with guide and hunters skill level and fitness to a suitable matched area. I greeted the hunters to camp and was in common area every morning and night, I get updates daily from guides and if hunters want to talk with me all they have to do is talk to me. I was also guiding that week and my hunters only saw 4 bulls, one first day that we tracked and then stalked and killed and one the last day that we saw from a road and stalked and killed. I am an expert caller and did not call a bull in on this hunt. Moose hunting is not as easy as many hunters think and can be very difficult. Our moose populations are high and if the moon and stars align hunting is great. By the way the other 2 hunters that killed where rifle hunters, not fair comparison to bow hunt, one other guy wounded and missed, so 6 out of 9 killed or had opportunity and all saw bull moose up close except 1 guy. Plus I let another guide try and help by separating the 2 hunters on this hunt to double odds at my expense for a day, and the un happy hunters partner on the hunt had a bull called into 20 yards but got no shot. Weather was a bite warm and in my opinion not great. I am sorry if they felt I did not talk with them as much as they would have liked, but I to was guiding and tired after 2 1/2 months of guiding. We supplied great accommodations, great food, good guides and a very good area tag, we sell moose hunts and sometimes these are unsuccessful. If you buy a discounted hunt your chances are less, but it cost less and you still might succeed so hunters have to weigh there budgets on such hunts, this hunt was $4500 and my rut hunts sell for $7000( plus lic )on 2 on 1 so pretty good discount.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2016
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Booking Agent - Bowhunting Safari Consultants
Number in Camp - 9
Outfitter Cost - $4,500.00
Other Costs - $1,500.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
Weather was absolutely perfect. 20-40's every day with snow on the ground. 2 fresh snowfalls overnight during our 6 day hunt.
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