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Hunter: chris cielencki
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This was my first trip to Alberta to hunt with Graham. Both himself dand his guides are awesome! They know this vast country like the back of their hands. I have dreamed of killing a 180+ muley for years. I have been on several (top end) hunts here in the states and have never even topped the 170 mark! Well I showed up for my hunt Tuesday got situated in camp and was immediately fed an awesome meal by Susan! After visiting for a few hours Blain said lets go look over some deer before dark. Well in two hours of scouting we looked over 4 deer that was bigger than any mule deer I have ever harvested. Needless to say I was pumped for the next day. After another awesome breakfast by Susan we headed out in the cold Alberta morning. After looking over several bucks early that just was not what I came all this way for we continued to cover miles upon miles of country. We came upon this long and wide Cooley that had some buck brush in the bottom of it and immediately spotted some deer about a mile away. I counted 5 does and 2 bucks in this group as the bucks were rutting hard. I told Blain that one of the deer looked good with a heck of a frame with decent mass but short on his 4's. He immediately got him in his scope to get a look as well and agreed on my judgment but, said we need to get a closer look to be sure do to his impressive frame. After positioning ourselves closer and both of us looking at this deer thru our spotting scopes Blaine made the call that we need to kill this deer NOW! Well after an exciting stalk( to say the least)he put me in perfect position for an easy shot. We all know the feeling of walking up to a harvest animal and he suddenly shrinks in size and we say dang I thought he was bigger than this. Well I don't think as many know the feeling that comes over you when you walk up to one and are at a loss for words because he is much bigger that you thought! I was just speechless at way was lying in front of me. My buck had a whopping 44 inches of mass was a very symmetrical 5x5 and measured out at 185". I put total trust in Blaine when he said we need to kill this deer that he knew it would meet/exceed my expectations. This whole experience was one that will never be forgotten and will be back someday! The ONLY bad thing about the trip was that I was not there long enough to spend more time with everyone! Awesome Awesome!

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Date of Hunt - November 2014
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 1
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