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Pine Acres Bear Camps

Hunter: eric trukovich
Pine Acres Bear Hunting Camp
Ratings to date: 121
Average Rating 4.8
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we just got back from our first trip up to pine acres bear camp! we had a blast! i have been bear hunting this makes the 5th time! and this was by far the best of them all! it helped that my wife got to take her first bear ever and she seen bears every night she was in the stand! and for a little iceing on the cake chris gave me just what i told him i wanted when i booked with him i told hime i eather wanted a nice color phase or a P&Y class black bear. or i would just have a good time watching them all week. because after all this was about getting my wife her first bear. little did i know i would get every single thing i asked him for and more. i saw 7 different bears in 4 nights on stand. the first being a huge black bear that i messed my chance up on. he was a booner forsure. on the next night i had a sow with a cub come in. that made my night those cubs are fun to watch! and then on the 4th night everthing happened! at 5:14 a good black bear showed him self and i decided to let him walk. but it was a tough call! and i spent til 5:29 wondering if i had made the write call letin him go. when in walked the bear of my dreams! a huge chocolate with a blond mowhawk down his back and a chrest on his chest! he ripped the bucket from the tree and ate for a few min while i waited at fulldraw(felt like forever). then he streched his front paw out to grab a peace of bait and i sent the arrow threw both lungs! he went about 70 yards a expired! then alittle while later a sow with a cub came in and finished the bait so i couldnt get down to put my hands on him until they left! when i got to him i was shocked at just how big he was! he goes over 300lbs easy! and is a P&Y canadate forsure! and guys that was just the hunting we had a blast hangin with chris and his staff! we made some new friends forsure! there were 13 in camp and everyone seen bears and had a ball cuttin up with eachother. most killed and some wounded(it happens)! you can not get a better hunt out there!!!!

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - August 2011
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 13
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