Apply 24D and Round-up at the same time?
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By: c5ken

My 3ac clover plot has turned to weeds.

I want to kill everything off.

Can I spray 24D & Round-up at the same time??

By: Dale06

My brother is a farmer and does just that in some agricultural situations, not deer food plots. But. Would think it would work on food plots.


Yes. Roundup kills most everything but some broadleaf have some resistance to it.

Not uncommon to mix them.

By: cnelk


By: c5ken

Thanks for the info.

I spray both soon


+1 on burning it down with that mix or Gly + 24D Amine specifically. Suggest you DO NOT till as you'll expose new seed bank with turning earth. If you do till, spray then till, wait two-three weeks for the weeds to germinate and spray Gly again with 24D Amine. You should have almost bare dirt to sow into. If that's your plan sow oats as a nurse crop going into the heat of the summer or wait until Aug and spray just Gly the day you seed.

Add AMS and a good surfactant to each tank of spray in the above to ensure a kill.


I do it all the time. Just understand that 2,4D has a short residual effect so read the label and don’t plant seeds that are affected by it for 3-6 weeks.

By: c5ken

Thanks again for the info.

I'll mix 24D & Round-up per the instructions in the same tank & spray. I need to kill off the entire field. My plan is to spray twice & plant a cover crop & clovers in August.


Attaboy. That's gonna work.

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