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Hunter: Sam Curry
West Virginia
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In 2014 I decided to go on a whitetail hunt with an outfitter. After hours and hours of research and talking to guides and outfitters I finally stumbled across the boneyard. I talked to Jason on the phone and we really seemed to get along. I was taking my 14 year old brother with me and he was willing to work with getting him on a nice buck. There ended up being 3 of that went on the first gun season to hunt at the boneyard in 2014 and we read the reviews online before we went. Nervous was the understatement of the century. We arrived in camp on Thursday and there were 4 people at camp already that had done a combo hunt so we talked to them for hours on the first evening just trying to see if our nightmares were going to be a reality. Jason got to camp about an hour after we arrived and his mother is a sweetheart she took us in the lodge and showed us our rooms and got us checked in. We had dinner the first night and it was really good food. We came to kill deer so they could've fed us dirt and it wouldn't have mattered as long as we got to take home some horn. We woke up the first morning to hunt super early. Jason took about half the group and Scott the other guide who I might add is one hell of a good guy took the other half. Jason will take you to your stand or he will have you follow him in your vehicle. He can do whatever you want he gives you the option. Be prepared to get in your stand EARLY. He drops you off and you have his number and Scott's number so if you need anything at all you can call him. We chose to sit all day since we are there to kill a mature whitetail not sit in camp. At the end of the first day we had one buck out of our group of 3 kill. 125" 11 point it was a main frame 8 with 3 kickers. Really nice buck and there were 4 others shooters that were seen. The second day I was lucky enough to hammer a 146" 13 point at 12 yards! Jason and the crew were right there within 2 minutes of me making the call to take pictures and help load the deer. The second day there were another 3 shooters plus the buck I killed seen. My brother saw a non typical that was roughly 200" and couldn't get a shot. The third day we were headed home but we let my brother hunt til noon and he smoked a 124" 9 pt at 1030. The third day I believe there were 2 more shooters seen. Now down to the nitty gritty. The food every night was very good. The lodging is very nice hot showers warm clean blankets and electricity. It's obviously nicer than that I'm saying If you are serious about killing a big buck those are my necessities. The guides Scott is one of the nicest people you will meet and he will do anything he can short of tying the deer to a tree to get you a good buck. Jason has a business to run but he does do whatever he can to move you around if that's what you want or whatever other thing you may need. This is not high fenced this is private land and you have to hunt to kill a deer. If you do not take care of your scent control and you don't sit in your stand you will not kill a deer. We did not see a ton of deer but the buck to doe ratio is really really good about 3 bucks to 1 when we were there. I say again if you don't take care of your scent control and you smoke in your tree stand or eat dinner in your hunting clothes you will not kill a deer! That being said the three of us all killed the biggest bucks of our lives. My brother saw at least 5 shooters brother saw 5 shooters within 100 yards. There are huge deer there on the property and surrounding it. I can't speak for the other guys but as far as our group of 3 we were not even close to being on the same farm. The only shots I heard were way way way off. My only complaint is the tree stands are uncomfortable, but we came to kill a buck so we stayed in our stands daylight to dark and we killed bucks. Jason did say they were getting new stands so we have our fingers crossed for this year. All in all it was probably some of the best 3 days of hunting I have ever had. It wasn't what I expected I expected to see 40 deer a day and I didn't but I did kill the biggest buck of my life and that's all that matters. This is a family run orginazation so his mother is there and so is his son. We had no problem out of either and his mother is one of the nicest women you will meet. She cleans the rooms daily and has dinner ready when you get back from the woods. When my brother killed his buck on the third day we rebooked his entire camp for the following year. So this year there will be 8 of us going back. The last thing I have to add is once you touch the trigger they take care of everything on your deer. They drag it they cut it they cape it. They quarter your deer up for you so you don't have to do anything except pull the trigger and take pictures. That isn't a big thing but it was really nice of them to do. Jason tell your mom the West Virginia boys will be back to have the skillet hot and some crappie cakes waiting on us!

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2014
Implement - Muzzleloader
Hunt Type - Guided
Number in Camp - 9
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