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Hunter: Michael Rattacasa
New Jersey
NJ Hunter
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I am posting this commentary in reference to the incredibly inaccurate and malicious comments previously posted by C.J. Winand of Bowhunter Magazine/TV.

As an avid hunter and sportsmen, I find it audacious for a publicized professional to document, in writing, the expectations for personal accommodations to be made in terms of property exclusivity, location setup and etcetera solely based on the fact that you are [in your own mind] a celebrity hunter. The fact that you feel it pertinent to document such claims speaks volumes of your knowledge of bowhunting and hunting with outfitters.

I have invested several years in hunting with the Wittstock Family and can attest that they maintain the utmost respect and professionalism to all persons that enter their hunting camp. Further, the accommodations, knowledge of their properties and inventory of an extensive amount of mature whitetails are second to none throughout Missouri. Over the years I have spent at Hickory Hill, I have been fortunate to interact with persons from all walks of life and have never been spent a week at Hickory Hill where individual personalities have been the cause of conflict. To comment on the overall demeanor at a camp that you were not ever present at Mr. Winand [considering Brad Wittstock provided your cameraman and you separate accommodations so that you were afforded privacy] is incredibly childish. Moreover, to attempt to commit character assassination by using misnomers to describe Hickory Hill personnel, their associates or persons in camp is inaccurate, unethical and as a media professional, borders on malpractice.

I can speak on behalf of dozens of Hickory Hill's clientele, both successful and unsuccessful when I state that Hickory Hill Hunts is a respectful, well managed organization. I look forward to returning annually to hunt with the Wittstock family.

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Date of Hunt - November 2014
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 12
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