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Hunter: Joe Caba
Ratings to date: 16
Average Rating 4.1
Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

Ken and Pat are great hosts and know their land and deer herd well. I think it's great that they log the deer activity witnessed by the hunters everytime out. My ratings are a reflection of the unusually warm weather we had. BCO is a great place for bowhunting trophy whitetail and the 130" minimum will only make it better each year. I'm sure this property is full of great bucks but the weather was too warm and the deer activity was slow. I did see deer every time on stand and the majority of the deer I saw were young bucks. The stand sites are set well and the deer are very relaxed. BCO pays close attention to the wind and does not over hunt areas. I had a 140+ ten point pass by my stand at 50+ yards but not in a clear shooting lane. I was also able to call to this deer and have him grunt back at me and then tear up some small saplings. After another 10 minutes I gave him a light rattling sequence and he came right to me but on the same trail and again no shot. It was a great morning hunt and the first time I've had so much interaction with a great buck. Other hunters in camp saw shooter bucks and one guy was lucky enough to see several but as luck would have it, when he decided to shoot his bow got hung up and he was busted. Thanks Ken for letting me try your recurve and I appologize for breaking and losing your arrows. I guess I should stick to a compound.

Outfitter's Response

None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2008
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 5
Outfitter Cost - $1,800.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Warm Conditions
Weather Comments:
45-80 and sunny.
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