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Hunter: Steve Frantz
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First I would like to start off and say the Ty McCombs is "BY FAR" the best outfitter I have ever hunted with! I'm on a TV show, so you can imagine how many outfitters I have hunted with. Not one single one of them holds a candle to TY McCombs and I would say that in every aspect of the outfitted hunt from the process of setting up the hunt with him, to getting to his lodge, his accommodations, home cooked meals, stand set ups and locations for the proper wind directions. Not to mention the quality of deer and numbers of deer I seen while hunting with him. He has a ton of properties and doesn't even come close to over hunting them. In fact the main thing that intrigued me as I hunted with Ty is just how serious he is about hunting pressure and scent control. Ty isn't just some guy with a full time desk job and an Outfitter on the side that does this just to screw people over and put as many stands up in the woods as possible, with as many butts in them day in and day out to make as much money as he can "believe me there are a ton of them guys out there" Ty is not even close to being one of them. He does this full time and is a year round job for him, this is how he earns his living and if he screwed people over he wouldn't be in business for very long. In fact i'm pretty sure that Ty is one of the first outfitters that ever started in Ohio and he is still running strong until this day. He puts in tons of food plots and really puts his time in off season to assure his hunters are hunting with the best odds possible. Ty has been doing this for over 12 years, so another advantage with hunting with him is he really knows his deer and his properties, he has culled the properties that didn't produce as well as he would like and keeps the big producers. Me and my hunting partner Jarrod Gibson hunted with Ty this year for our first time. The first hunt with him was for 3 days in early October where I filmed Jarrod kill and 144" 8 pt with his bow. I personally didn't tag out in those three days but seen tons of deer. I came back to hunt with Ty the 3rd week in October, which is normally the "October Lull", well I had my opportunity on a STUD 8 pt on two different occasions and lets just say on one occasion I had some archery equipment mishaps, on the 2nd encounter with the buck on a totally different day, i screwed up by not taking a shot when I had one and waiting for a little closer shot. Well after hunting with Ty now for two different trips of a total of about 7-8 days and filing Jarrod kill his buck and me have those two awesome encounters that I blew, I ask Ty if he could get me back in a 3rd time. So I came back in early November, wouldn't you know it I had another encounter after hunting just for a couple days with a GIANT buck that Ty called "Jacked" he was a mid 160"-170" buck, he came in with a doe in the timber, the doe got within 20 yards and he was just out at about 30yards behind some cedars when my camera man swung the camera arm around my shoulder and the doe picked him off and blew the whole hunt as the doe ran off and "Jacked" was right behind her. This was a situation where the camera saved the bucks life. This wasn't my first time. I also passed on a shooter 8pt that week hoping to see "Jacked" again or another big buck Ty had on trail camera named "Dagger". Well my trip came to an end one more time and Ty felt bad that I had hunted with him for 3 trips and had opportunities every time and just for whatever reason couldn't getting it done with the bow in my hand " Mainly because of the camera guy and certain mishaps that wouldn't of happen if I was just a single hunter in the tree". So Ty said he had a cancellation for Gun season if I wanted to make one more trip to try to get it done. Well my schedule had lined up perfect with the first week on Dec, so here I am, back hunting with TY for my 4th time, but this time I had a gun in my hand and I was going after "Dagger" which Ty had on a pattern like you would see during early season! On day two of my hunt Dagger showed up like clock work at 4pm and I smoked him with my shotgun! He scored 165" and was a really cool buck with a lot of character"Picture is attached and a link to the Drury Outdoors Journal" is listed below to my kill of Dagger and Jarrod's 144" buck from early October. What I want everyone to understand here is that I hunted with Ty 4 different occasions and 2 out of 4 occasions my partner and I killed 2 really good bucks and on the other two occasions I had 4 different opportunities at shooters in bow range! Ty's success rate is like nothing I have ever seen, not to mention the several shooters I seen harvested by guys that were in camp on the 4 trips I was there this passed season and the misses and the bucks that were shot and not recovered. I personally don't know his success rate, but I would have to bet that it is 60% kills and 75% opportunity. If I had to give you my success rate hunting with TY I would have to say 100% as he put me on a shooter every single time in bow range I just didn't close the deal on all of them until that gun buck "Dagger" that was only at 75 yards I might add.

Not only is Ty a great outfitter but most importantly a very very good hunter "you will believe me when you see his personal trophy room". I think him being as good of a hunter and outdoorsman as he is and with everything that comes with this makes him so good and his hunters so successful. I also would like to add that TY doesn't hunt any of his properties at all, he keeps them for his hunters! He really would rather see you kill a deer than him, he tells me he gets more gratification from it and I truly believe him.

Ty is a man of faith that is married to an awesome christian wife and has kids. He is a family man with a huge heart and the nicest guy you will ever meet. I know I have wrote a big article about him here by only hunting with him for one season, but the fact is I could write several pages of why I would hunt with TY again and why you should. I can tell you me and Jarrod will for sure be back this year and every year after. After hunting with Ty on 4 different trips I learned a lot about him and he is very consistent and persistent!

This most important and special part about hunting with TY this year honestly wasn't just because me and Jarrod both killed big bucks and all the deer and encounters we had............. the most important part was I met a guy and his family that I made really good friends with and a friendship that will last for a lifetime. There hasn't been a week go by since I met Ty that we haven't talked and 90% it is not even about hunting, he is just truly a good friend. And folks that is hard to come by now days and so are good OUTFITTERS, I got a two for one! I'm sure you will two if you ever get the chance to book with him.

If you are looking for an outfitter in any State at all, even if it is not in OHIO, I would still suggest you come hunt with TY, I have been there and done that with several other outfitters all over the country and you will not be disappointed when you come hunt with Ty McCombs "Whitetail Outfitters of Ohio".

Sorry for all the run-on sentences, I just typed it as I thought it! ;-)

P.S. the links to both kills are below and also you can watch the 3 encounters of the bucks I didn't get a shot off on and the 2 kills me and Jarrod had with TY this year on Drury Outdoors "Dream Season The Journey" , you will probably see Ty featured on 5 of the 13 episodes from this past season. The first episode will start airing this summer on the last tuesday of June at 9:30 pm central time.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - December 2015
Implement - Muzzleloader
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Ty McCombs
Number in Camp - 6
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