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Pell lime vs ag lime besides the Mess and price do they both last the same amount of time? I don’t want to keep putting down lime every year I am getting to old lol.


The general rule of thumb is Ag lime takes longer to adjust the PH, but last longer in the soil. Pelletized lime works faster, but doesn't last as long.

Depending on your soil PH and makeup, lots of variables here. If it's a small plot, you could use liquid lime which works very fast, and then every few years bring in Ag lime.

Good luck.

By: fuzzy

I alternate between the two. You can over apply farm lime to some extent but I don't think you can really do a "one and done" with lime unless your soil has a good deal of pH buffering chemistry going on


I wouldnt waste your money on liquid lime. But you should get 2-3 years out of Pellet lime I would think.

By: Ogoki

I don't want to buy a high dollar spreader to put ag lime on 1 1/4 acres of food plots . Coop where I buy from in Michigan has ag lime spreaders to rent , but I cannot get it in to all my cut up plots . I do have a 3 point pto hopper spreader . So I put in one bag of pellet lime and one bag of at lime until full. Holds 500 lbs . Put on a mask and set spreader low to ground . Does well . Put on 1000 lbs on Wednesday of this week. Just a thought .


If a guy were to use liquid lime, does it do any harm to a sprayer? Will there be any build up on the pump or nozzles similar to hardwater deposits on a faucet at home?

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