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Kansas Whitetails Live -We're back for our annual whitetail bowhunt in Southwest Kansas. Need to break my two year losing streak! -Nov,07, 2019

Iowa Whitetails LIVE -After drawing a coveted Zone 5 deer tag, we are hunting Southeast IOWA with Steve Hanson of Straight Arrow Outfitters. New updates each day. -Oct,31, 2019

Review: Moultrie's XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera -New for 2019, Moultrie has introduced their X-Series trail cameras that incorporate a trail cam and cellular modem all in one. -Oct,12, 2019

Guess the Age - Contest - 2019 -Our annual Deer Aging Contest is now online. Guess the age of these two buck and win a chance at one of 3 aging kits by -Sep,17, 2019

Best Trail Camera Batteries -We share our findings on which batteries are best, external power sources, and which settings optimize Trail Cam power -Aug,06, 2019

Turkey Gear: Making it too easy? -We review the new Summit Turkey blind which may be the best on the market! -May,12, 2019

2019 Food Plot Seed Review -Our food plots generated some amazing results last year, and quite a few surprised. See which plots succeeded and what plots failed. -Mar,07, 2019

Bloodtrail Challenge 43 -Track a trophy Saskatchewan Buck on this textbook edition bloodtrail challenge -Jan,27, 2019

Review: 2019 Mathews Vertix -Pat Lefemine reviews the new 2019 Mathews Vertix with a 30 inch A2A, a new grip, and Switchweight Technology -Dec,30, 2018

onX Hunt App: Review -We spent the last two months using the onX Hunt app so we could bring you this in-depth review. The results will be eye-opening. -Nov,21, 2018

Live bowhunt from Kansas -The boys are back in Kansas and looking for redemption from last year. A new update each day until November 13th. -Nov,07, 2018

LIVE from Saskatchewan -Will Pat Lefemine and crew replicate the magic of 2016 with a GIANT 187" forest buck? Follow along to find out! -Oct,14, 2018

Tips for using trailcams on Elk -Outfitter Steven Ward shares his tips for using wallow cams, waterhole cams, and other trailcam locations for elk -Sep,30, 2018

Arizona Elk LIVE -After 11 unsuccessful years of trying to draw a top Elk unit, Pat Lefemine finally draws. Follow along as he hunts with Wards Outfitters -Sep,14, 2018

QuietKat Ambush 750 LT: eBike Review -With all the talk of eBikes this year we decided to join the club - and conduct a serious, in depth test of this new fat tire bike. -Sep,05, 2018

Sighting-in 2 inches low? -We discuss the pros and cons to adjusting your sight to reduce the liklihood of high hits. -Jul,30, 2018

The State of Guided Hunts - 2018 -We asked Neil Summers and the crew from BSC some candid questions about the state of hunting travel. Their answers were interesting. -Jun,09, 2018

How to take Great Turkey Photos -Pat Lefemine gets a lot of compliments on his turkey photos, but it's easier than you think. We show you how. -May,12, 2018

2018 Food Plot Seed Review -Our annual food plot seed review goes deeper than ever before for 2018 - shocking results on both growth and activity. -Apr,09, 2018

Living the dream - an Interview with Frank Noska -Considered by many to be one of the most successful bowhunters of modern times - 141 Official P&Y Records, 23 B&C records - all unguided? -Mar,18, 2018

Hunter's Opinion: Time change should be abolished -For 100 years, the value of changing between standard and daylight savings has confounded mankind. But what are the effects on hunting? -Mar,10, 2018

Bloodtrail Challenge 42 -A doe wanders into your food plot and you make the shot - find her using traditional best practices for blood trailing. -Feb,25, 2018

Grade Your 2017 Whitetail Report Card -We asked our visitors to apply a letter grade to their 2017 whitetail deer season. Interesting Results! -Dec,27, 2017

Review: 2018 Mathews Triax -The flagship bow for 2018, Mathews has designed a short, fast, forgiving bow that is designed for the hunter - not the shooter. -Dec,07, 2017

LIVE Kansas Bowhunt - 2017 -Follow a LIVE bowhunt from Kansas. See if we were able to top last year's hunt! -Nov,07, 2017

Trail Camera Surveys - A Crash Course -Unlock the secrets of your deer herd through trail camera surveys. This feature goes into great depth with a fascinating real life example. -Oct,22, 2017

Deer Aging Contest 2017 -Guess the ages of these two bucks from Saskatchewan and New York and be entered to win a free Deer Aging Kit! -Sep,28, 2017

Stop Exposing Yourself -This simple treestand trick is hardly ever used but it can mean the difference between a buck on the wall or a painful memory -Sep,08, 2017

Interview with a Mule Deer Master -With ten muleys over 200" and dozens of PY and BC bucks to his credit, Wes shares his secrets to bowhunting Mule Deer. -Aug,20, 2017

Treestand Safety - 2017 -Treestand safety has come a long way in the last twenty years. This feature shares tips and products to keep you safe. -Aug,07, 2017

Bloodtrail Challenge 41 -The largest deer of your life has been shot. Now you have to find it. Our latest bloodtrail game will put you to the test. -Jul,05, 2017

Review: 2017 Moultrie S-50i Trail Camera -We review the new Moultrie Signature Series S-50i along with Moultrie Mobile, and a Solar Charger to determine if we could expect action for -May,29, 2017

Are Western Draws driving you CRAZY? -Other industries are taking a hard look at process re-engineering, automation and simplification - So why not Big Game Draws? -May,03, 2017

2017 Food Plot Report and Seed Review -Our annual report is now online over on our DeerBuilder site. See what food plots thrived and which ones sucked. -Mar,15, 2017

2017 Bowhunting Products - Part 2 -In Part 2 of our New Products 2017 Feature we bring you a series of hunting items that are both useful and "interesting" -Feb,06, 2017

2017 Bowhunting Products - Part 1 -In this two-part series we showcase 30 new bowhunting products ranging from innovative to "interesting" -Jan,26, 2017

Bowhunting in Winter -Winter may be the very best time of year to tag that surviving buck. We give you five reasons why you should be outside right now. -Dec,27, 2016

2017 Mathews Halon 32 Review -Bowsite reviews the new flagship bow for 2017 -Nov,29, 2016

LIVE Kansas Bowhunt -We are back in Southwest Kansas for our Annual Kansas Rut Hunt. Both a mid-day update and a evening update will be posted until 11.15. -Nov,09, 2016

Bloodtrail Challenge 40 -We saved our 40th bloodtrail until we had a real gem with lots of twists. This game delivers...and then some! -Oct,31, 2016

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